Thursday, May 31, 2012

Delayed Birthday Pampering

Miss M's birthday is smack in the middle of the mayhem of May, meaning that we were a little delayed in having her birthday celebration this year.  We decided for twelve to go big but small.  She chose a day of pampering at the Spa with a girlfriend.  It was perfect.

Miss M and her friend had a sleepover after a dance company meeting and practice (it's recital week).  We then had Panera Bagels and cream cheese for breakfast followed by a trip to Charming Charlies to "shop and explore."  Miss M's friend had not been to this mecca of all things bling before so it was treat for M to show her the ropes. Of course, they left with bling for their hair and their ankles.

Mr C not wanting to do anything with a spa package choose to play golf, but Miss A was in for the pampering.  I love how both Miss A and Miss M get a little giggly when the are getting their pedicures. Guess they are a little on the ticklish side.  The girls thought this new spa was just classy enough and the chairs just divine enough for massage and relaxation.  What are we getting ourselves into!

It was the perfect way to celebrate this last year of childhood; pampering like a princess complete with polka dots and zebra stripes toes.  Thankfully, we remembered before the event that no nail polish can be visible on recital night which meant that toes are safe as they are in tights and shoes!  The joy of girls is that pampering is always in style!

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