Friday, September 30, 2011

Kickin' Cancer's Bottom

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; an irony not missed on our family as we prayed for  our friend Cole this week.  Sadly, Cole's family is not the only we know that has been touched by childhood cancer.  A dear friend lost her daughter five years ago to cancer. There are way too many families that can call that their "story."
Miss A's school in honor of CCAM was collecting "coins for cancer" all week and lets just say what was once a full jar of change is now nearly empty.  On Monday, Miss A said she had to take some coins to school for Cole.  Tuesday, she wanted to bring change in honor of Brooke, and the rest of the week it was all those little boys and girls at her favorite children's hospital.

Friday afternoon as a way to celebrate the great coin drive, the entire school walked to the nearby neighborhood park.  I had wanted to go just to take a few photos, but at Miss A's urging I walked with the kids and it was so worth it.  While I might have had on flip flop sandals, carrying a huge purse and camera, it was as if my burden was nothing in comparison to the families that are walking the road of childhood cancer.

Plus, I got to hold hands with my favorite first grader and a few of her little friends.  What a perfect way to end a week that had been a hard one on my heart.  It was aweaome to see these healthy fun loving kids honoring those who for now could not walk beside them.  They were in essence walking and raising money so that in the months and years ahead none of their classmates would be laying in a hospital instead of running the sidewalk.

Of course there were complaints about how "long" and "far" the walk to the park was and how difficult it was to walk the entire way.   Miss A even said I sure hope this cures Cole's Cancer as this has been a very long and tiring walk!  To pass the time, we decided to march and sing.
  • "Hut two three four, kick cancer out the door"
  • "Hut two three four, no more cancer anymore"
  • "Hut two three four, no cancer here no more"
Of course the funniest was from a little girl who said she couldn't keep walking, it was too hot, too far and she was so very thirsty.  "Hut two three four, I can't take this anymore!"

While September might be over now, we'll be praying that all those effected by childhood cancer will feel our prayers and love all year through.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Be Strong and Courageous

Life can be hard and it can break your heart to hear of friends going through challenges that rock their world.  On Saturday, good friends were shocked to hear that their eleven year old son had Leukemia.  While his prognosis is excellent, it will be a long road back to health and my heart breaks for the fact that in an instant their lives have forever been changed.

Yet through it all, they are pressing forward relying on their faith and have adopted a family motto for the battle ahead; Be Strong and Courageous.
In my CBS (Community Bible Study) class, we've been studying Joshua and in the first chapter alone, God commands Joshua to "be strong and courageous" three times.  When God says something that many times, He means it.  Our Bible memory verse for last week was Joshua 1:9 
"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified: do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

This is the perfect verse for Cole's family as they walk through this storm in the months ahead. Not only are they not to be discouraged or terrified, they are to be confident that God is right there in the midst of it, at their side, feeling their fear, hearing their prayers, and bringing them comfort. 

I'm confident that the story this family will have to share on the other side of this storm will bring God great glory, it will be one of God's constant presence and peace.  He alone will see them through and He will never leave them or forsake them.

Be Strong and Courageous Cole.  I can't wait to hear how God is using this young man in the years ahead to do mighty things, just like Joshua!
I love this song by Matthew West "Strong Enough" and I think it's a great reminder to that God will give us the strength and courage to face the challenge He sets before us.  We don't have to be the strong one as Christ will be our strength when we are weak. 

We'll be praying for you everyday.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Funny Things I've Heard or Dreamed Lately!

Mr C is playing in his first JV Reserve football game tonight.  It's an away game which means he's traveling by bus to the school.  Due to scheduling, neither my husband or I are able to go.  It's dance night for M , I have a meeting to get a kindergarten Daisy troop started (praying someone will step up to be the leader), and P is traveling until this evening. 

I told C I felt bad no one would be there to cheer him on and he said it was no big deal as he doesn't think he'll see any playing time.  It's JV not freshman so it's a tougher team and rougher play.  I was feeling bad the other night about this enough so that it invaded my dreams.  I had a dream that C broke his ankle and had to go by helicopter to the hospital.  I rushed to meet him at the emergency room, but Mr C would not talk to me. He was too mad that I had missed his game.

When I told Mr. C about my dream his only question, "what was I doing when I got hurt, was it a good play?" Seriously! 

I  told him I had no idea and I was more worried about the ankle bone.  Plus, in my dream, I had to rush from the hospital to a meeting at the Jr High about a field trip to Spain.  Mr C was going to be a chaperone on the trip (his one year of Spanish had obviously paid off) and I was concerned he wasn't fluent enough.  The teacher who responded to me in French said it was OK since everyone spoke English there anyhow.  When I asked my husband why the Spanish teacher was speaking French, he said it was because she was from Switzerland.

Can you tell Mr C had been reviewing European Capitals and Spanish vocabulary before going to bed?  I love crazy dreams.

Miss M when she heard about these crazy dreams of course claimed it was unfair that C would get to go to Spain, she never went anywhere!  Lets remember it was a dream. 

Finally I must tell on Miss A and how sweet and innocent seven year old are.  I just love this age so much.  A student at Mr C's school was expelled and while we had talked in hushed tones about the reason, she obviously had picked up the "reason." She told me the other day that she hopes that C's school doesn't find out that he uses Nasonex for his allergies.  She'd hate for him to be kicked out too!

Really, I could not make this stuff up. Sadly, it looks like I've been the fodder for more and more of these crazy moments of late. Must be my fall allergies causing my brain to misfire, or the lack of sleep.  Certainly couldn't be my norm.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Crafting and Craziness is in the Air

I'm so behind in my blogging lately. I'd love to say it's because I've been on an exotic vacation or secluded away somewhere writing a book, but reality is that September gets me every year.  Without a doubt, it's the most hectic time of the year for our family.  Every event is up and running and between Open Houses at schools, athletic games, and meetings for scouts and Bible studies, we are never home.  Last week, there was one evening in which we had six events from three in the afternoon until eight thirty at night with only two drivers and three children.  We had to make a spreadsheet to figure out who went where with who!

Of course, I say every September that it's going to get better, but then again it comes around and hits me like a ton a brinks.  Add to the picture the fact that with Mr. C playing football, he's not home until six fifteen most nights and twice a week we have events starting at that exact same time.  Can you say dinner in shifts?  Last Friday night, we were finally home together for dinner at the same time so I made homemade Chicken and Dumplings courtesy of Boomama and they were "slap your momma" good as she would say!  Everyone loved them!

In addition to cleaning out closets and rearranging drawers of late, I've gotten the crafting bug and have been itching to make a few new things for myself and for gifts. I'm desperate to make a new wreath for my front door and have some great "fall" fabrics that I think will really pop.  After a trip to my favorite knitting shop, I also have some fabulous yarn to make a gift that for a special event this winter.  Yeah!

While I've yet to get very far with either of the craft items yet, it brings me great joy to know that they are standing ready for me to dig in.  I have deadlines in my mind for both so if I don't want to pull all nighters, I better get started.

Before I start feeling sorry for myself, I should say that while my calendar has been crazy busy lately I've also been able to have a few "fun dates" with my husband, my father, and friends.  P and I snuck out one day to see the movie "The Help" and loved every minute of our matinee.  My dad and I had a walk down memory lane at one of my grandfather's favorite burger joints that "fly boys" frequent and loved remembering how much he enjoyed this hole in the wall that has now become a fabulous family diner.  Just wish my grandpa could have been there to shared the fries with us.
I've also been able to grab a few fun lunch dates/coffee dates with friends and have really enjoyed some sweet fellowship and fun shopping trips.  Next week it's lunch out with my mom, maybe even a little "shopping" on the side.  Girl time is so worth it!

I'll never complain about the newness of September and the start of my mom's Bible study groups. This sweet time with other women studying God's word makes all the crazy hectic days of the month worth the chaos.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Festival: Girls Have Fun While the Boys Work

Mr C's school has an annual Fall Festival complete with games, rides, and a fantastic Cake Tent filled with all type of goodies.  If you ask C why he choose to come to the school, he might admit it's because last year he won a cake in the "cake walk."  As "parents," this year we were asked to bring six "cakes" or baked goods.  I brought six pans of Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.  They not only are delicious, but are really the only baking I know how to do.

I was thrilled to see they had the rolls marked for fifteen dollars a pan and within the first hour had already sold one pan.  While we were in the tent (for about ten minutes), two separate buyers also scored a pan once they saw the note saying it was PW's recipe.

P and Mr C were signed up to work the Enchilada booth, but they refused to allow me to photograph them dishing up the Mexican goodness.  According to P, they are going to volunteer for this booth again next year.  It's the nicest couple who run the place and the enchiladas are to die for.  I really wanted a picture to capture the moment, but I'm trying hard to let Mr C be and not embarrass him with my photos.

While it was a little chilly in the early afternoon, it was perfect for a Hay Rack Ride around the property and the girls I loved seeing the school grounds, the horse barn, meadow, and back to the football field.  I loved that the hay rack ride was without any "hay" which was perfect for our sensitive allergies.  Mr C's campus is beautiful and the view they have of the prairie from the edge of the property is remarkable.

The girls also got a chance to go on a short horseback ride.  There are a number of horses on campus and it was fun for the girls to get a chance to ride.  I'm thinking maybe later this fall we can volunteer to take some apples to the horses and see them up close at the barn.

I can see why Fall Festival is a yearly tradition for so many families.  We were there for such a short time this year do to the other "activities," but next year we'll block out the day for some fun family fall traditions.

Monday, September 19, 2011

His "Signature Look" for Fall 2011

This is not normally a fashion blog nor am I a fashionista, but for today I'm going cutting edge and debuting Mr C's fall fashion "must have."  After an exhaustive search or at least an afternoon of shopping for fall clothing, Mr C has decided on his favorite style for fall or as he calls it his "Signature Style."

His go to look this fall is the sweater vest with a bow tie. Perfect.  Not only will it fit the dress code which is a tie with a collared long sleeve shirt, it will allow him to show a little personality. Plus, as a child of the 80's myself, I must admit I swoon for the idea of having a preppy looking son.  Looks like all those hours of reading the plaid Preppy Handbook paid off!

Mr C and I had a fun afternoon of shopping on Friday as it appears that since the last time he wore long pants (it's shorts and golf shirts until October 1st), he's grown another few inches. Either that or the "laundry fairy" has been shrinking all his pants.  Good thing the mom waited until it was almost pant season before buying all the clothes for school.  Thankfully, he now has some dress pants and khakis along with two fabulous Bow Ties to wear.  We even scored a purple stripped dress shirt which according to Mr C, makes the black vest and black bow tie rockin.

Mr C's sisters would like to point out that not only does he really look swell in his "signature look," he's less likely to spill his lunch on a bow tie than a regular tie. I'm not sure I agree.  The bow tie is very close to his mouth!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Out of My Element: They Don't Speak My Language

I'm come to understand that I don't speak everyone's  language.  At least not the people I've had to talk to the last few days.  I've seen the blank stares, the shaking heads and the looks of wonder as I've asked questions or sought help in places outside my element. In many ways, they have talked a different language than me and their surroundings are not familiar. I've felt like a foreigner as I've looked around their "homes" and it's made me nervous.

Most of the time I seem to hang around people who speak my same language whose experience is similar to my own and who have "homes" that I feel very comfortable walking into and being a part of.

Not so much the people I've visited lately.

The lawn and garden worker at Lowe's looked at me as if I speaking a different language when I asked him if they carried that "thing" that makes the weed whacker actually whack the weeds.  He looked even more confused when I confessed that my lawn mower had just stopped working and that I thought it might have something to do with the oil that spewed out the week prior when I hit the oil cap on the house.  Maybe he had something to get it started again.

He looked at me as if I was talking gibberish when I asked how would I know how much oil to put in the thing and if I needed to mix it with anything or just pour away. He even tried to scare me to death (the tactic of those in charge) saying I might have blown up the engine. 

A few days later, I returned (mower works fine, thank you very much) to get the "do hickey" for the edger.  According to P, it was no longer edging and he needed a new blade. I went armed with the right words thanks to my husband, but two separate stores had nothing for me.  They recommended I go the the source, the Dewalt store, which of course is not open on the weekend.

So yesterday, I ventured to the store for all things Black and Decker and upon opening the door realized that I was in way over my head.  There were blades and knives and weaponry of all forms and all packaged in little boxes labeled with foreign words.  Thankfully, a kind soul who looked like he lived in the land came out and asked if I needed help. I handed over the old dead blade and asked him to replace it and quickly as I needed to get back home.  He chuckled and said this was the saddest, smallest, and most pathetic looking edger blade ever.  Then he went into the backroom and and came out a new one.

Then I asked him if he sold Sawzaw blades too.  It was not like I had any idea what I was asking for, but  I was just repeating the words P had given me.  We needed to replace some blades after the Eagle Scout project

Mr Tool then asked a whole bunch of questions about what I would be needing the blades for; metal, wood, cutting up people, etc. At least I think that's what he said.  I had that blank stare that happens when you have no concept what the person is talking about. So, I called my husband and asked him to translate. Minutes (maybe hours) later when I walked out of the store with blades and more blades in my hand, I called my husband back and shockingly he didn't answer. 

I left a long message about the fact that I refused to go to anymore of these places where they don't speak my language. I'd rather hang out a fabric store or a knitting shop. I get those people.  I might not understand everything they say in one of those shops, but I get them.  They get me. 

As P would later tell me it's like I speak Ebonics in the Knitting Shop.  Not quite the proper English, but close enough.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Girl Scouts at the Lake: Take Two, New Crew

Miss A's lifelong dream of having her friends to the lake for a party has finally been realized!  For at least the last three years, she has asked me every summer to have group of just her friends out to swim and hang out at the lake.  She's wanted either a birthday party at the lake complete with boat rides, a sleepover party at the lake for at least ten little girl friends, or a no parents party that included a bonfire. 

Really, what little girl doesn't want a huge beach party with a bunch of little girls who don't know how to swim? Well, at least that little girl's mother didn't want that responsibility. 

Thankfully, this past weekend, Miss A's dreams were realized and the event was perfect.  The first grade Daisy troop had a retreat out at the lake on Saturday and every little Girl Scout brought her mother along.  Perfect!  The weather was just right for swimming and the girls were not the least bit afraid of jumping into the lake. 

Miss M came along to help and we nicknamed her the Pied Piper as the little girls just followed her around and did whatever she did. M took out the paddle boat on four different tours so that every girl got a chance to ride along.  She even beached it on the opposite shore and played Chinese fire drill so they had a chance to ride shotgun.

We made a troop flag (copied the idea from the older girls years ago, yeah for keeping that thing around) with our hand prints, planned our service projects for the year, and had a great afternoon of bonding.  I love our troop leader.  She's so organized and I love the fact that I just have to stand by as the assistant leader and offer her encouragement. 

With the help of some great moms, we had a gourmet Hot Dog dinner on the grill and then Mr. P and Mr C came to the rescue (after the airshow) to make a fire in the pit for s'mores.  I am a fire novice so this was a great help to me.  The girls even earned their "S'more Fun" patch for their daisy vest.

It was the perfect kickoff for our second year of Girl Scouts for Miss A and her buddies.  It's a great group of girls and moms.  I think this might be a new tradition for our troop.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day: Water Sports Edition

You can't go to the lake without taking a few trips in the boat and, if our kids and neighbor kids have anything to say about it, there needs to be a few trips to the Marina involved. It's all about the candy.  One tradition that the boys love most of all is a race between the paddle boats down the cove to the Marina.

While you can't actually reach the marina on paddle boat (following the no wake cove), you can park at the community center and be within feet of "nirvana."

Last weekend, the smack talk about the "boys" boat crushing the girls boat was sky high.  Since there are only three boys in the group, Miss A was recruited to join the boy boat.  She was fine with the idea because her buddy N was on that boat and she could sit in the back and just enjoy the ride.  The girls including Miss M and Cousin N were overstuffed in the girls boat, but they were ready for the challenge.

Sadly, within a few feet of launch, our paddle boat (boys) lost it's rudder. It just fell off leaving the captain of the boat without any means of steering.  A few futile attempts to make due with an oar and pleas by the boys to make it the tradition happen brought the girls boat back to the dock.  No one wanted to call it a day, but it appeared we were now down to one boat!  The girls valiantly took off and the boys promised to run the shoreline to the marina!  Mother's wisdom said that running in sand would be even slower than an rudderless boat so the boys piled in the car along with Miss A for the ride to the end of the cove to await the girls.

Let's just say there was still a little challenge ahead as the boys decided to run the shore, catch the girls, and began to drag the paddle boat into the dock.  It wasn't what they had hoped for, but the group had big smiles on their faces.  After feeding their faces with candy and ice cream, the boys opted to paddle back while the girls happily joined me in the car along with "former teammates" Miss A and Mr N.  It was a full car load, meaning Miss M got her wish and rode in the trunk.

Let's just say we are a little lax on rules at the Lake!

I love how these kids didn't allow a little change of plans rob them of their joy!  They made due with what they had and made the best of it.  As a consolation prize, we took a boat ride to Sand Mountain and had a ton of fun surfing down the sand!!

Labor Day Say It Ain't So

I refuse to believe that summer is over.  While we've been in school for weeks already, I'm still thinking this is summer.  Going to the Lake for Labor Day is suppose to be the capstone of summer, but this year I'm not having any of that nonsense.  I'm not kissing summer goodbye until at least September 30th which means there are still lots of "lake days" left for this family.  We are still rotating our summer recipes and eating chicken salad with tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden.  I'm refusing to buy mums for our front porch for a few more weeks.  It's still summer.

We had a fabulous time at the Lake last weekend (see I didn't say it was Labor Day weekend) with both our family and our wonderful lake friends.  There were football games to watch, boat rides to sand mountain, s'mores to create, and of course lots of time to just chillax on the beach.

One of my most favorite moments, however, was taking the whole gang on a walk to river.  Ever since Miss M and I went on a walk around the lake last fall with the GS troop and found this "way cool" trail to the river and railroad bridge, we've been wanting to take the family to our new favorite spot.  This weekend was the perfect opportunity to show off our secret spot, the weather was cool, dry and we had time on our hands. 

I think everyone had a great time "skipping down the road" and exploring the area beyond the lake. While we might have needed to avert a few eyes at the graffiti on the bridge and convince a few nervous nells that we would survive walking on the train tracks, Miss M admitted it was one her favorite parts of the summer. There is just something about showing off to others something you've discovered.  It's part pride and part excitement over sharing a little bit of yourself with others.  I'm just glad everyone thought it was worth the hike!

We only wish a train had come along the tracks so we could have stood safely away, but still have felt the sound!  Maybe next time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thursday Afternoon Gridiron

Mr C took the football field for his first official freshman game last Thursday night.  Thanks to my brother and his wonderful photography skills and kickin camera, we have the photos to prove what a football stud C has become.

He looks so tough in his uniform!  He cheers on the team from the sidelines.  He gets the play from the coach and passes the call onto to the huddle.  All in all, he's a great player.  He jukes so fast that the other players don't even touch him.  He runs the plays just like they are called and is wide open in the backfield waiting for the ball to come into his hands.

Here's where I'll admit I have no idea how to tell which player is in the game; they all look alike in their pads and jersey's.  For the first few plays, I was looking for #8 only to find out that's his away jersey number.  In actuality, he was wearing black #41.  Thankfully, when he was in for a down (doesn't that sound like I know what I'm talking about), he was on our side of the field and I could almost see his face.  Football it's a whole new world, these boys are big and there is a lot of hitting!

One of the joys of early football is that it was about 100 degrees in the shade and sweat was dripping down my face blurring my vision (OK Texas, I know that seems to be your norm lately, but it is unusual here).  I've never been so hot.  I was even sporting a big umbrella over my head in hopes of blocking some of these deadly rays of heat.  I'm becoming "that woman" yikes.  Funny thing is that I know by the time we go to the final game of the season in October, I'll be sitting on the sidelines with a heavy coat, blankets, and gloves.  Love the Midwest.

In all honesty, I've never been more proud of Mr C.  He took the field and sidelines like a pro player.  He didn't complain about the heat or worry that his team was trailing.  He just looked excited to be part of the action.  While they might have walked away with a loss, in so many ways this was a win for the team.  They got better as the game went on and fought until the end scoring a touchdown with just minutes to spare.

Love this boy!  Go Knights!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Eagle Scout: Finishing Up and Ribbon Cutting

Even though our workday on Saturday was so productive,  there were still a few loose ends that needed to be finished on the playground. The Wiggle Walk pieces need to be bolted in placed.  Tuesday night was the night, the cement footings were ready, the weather was cool and Mr. C and P along with the professional installer got busy.  It was a long evening and Mr C still had homework to finish, but it's beginning to look like a playground.

Mr C commented that while he wishes we had been working on this during the summer rather than the first few weeks of school, we are all just grateful that it's finally getting done.  I think none more that P who had to return again Wednesday night for a long evening of tightening screws, cutting bolts, and gravel moving!  What a guy!

By Friday, we were all ready to celebrate.

The entire school, was invited outside to the playground for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  In preparation, Mr C had written a speech.  We'd strung Red Ribbon (from Hobby Lobby's Christmas collection) all along the perimeter of the playground and the whole family was there to cheer the accomplishment.  As promised, Miss A was going to get to christen the wiggle walk. Let's just say that her smile was huge.

What a blessing to see the young man stand before all of Miss A's schoolmates and telling them that he used to be a student at that same school, that as a Kindergartner he'd played on this same playground, and now he'd overseen the construction of a new playground that his youngest sister and her friends will enjoy for years.  It's amazing to think that time has flown so quickly by!

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was the perfect capstone to this Eagle Scout project.  It was an excellent way to not only thank the school community for it's support of the project, but also a fabulous way to celebrate the new beginning. According to Mr C, the only thing missing was a pair of ceremonial scissors; the huge kind they use a ground breaking ceremonies.  Not something you normally can pick up at Target!

All in all, the Eagle Scout project process was an experience our family will never forget.  For years, we'll be able to look at the playground and recall the hours of work, sweat and prayers that went into the process.  Mr. C has grown through this process and gained skills that will serve him well in life.  So very much worth the effort.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eagle Scout Project: Installation Day

We could not have asked for a better day for the playground installation.  It was sunny in the mid 80's and the ground was dry. Honestly, it was the best you could ask for in mid-August though we only wish it had been June so that Mr C (and us) would not have been balancing all of this with the start of school  God was good, however, to give us such a glorious day!  July was so hot in these parts.

P and Mr. C meet the certified installer at 7:00 to work on putting together the climbing wall and prep the holes for the concrete footings. The wiggle walks needed duraforms and meant another trip to Lowe's, but thankfully Dad took this run to the store as I've become a little to known by the Lowe's crew the past few weeks.  Let's just say I don't really know my way around a hardware store, but they were so nice to me.

By 8:30, a great crew of Dads and Boys had arrived to get this party started.  According to P, the timing could not have been better.  Literally, the moment the installer said "we are ready for the concrete now," the Cement Truck pulled into the school parking lot.  Thank you God for perfect timing!  The installer said that he'd never seen it work out so perfectly before.  Normally, you wait and wait for the cement truck.

Mr C and the guys got busy hauling wheelbarrows full of wet concrete to the playground, dumping them into the holes, and creating footings. Let's just say football practice and conditioning has really paid off for Mr C, he's got some muscles.

These guys really hustled and the concrete footings were in place in about an hour and way ahead of time.  That's when we called in Nana to give the guys a cookie break so that when the next crew arrived at 10:30, there would still be plenty to do.  Of course, there was still all that gravel to move back into place>  It was a little like Groundhog Day as it seemed like we'd already moved that gravel once!

Oh, that's right we did.

I was then on lunch duty.  Mr C's number one request for installation day was that he really wanted a "big sandwich" for lunch so I was off to Blimpies to pick up two 3 foot sandwiches.  Guess the way to get boys to work is to provide food!  The crew was big and hungry and in no time they polished off almost all six foot of food, chips, cookies and lemonade! 

Our original plan had us working until about 2:30, but after lunch they plowed through it all and by 1:30 we were already on clean up duty.  It was an exhausting, exhilarating, and productive day.  The progress we made was amazing.  Of course, the work was not quite complete, but welcome to the world of construction. 

We are so grateful to all those who came out to help us on Saturday.  Mr C's scout troop was fabulous, never have we seen so many dads and boys show up to help with an Eagle Scout project.  There were others who came to help Mr C who were not Boy Scouts, just great friends who wanted to be a part of this day; thank you.  To Nana and Papa were always ready to help with the girls, making cookies, or moving gravel. Aunt J ,Uncle S and A who came up to help and provided us with tools, shovels and all kind of gadgets.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the financial support of a lot of our friends and family who have supported Mr C's efforts. This was a huge undertaking on many levels and we couldn't have done it on our own.

Thank you.