Monday, September 5, 2011

Eagle Scout: Finishing Up and Ribbon Cutting

Even though our workday on Saturday was so productive,  there were still a few loose ends that needed to be finished on the playground. The Wiggle Walk pieces need to be bolted in placed.  Tuesday night was the night, the cement footings were ready, the weather was cool and Mr. C and P along with the professional installer got busy.  It was a long evening and Mr C still had homework to finish, but it's beginning to look like a playground.

Mr C commented that while he wishes we had been working on this during the summer rather than the first few weeks of school, we are all just grateful that it's finally getting done.  I think none more that P who had to return again Wednesday night for a long evening of tightening screws, cutting bolts, and gravel moving!  What a guy!

By Friday, we were all ready to celebrate.

The entire school, was invited outside to the playground for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  In preparation, Mr C had written a speech.  We'd strung Red Ribbon (from Hobby Lobby's Christmas collection) all along the perimeter of the playground and the whole family was there to cheer the accomplishment.  As promised, Miss A was going to get to christen the wiggle walk. Let's just say that her smile was huge.

What a blessing to see the young man stand before all of Miss A's schoolmates and telling them that he used to be a student at that same school, that as a Kindergartner he'd played on this same playground, and now he'd overseen the construction of a new playground that his youngest sister and her friends will enjoy for years.  It's amazing to think that time has flown so quickly by!

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was the perfect capstone to this Eagle Scout project.  It was an excellent way to not only thank the school community for it's support of the project, but also a fabulous way to celebrate the new beginning. According to Mr C, the only thing missing was a pair of ceremonial scissors; the huge kind they use a ground breaking ceremonies.  Not something you normally can pick up at Target!

All in all, the Eagle Scout project process was an experience our family will never forget.  For years, we'll be able to look at the playground and recall the hours of work, sweat and prayers that went into the process.  Mr. C has grown through this process and gained skills that will serve him well in life.  So very much worth the effort.

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