Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Festival: Girls Have Fun While the Boys Work

Mr C's school has an annual Fall Festival complete with games, rides, and a fantastic Cake Tent filled with all type of goodies.  If you ask C why he choose to come to the school, he might admit it's because last year he won a cake in the "cake walk."  As "parents," this year we were asked to bring six "cakes" or baked goods.  I brought six pans of Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.  They not only are delicious, but are really the only baking I know how to do.

I was thrilled to see they had the rolls marked for fifteen dollars a pan and within the first hour had already sold one pan.  While we were in the tent (for about ten minutes), two separate buyers also scored a pan once they saw the note saying it was PW's recipe.

P and Mr C were signed up to work the Enchilada booth, but they refused to allow me to photograph them dishing up the Mexican goodness.  According to P, they are going to volunteer for this booth again next year.  It's the nicest couple who run the place and the enchiladas are to die for.  I really wanted a picture to capture the moment, but I'm trying hard to let Mr C be and not embarrass him with my photos.

While it was a little chilly in the early afternoon, it was perfect for a Hay Rack Ride around the property and the girls I loved seeing the school grounds, the horse barn, meadow, and back to the football field.  I loved that the hay rack ride was without any "hay" which was perfect for our sensitive allergies.  Mr C's campus is beautiful and the view they have of the prairie from the edge of the property is remarkable.

The girls also got a chance to go on a short horseback ride.  There are a number of horses on campus and it was fun for the girls to get a chance to ride.  I'm thinking maybe later this fall we can volunteer to take some apples to the horses and see them up close at the barn.

I can see why Fall Festival is a yearly tradition for so many families.  We were there for such a short time this year do to the other "activities," but next year we'll block out the day for some fun family fall traditions.

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