Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day: Water Sports Edition

You can't go to the lake without taking a few trips in the boat and, if our kids and neighbor kids have anything to say about it, there needs to be a few trips to the Marina involved. It's all about the candy.  One tradition that the boys love most of all is a race between the paddle boats down the cove to the Marina.

While you can't actually reach the marina on paddle boat (following the no wake cove), you can park at the community center and be within feet of "nirvana."

Last weekend, the smack talk about the "boys" boat crushing the girls boat was sky high.  Since there are only three boys in the group, Miss A was recruited to join the boy boat.  She was fine with the idea because her buddy N was on that boat and she could sit in the back and just enjoy the ride.  The girls including Miss M and Cousin N were overstuffed in the girls boat, but they were ready for the challenge.

Sadly, within a few feet of launch, our paddle boat (boys) lost it's rudder. It just fell off leaving the captain of the boat without any means of steering.  A few futile attempts to make due with an oar and pleas by the boys to make it the tradition happen brought the girls boat back to the dock.  No one wanted to call it a day, but it appeared we were now down to one boat!  The girls valiantly took off and the boys promised to run the shoreline to the marina!  Mother's wisdom said that running in sand would be even slower than an rudderless boat so the boys piled in the car along with Miss A for the ride to the end of the cove to await the girls.

Let's just say there was still a little challenge ahead as the boys decided to run the shore, catch the girls, and began to drag the paddle boat into the dock.  It wasn't what they had hoped for, but the group had big smiles on their faces.  After feeding their faces with candy and ice cream, the boys opted to paddle back while the girls happily joined me in the car along with "former teammates" Miss A and Mr N.  It was a full car load, meaning Miss M got her wish and rode in the trunk.

Let's just say we are a little lax on rules at the Lake!

I love how these kids didn't allow a little change of plans rob them of their joy!  They made due with what they had and made the best of it.  As a consolation prize, we took a boat ride to Sand Mountain and had a ton of fun surfing down the sand!!

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