Thursday, September 22, 2011

Funny Things I've Heard or Dreamed Lately!

Mr C is playing in his first JV Reserve football game tonight.  It's an away game which means he's traveling by bus to the school.  Due to scheduling, neither my husband or I are able to go.  It's dance night for M , I have a meeting to get a kindergarten Daisy troop started (praying someone will step up to be the leader), and P is traveling until this evening. 

I told C I felt bad no one would be there to cheer him on and he said it was no big deal as he doesn't think he'll see any playing time.  It's JV not freshman so it's a tougher team and rougher play.  I was feeling bad the other night about this enough so that it invaded my dreams.  I had a dream that C broke his ankle and had to go by helicopter to the hospital.  I rushed to meet him at the emergency room, but Mr C would not talk to me. He was too mad that I had missed his game.

When I told Mr. C about my dream his only question, "what was I doing when I got hurt, was it a good play?" Seriously! 

I  told him I had no idea and I was more worried about the ankle bone.  Plus, in my dream, I had to rush from the hospital to a meeting at the Jr High about a field trip to Spain.  Mr C was going to be a chaperone on the trip (his one year of Spanish had obviously paid off) and I was concerned he wasn't fluent enough.  The teacher who responded to me in French said it was OK since everyone spoke English there anyhow.  When I asked my husband why the Spanish teacher was speaking French, he said it was because she was from Switzerland.

Can you tell Mr C had been reviewing European Capitals and Spanish vocabulary before going to bed?  I love crazy dreams.

Miss M when she heard about these crazy dreams of course claimed it was unfair that C would get to go to Spain, she never went anywhere!  Lets remember it was a dream. 

Finally I must tell on Miss A and how sweet and innocent seven year old are.  I just love this age so much.  A student at Mr C's school was expelled and while we had talked in hushed tones about the reason, she obviously had picked up the "reason." She told me the other day that she hopes that C's school doesn't find out that he uses Nasonex for his allergies.  She'd hate for him to be kicked out too!

Really, I could not make this stuff up. Sadly, it looks like I've been the fodder for more and more of these crazy moments of late. Must be my fall allergies causing my brain to misfire, or the lack of sleep.  Certainly couldn't be my norm.


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