Friday, September 30, 2011

Kickin' Cancer's Bottom

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; an irony not missed on our family as we prayed for  our friend Cole this week.  Sadly, Cole's family is not the only we know that has been touched by childhood cancer.  A dear friend lost her daughter five years ago to cancer. There are way too many families that can call that their "story."
Miss A's school in honor of CCAM was collecting "coins for cancer" all week and lets just say what was once a full jar of change is now nearly empty.  On Monday, Miss A said she had to take some coins to school for Cole.  Tuesday, she wanted to bring change in honor of Brooke, and the rest of the week it was all those little boys and girls at her favorite children's hospital.

Friday afternoon as a way to celebrate the great coin drive, the entire school walked to the nearby neighborhood park.  I had wanted to go just to take a few photos, but at Miss A's urging I walked with the kids and it was so worth it.  While I might have had on flip flop sandals, carrying a huge purse and camera, it was as if my burden was nothing in comparison to the families that are walking the road of childhood cancer.

Plus, I got to hold hands with my favorite first grader and a few of her little friends.  What a perfect way to end a week that had been a hard one on my heart.  It was aweaome to see these healthy fun loving kids honoring those who for now could not walk beside them.  They were in essence walking and raising money so that in the months and years ahead none of their classmates would be laying in a hospital instead of running the sidewalk.

Of course there were complaints about how "long" and "far" the walk to the park was and how difficult it was to walk the entire way.   Miss A even said I sure hope this cures Cole's Cancer as this has been a very long and tiring walk!  To pass the time, we decided to march and sing.
  • "Hut two three four, kick cancer out the door"
  • "Hut two three four, no more cancer anymore"
  • "Hut two three four, no cancer here no more"
Of course the funniest was from a little girl who said she couldn't keep walking, it was too hot, too far and she was so very thirsty.  "Hut two three four, I can't take this anymore!"

While September might be over now, we'll be praying that all those effected by childhood cancer will feel our prayers and love all year through.

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