Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll

It's officially fall so it's time to get my porch decorated for the season.  I have friends with a flare for decorating whose front porch/entry way looks like a harvest boutique set up.  I can only dream to be that classy.  I'm what you call decorating delayed!

On Wednesday, I went and got some mums.  Only to find out once I got home that 4 of 5 were one color and the last one was red.  I blame it on the sweat in my eyes from mowing the lawn that morning.  I went to the hardware store in my "mowing clothes and shoes" praying I wouldn't run into anyone I knew.  Figured I'd be playing in the dirt so why shower and change. 

I wanted to buy some pumpkins and gourds at the store, but decided the price was too steep and I knew Miss M and Miss A would kill me if I did this part of the decorating without them.  Then, on Thursday, I saw a good friend's front porch display and grew jealous. Her pumpkins were rocking huge and the display was just too darn cute. 

On Friday, Mrs. H told me of a secret "pumpkin farm" not too far from our house.  It was just a little farmer who sold his own crop and the prices were way cheap.  Others chirped in that this was the place to go, so this morning after soccer the girls, hubby P, and I went to our new favorite pumpkin patch.  Now, I'll admit it's not charming.  We didn't pick our own pumpkins in the field, but the prices were fabulous.  Stalks of Milo for $2.  Pumpkins from 75 cents to $2, and even a selection of gourds for free.

With a little harvest bucket and small hay bale from Hobby Lobby along with my husband's help organizing, I now have a front porch that says" Happy Fall Y'all !"  I love it.  Best of all, it cost under $25 for everything. 

Now I'm good with decorating until Christmas!
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Ann said...

it looks inviting!