Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Freestyle Preacher Man

For theology class, Mr C was asked to read a book by a Christian Author and then give a persuasive speech outlining why the rest of the class should read the book.  Now to put it in perspective, I should say that Mr C hates to read.  Unlike his two sisters and mother, he's never meet a book he's loved or been drawn to read just for fun.  He reads only what is required and it's still a challenge to get him to read that. 

Now don't be feeling sorry for the boy, he can read. He's been reading at a 12th grade level for six years.  In fact, he scored higher on the reading part of the ACT test in 7th grade than the math portion.  Math you will remember is his favorite subject. (Yuck.  Sometimes I wonder where this child came from!)

Of course because his mother loves to read, I had plenty of books to offer the boy.  He took both David Platt's Radical and Francis Chan's Crazy Love.   Not easy reads, but oh so powerful.  Crazy Love was his final choice and Radical went home with another unsuspecting young man.  I'm thinking that book might have scared his parents and him, but hey that's the gospel for you.  It will rock your world.

He loved the Crazy Love.  In fact, he read it all and is thinking of reading it again this winter after football season when he can really digest its deep thoughts.  Now that's my boy!

Mr C is a little radical himself in his faith.  If you don't believe me just ask Miss M who dies of embarrassment each Sunday during worship when Mr. C will do the actions to Days of Elijah or to Love the Lord Your God.  The boys in Mr C's math class at school (all sophomores and then Mr C) call him the Freestyler for his prayers before class starts.  Most boys say the Lords Prayer or a just a quick Thank You God prayer, but not Mr C.  He prayers protection for the football team on game days, clear minds on test days and gratitude on early dismissal days! Freestyle prayers, what a gift.

Here's Mr C's speech on the book Crazy Love:

    Have you ever wondered if we are missing it? Just take a moment to process this. the creator of all the Universe and everything around you, loved you so much that he sent His Son to die for you. Jesus died for you, one of the worst deaths imaginable, while you were still a sinner.  Would you die for a man like Osama bin Laden or Hitler? God did the equivalent for you.  We just don't have the capacity to love like Him.
   That is what Crazy Love is all about. The author Francis Chan, did a great job explaining how much God loves us, in a way we can understand. One of his main points in the book is to profile a lukewarm Christian. This is somebody who does things to be good, but doesn't really have a real relationship with God. Chan talks about how God doesn't want a lukewarm person, but commands us to follow him. He doesn't say" when it fits your schedule" or "how ever you want it" God wants us to love Him, be obsessed with Him.
   You should read this book because it will show you what Christ wants you to live like, because when you are madly in love it changes everything!

Preach it brother, preach it!  Love that boy!

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