Friday, October 14, 2011

Amazing Race Season 19: Go Big or Go Home

It's our favorite time of the year, Amazing Race season, and it is time to kick back on Sunday nights and watch a little adventure.  This season started off  a little differently with no one eliminated the first week, and two teams kicked off the 2nd week making it hard to draw teams until the now 9 teams were finalized.  With only nine teams, I volunteered to be one man down from the beginning.  I figured I'd "go big or go home" and would pick a fancy restaurant and would hold out hope of finally making it to the finale and winning.  I am the only one who has yet to win.

My team (random drawing obviously) was Kaylani and Lisa the Cocktail Waitresses from Vegas or as Miss M calls them "the Show Girls from Sin City!"  My restaurant choice: Bonefish Grill.  Go big or go home remember was my theme.  Of course who knew that the first week out I'd be going home?  I'm out. 

Thankfully, I enjoy cheering for other teams too.  In fact, as it became evident that my team was going to be out, Miss A jumped up and said not to worry as she'd be sharing with me.   Mr C and Miss M volunteered too, but they weren't as enthusiastic.  My husband volunteered too, but I think it's because he was just thrilled no Bonefish Grill.

Here's our picks for Season 19:  All randomly drawn

Miss M: 
  • Amant and Marcus (former Pro Football Player)- Red Mango for dinner
  • Bill and Cathy (grandparents) Panera for Lunch
Mr C:
  • Ernie and Cindy (newly engaged) El Agulia Mexican Restaurant
  • Liz and Marie (twin sisters)  Cine and Dine Movie Theater
Miss A:
  • Justin and Jennifer ( brother and sister) Five Guys
  • Laurence and Zac (father and son)  Yogurt Shop and Homemade Chicken Nuggets
  • Andy and Tommy (pro snowboarders) Netties Mexican Cafe
  • Jeremy and Sandy (engaged couple) Stellas Hamburger Joint

I think this is going to be a great season even if there is no shot of me winning.  Now, I can watch without trepidation of wondering who is going to be eliminated.

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