Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amazing Race Family Adventure

We love the Sunday after the Super Bowl around here. While it means no more football games (boo) to watch and knit during, it also means that Amazing Race is back. We love it! We've chosen our teams, discussed the pros and cons of each team, and finally, after much debate, let the team choosing be up to fate. Our official brown lunch sack way of choosing teams begun as soon as the 1st team was eliminated leaving a perfect 10 for our family to pick from. See how good I am at math, 10 teams, 5 family members, 2 teams a piece = 2 chances to win!

Our family game with the teams has been going on for a few seasons now. Thus far, the two oldest kids have each won a season and Dad won last season. The winning team / winning family member then gets to take the family out to dinner at that designated restaurant assigned to that team. In reality, Dad takes the family out, but you get the idea.

Hey, maybe that should be the twist to the game this year, the winners has to pay for the dinner, too!! I'm not sure a 12, 9 and 5 year can get a job in this economy, but I'm sure that mom could come up with chores they could earn the money by doing.

Somehow this twist might make the kids cheer for their teams to be eliminated!!

We might not all love our teams and we certainly don't agree with all of their lifestyles, but we love to watch the adventures unfold, see all the sights of the world, and figure out who in our family would be willing to take on the road blocks. Let's just say if it included heights, it would be the mother; rodents or bugs, it be the father; and if there was math involved, Mr C would be the chosen. The girls would be holding out for dances and costumes.

Here's our Family Lineup for Amazing Race 16 and the Restaurant Chosen:

Miss A:
  • Joe and Heidi - Japanese Restaurant (this is the team she really wanted!)
  • Monique and Shawne- Mimi's Cafe

Miss M:

  • Brent and Caite- 5 Guys Burgers
  • Carol and Brandy- Jason's Deli

Mr C:

  • Jody and Shannon-Smash Burger
  • Jet and Cord- Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Little Mexico Area of Town
  • Louie and Michael- BBQ Joint
  • Jordan and Jeff- 50's Family Diner
  • Steve and Allison- Fox and Hound
  • Dan and Jordan- Greek Restaurant

The only rule is that the previous "winning" restaurant is out of the running for a season and you can't choose a restaurant you already "won" with ever!

Should be a fun season to watch! Don't know if I'm more excited to watch week after week the adventures or the fact that at the end of the journey SPRING will finally be here. Lord let it be so!!

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