Sunday, February 28, 2010

Funny Things I've Heard This Week

It's finally been sunny around these parts. Notice that I did not say warm, but a sunny day with even freezing temperatures makes you feel warmer, happier, and excited to think that Spring might actually arrive.

I must say though it's hard to get down or depressed in our house as there is just too much laughter and too many hilarious things that happen on a daily basis that we just have too much fun to let the weather, the political environment, or the "news" get us down.

Here's just a sampling of some of the "funny" things that have been going on around the Faithful Household. My husband wondered if other people think our children are hilarious as we do. Well, probably not, but it's my blog and it brings a smile to my face. So for your amusement (or not).

Driving in the car a few weeks ago, we found an acorn on the floor. Don't ask. It's winter, the car inside (and outside too) is a mess. The kids were passing the acorn around, naming it, petting it and saying again how much they wish they could have a dog.

Miss A finally had a turn to admire the acorn. She's touching it, petting it and just admiring it's beauty. All of the sudden, she says; "You are so cute little acorn. Hey, do you think a squirrel is going to pop out of it soon?"

Today was clean out the garage day. Sunshine and mid thirty temperatures mean it's prime time to "sweep out the dust and grime." Hubby is so kind to enlist the kids and leave the mother inside due to allergies that go crazy with too much dust.

Miss M also got to help chip away at the 4 inches of ice at the end of the driveway or an "iceberg" as she called it. This child really needs to get to the mountains. I'm thinking she's got a warped idea of snow, icebergs, etc.

Miss A on the other hand was too busy pretending to be a door to door salesman to clean much. Ringing the front door and then asking if I'd like to buy anything, including by not limited to an oriental rug, towels, candles, shoes, toothbrushes and, of course, the ever popular shoes right off her feet. For such a small girl, I didn't know she could carry so much on her back or that she'd be so willing to sell the shoes right off her feet!! I started to think about that great book: Caps for Sale where the man sells the caps off his head.

C was at a Boy Scout Event yesterday that ended late in the evening. While he'd had fun at the event, he was tired and rather bored towards the end. On the way home from the event, he told my husband that "everything would be better if we could just stop for some nachos." You see according to C nachos are the world's most perfect food.
You've got your bread, meat, vegetable and dairy foods all covered. Not sure that's what they call a "balanced" diet, but it works for 12 year old boys!

A trip to Taco Bell and both boys came home happy, full and smiling.
Finally, we are sad to say goodbye to the Olympics. We've really enjoyed cheering on the home team and laughing, crying and swelling with pride over the back stories of many of the athletes.
Today watching the Men's Hockey Game between the US and Canada my son came up with the idea that should the Canadian Hockey team win the gold we should mobilize the US military to invade our neighbors to the North. His idea is that within 72 hours we could have the whole country occupied and the Canadian Capital and Major Cities under our control.
Guess the thought that the US Hockey Men and Women could both lose the gold to Canada was too much for him to handle. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail at the Pentagon.
Really it is the little things in life that make you laugh. Good old fashioned belly laughs are the best!

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