Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bring on the Party: Olympic Style Fun

We had a Olympics kickoff party on Friday Night. It was filled with festive native costumes, true ethnic gourmet food, and Olympic style games and trials. There was even a Olympic Trivia Contest with prizes and medals awarded.

Actually, it involved some cheap Toothpick Flags, an accordion style Olympic Torch, and some Appetizers straight from the freezer section at my local Super Target. We had Italian Mozzarella Sticks and Pizza Rolls, Swiss Laughing Cow Cheese and Crackers, German Salami and Homemade French Pasty Apple Dumplings (homemade), and Chocolate Fondue with Fresh Strawberries in honor of both the French and Swiss Countries. As Mr. C said so fondly "Guess the Dr Pepper is the truly American contribution!"

The Norwegian addition was the Full Blooded Father and his Half Breed Children who are as he so gently says, "50% Norwegian and 50% Other." Considering the "other" birthed the three children, I would not go knocking my mixed breeding honey!

The Party's highlight involved some real Winter Olympic competition while we waited for the Parade of Nations. In Wii Form of course. The winning trivia team: aka The Kids won this fabulous prize. (Can you say Early Valentine's Gift!) Now we are competing on the big slopes and short track just the like the real Vancouver Athletes except without the training required. My husband thinks this is the closest we should bring our children to the Alpine Slopes. Warm, no extra clothing required, and of course at a low altitude.

Of course with McDonald's as the official supplier of the Athletes Village Food Court, I'm thinking A is a shoe in for the future moguls crew with all the chicken nuggets she's eaten in her life. (none of them McDonald's fare of course as she's more of a Burger King girl)

Hey we know how to throw a party around here.

During the Parade of Athletes, we "judged" the outfits and hats and wondered how some of these countries from warm climate areas of the globe ever got interested in "winter sports." Mr C kept a tally of number of athletes and we were thrilled to see that the USA had the largest number of entrants. Norway and Canada came in a close second. Miss M was our fashionista and begged for me to knit up some of those "cool hats." Guess she thinks her mother knows how to do that! Not yet, but soon hopefully !!

Miss A was mostly confused about the difference between country and state and kept looking for her favorite states California, Illinois and Colorado and wondered why they weren't in the games. She did do an excellent job of "spelling out loud" each countries name. Just think N.O.R.W.A.Y. each time the countries' name came on the screen. She definitely knows her letters.

Like Miss M said today; "it's too bad the Olympics aren't on every year, they are so cool!" Yeah but I'm not sure I could "throw" such a big bash every winter. I'll need these two years before the Summer Olympics in order to get my party throwing ideas all ready. I'm thinking next time we'll have t-shirts made and choose our "favorite" athlete or country.

Possibilities endless!

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