Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tying Up Loose Ends

December really has gotten away from me. I saw a sign yesterday that announced 1.1.11 and couldn't believe it's only days from now that we will ring in a new year. Where has this old year gone?
I have a few loose ends from 2010 that I just want to write down so that someday I can look back and remember. Who knows maybe I'll even put the memories down with pictures in scrapbooks.

Amazing Race: What a thrilling end to Amazing Race this year. For the first time, I was actually in contention for the prize. Never before has a team I picked made it this far. Jill and Thomas of course could not pull it off for the grand prize, but it was fun to cheer them into the finale.

Miss M's team, the "Doctors," took home the grand prize which means we'll be heading out for Mexican Food in the new year. Homemade Tortillas and Salsa are calling our names. Miss A was cheering for this cute lady team as well since all her teams were knocked out early.

Poor Mr. C had no team in the finale, but of course like a good big brother he was cheering for either his mother or father's team to win (and cheering against his sister's team). P's team the QVC hosts gave it their all to be the first all female team to pull a win off, with cute clothes to boot, but it was to no avail.

What will we do until February when the next season of Amazing Race begins? Mr. C got the Wii game of Amazing Race for Christmas, so maybe that will keep our sadness at bay for awhile. Probably not though.

12 Days of Christmas : It was a blessing again this year to be a part of the 12 Days of Christmas surprises for some families in our area. My great Bible study group took on this project with gusto. Mr. C actually had the idea for our first family from the junior high. A boy he knows had lost his dad in a tragic accident and he thought maybe his family could use a little Christmas spirit. The second family was from our elementary school so Miss A was thrilled.

I'll never forget our deliveries on Christmas Eve this year. Mr. C wanted to go along to drop off the 12th Day basket, 12 Ice Cream Drumsticks (12 Drummers Drumming), and a small little gift all tucked into a drum shaped basket. C wanted to be a ninja. He ran up to the houses like lightening, not wanting to get caught. The only problem: the getaway driver. He said he was too slow. Poor Dad....

This Christmas tradition has become one of my favorites. I love thinking about the packages arriving each day on the front porch. I think about the faces of the children inside. The little piece of joy. It so reminds me of God. It encompasses all the joy of Christmas each day. The tiny gift in the manger. Love it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve is fast becoming the funniest part of the Christmas Season. Not only do we get to go to Christmas Eve worship as a family and celebrate the Birth of Jesus, the real reason for the party, I get to see these crazy cousins all together just having a blast.
The traditions of this night are all precious to me: the present pass to the Night Before Christmas, the poems that Nana creates that give a clue about the recipient and capture so much of that person's past year and personality, the Rice Pudding and quest for the almond, Christmas Devotions lead by Papa and, of course, the ripping into the gifts from the Aunts and Uncles.
This years' Christmas Play had a few new characters and some "missing in action." I guess you could say that some are now too "old" to participate unless you are young at heart! Miss A and Miss M were adorable as Santa's Helpers and, while I could show incriminating evidence of Boxer Shorts worn by the "elder elves," I'll pass for their sake.
There are times I wish that we had a "huge" family with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles that no one remembers who they actually are related. However, there is nothing better than this family. What we miss in "size" of gathering, we more than make up for in enthusiasm.
Just ask "See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil," how much fun they had. I'm sure they'd tell you it was the time of their lives!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning

The wonder of Christmas never gets any bigger than in the eyes of children on Christmas Morning. It's chaos, pure joy and overwhelming. As usual, we were awoken early to "get the party started," but I give them credit that it was 8:00 a.m. rather than the previous record of 6:00.
Santa had left his gifts unoppened in the family room and the scamper of the kids down the stairs was soon accompained by the screaming and yelling. Miss A was nearly jumping out of her skin; the Barbie Dream House was there in all it's glory. As my husband said, we now own two houses and one has an elevator, sweet. M and C's Santa gifts were a little smaller (I don't like the big guy in the red suit to get all the credit, thus their big gifts were wrapped and under the tree).
Miss A was barely able to contain her joy. In fact, we had to remind her to open her other gifts as she was too busy playing with the Barbie Dream House. "I must have been really good this year!" she said. She loved all of her gifts. A new Art Center for the basement was a hit as were the new jammies and her own pink watering can.
Mr. C, poor soul, had to wait until his last gift to open his Video Camera. While he was thrilled with the Husker Snuggie and the clothes and wii games, I think he was getting a little nervous that there wasn't anything "big" under the tree. Lets just say there are alot of movie production going on in our house this week.
Miss M finally has her own radio/alarm to get her up the morning. Not only can she listen to her Ipod in the unit, she can program it to wake her up to a specific song. I think P might have gotten a little jealous at this point over the technology his kids have and he lacks. She was beyond thrilled with Wii Fit and balance board along with her new Dance Wii game. She'll be sweating this winter. The fact that she had some bucks to spend at Justice, new clothes, and a nail polish extravaganza were big bonus points.
The parents as usual were thrilled with thier new clothes, gadgets and thoughtful gifts from family. They really get as excited about the small little gifts like board games, fuzzy pj bottoms, walkie talkies and barbies as anything else.
The gifts they gave too each other and to us brought them nearly as much joy as receiving the gifts. Miss A gave C the biggest hug for her new "cell phone walkie talkies" Miss M squelled when she saw the fuzzy slippers from C and Dad was so thrilled with his polka dot boxers from the kids.
While deep down you could take all these gifts away from us and not rob us of any of the real joy of Christmas, there is just something about unbridled joy of the opening that really gets to me. Oh how grateful I am for this little family of mine.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bruised and Battered But Not Defeated

This is how I almost had to finish my Christmas shopping. Riding in a Target scooter.
Guess you could say I'm clumsy or scatterbrained or trying to do too much at once. Yesterday, I had plans to go to lunch with some girlfriends (it was a makeup date from last week) and then to finish a few Christmas errands. In anticipation of one errand, I'd put a package on the steps out to the garage. It was a return I needed to make that I didn't want others to see (if you know what I mean).
Fast forward to the time I'm suppose to leave for the lunch. I'm chatting with M about their plans to have lunch with Nana. I forget all about the package. I trip over the package, fall into the shelves filled with pop bottles, juice bottles and paint cans. A small little paint can falls on the top of my right foot. I hear it, feel it, and scream because in the garage is my brand new car too.
The car is spared. Me, not so much.
Everyone runs to the garage to see what all the clatter was about (kinda like Santa) and I realize that I'm not bleeding or breaking, just crushed in spirit and a little shaken up. But my foot is killing me. Throbbing. I slip off my nice black shoes and grab some ballet flats with room for my foot to expand and leave.
When I arrive at lunch, I have to leave the comfort of my car. Walk. I look like I am 89 years old. I hobble to my friends waiting for me. By now, there is a big goose egg on my foot. My knee is throbbing from a gash on it and I feel like I've been run over by a bus.
The waitress brings me an ice bag and a chair to pop up my leg. Thank goodness I wore pants.
We have a blast at lunch. I don't even think about the pain. Until we leave and I must again walk.
Remember those Christmas Errands. I make a few phone calls, eliminate a few of them by talking to store clerks and finding out what they have that I need. Make one stop and pray for a close parking place. One more stop and cry a little walking from the car. The man at Customer Service says maybe I should get a motorized cart, the checkout lady says she has a good podiatrist. I just smile.
Check off some of the "to do" list even though it's not done. Drive by my husband's office to have him look it over. My dad, who used to be a Claim Adjuster which I am told is just like a doctor, offered his opinion. Family joke. They say I will live. Not so sure.
Hours on the couch with legged propped up. Take out pizza for dinner. Caring family and kids.
Today it's better. Ugly. Huge Knot. Less Pain, but more swelling. Take it slow.
Errand/Rest/Errand/Rest and repeat. House needs cleaning, laundry needs done but at least I'm done with the shopping.
I made it through Target without the scooter today, but it was nice to know it was there if needed. Now, I just got to wrap the gifts and make the food. I can do that sitting down with my foot in the air.
Just call me graceful. Grateful too. I could be wearing one of those ugly boots. Think the black ballet flats will be better looking, just colder!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Concerts and Cookies

In the past two weeks, we've been blessed to have three musical concerts to enjoy with one or more of our children participating. I guess we are a musical family, even though the only singing my husband and I do is in the shower, car, or during worship. All three kids have or do take piano lessons, M loves her musical performance class at school, and A has begun to actually sing when the preschoolers sing at church.
Before she use to just stand there and smile.

Miss A and Miss M were both able to be a part of our church's Christmas Program; M was a dancer and A sang in the Preschool Choir. We have no pictures to prove it, but we remember anyway. A of course enjoyed talking to her little friend more than singing and was usually more animated when giggling than singing, but at least she looked like she was having fun!
M loved being part of the "dance team," but wasn't thrilled with the space available to perform or the fact they "pulled" her cartwheel moments before the show. Guess the fact she missed practice due to illness curtailed her part!

M also had her second Musical Performance at the Junior High. It was the "Winter Program" as we'd hate to acknowledge God in the public school or Christmas for heaven sakes!!!!! She looked lovely. The musical director commented that she'd never had such talented 5th graders in all her years of teaching. I'd have to admit they out shined the 6th graders.

Mr C also had a Winter Program with the Jazz Band and 8th Grade Band. As usual, he was thrilled. Not really. I wish he loved the Trombone a little more, he'd be really good if he actually practiced at home. Just saying. What I love about the band is that you have to wear white shirts and black pants. Neither of which he owned. In fact, he was wearing hiking boots with them because I refused to buy church dress shoes that he will outgrow before the spring concert.

He'll probably outgrow the shirt and pants, too. At least that was my explanation for buying pants to big and too long; he could cinch in the waist and the hem covered up his shoes. If they had asked for khaki pants and any kind of dress shirt, we would have been golden. He has those for scouts and church.

Finally, Miss A's Kindergarten Class had a cookie decorating party the last day of the "semester" and Dad was able to come and be the helper. Love that he could see her friends in action. Miss A was thrilled to be back at school (after the pneumonia) and that Daddy was there to help with the frosting and decorating. Amazingly, he said it wasn't messy. Just giggly.

It's so fun to see your kids perform and be in their "environment" and see how they are interacting with their friends and peers. What great kids we have!!

Bells Are Ringing, Children are Singing, Christmas is Here

I have the smartest husband.


When I signed our family up for our traditional Salvation Army Bell Ringing Shift, good old P told me to switch the grocery store location we normally stand in front of. He wanted us to take the same shift, but to do it at a store with a SOUTH FACING Front door. You see it's always bitterly cold when we ring bells and he wanted us not to have a stiff north wind in our face.

He was so right. Even though the temps were nowhere near what they had been in previous years; in the 30's rather than the teens or below, it felt more like 40's. No wind. It was chilly, but bearable. This year, we had hand warmers in our gloves and took turns eating at the cafe inside the store. With both Miss A and Miss M just recovering, we wanted them to only be out for short stints.

Bell Ringing is such a fun family tradition that we decided this year to invite some friends to join in on the fun. The fact that you have to sign up for a three hour shift (at minimum) might have had something to do with that too.

Three families from my Bible Study came with their kids and friends and the cousins and Aunt and Uncle came too. In fact, at one time, the "kids" door was so rocking with Christmas Carols that a few adults came to the "old people" side to drop money in the kettle. Score.

Standing outside at Christmas time "begging" for money is such a lesson in social psychology and a case study in behavior. You could almost guess those who were grumpy and not going to drop anything in the bucket and those who were jolly and giving as they walked up to the door. But still there were surprises. Like the kind little old lady who walked back to our door after putting away her groceries in her car, because she had a cane in one hand and couldn't open her purse.

It's funny too how many times we got a "thank you" response when we wished the person a "Merry Christmas" not a "you too" but just a nod of thanks. C noticed that some even grumbled the thanks, like it was a burden to talk to us. Yet others walked by and promised to "catch us on the way out of the store" and came back later with wads of dollar bills.

People are funky.

The highlight of the evening for the kids beside the silly singing and ringing was the Village Inn Pie afterwards. A loves to be in the midst of the big kids, M idolizes her cousins and C loves to just hang out with friends. The fact that the adults got to warm up with coffee and I got to finally feel my feet again are just bonus points.

Funny Things I've Heard Lately

You know that saying, "the best laid plans?" Well they kinda blew up for me the past two weeks. The final two weeks before Christmas Vacation was suppose to be spent getting all those "errands" done, writing the Christmas letter and sending it off, and having lots of time to bake, wrap presents, etc.

But God had different plans and I spent four days with sick children; thus no baking or errand running. Instead, the days were spent cuddling on the couch with a six year old who I think enjoyed the time as much as her mother. It was, according to her, just like "old times" when we had the house to ourselves to read books, watch Christmas movies, and snuggle.

So, while I attempt to cram all my errands into one day, I thought I'd share these funny stories of the past few weeks. Some days you just gotta laugh.

In the car a few weeks ago, Miss A was gabbing with her friend G about a girl in her kindergarten class who had unexpectedly changed classes. The girls' name really had G pondering things. You see her name is Heaven. G asked Miss A to repeat the name, Miss A said my friend Heaven moved classes today. G responded, "her name is HEAVEN, what were her parents thinking!" Miss A looked at her stunned and said, "yeah her name is Heaven." G again looked puzzled and said, "Heaven is not a name for a girl, it's a place up in the sky with God." and then went on to say, "Really, it's not a name for a girl, it's a place."

I was laughing so hard that I had to force myself to pay attention to the road. You see Miss G had said what so few adults would have the guts to say. She laid it out straight. I love that girl!!


Before Miss A got sick last week, I was driving her to school asking her if she was ready for the last week before Christmas Break. She commented that she couldn't believe she was done with Kindergarten already and wondered who she would get for first grade. I said, "OH, Miss A, it's just the end of the calendar year not the end of the school year."

"No" she said, " this is it, I'm all done with Kindergarten this week, just five more days and then no school until after my birthday in August."

"Honey, I think you are confused, you will be going back to Kindergarten in January until May to finish up the school year" holding back laughter as I told her.

"Do Mr C and Miss M know that? Do they have school, too. I think we are done this week."

Once we cleared up the fact that yes her siblings would be returning to school in January, I think she took the news a little better, however, she really wasn't convinced and said she'd have to check into that!


We traded in our van last week for a new model. It was quick and unplanned, but the deal was just too good to pass up. Most of the work was done over the phone and we didn't really let the kids in on the deal We kept it a surprise. Miss A, of course, got to come along to pick the van up as she was still out of school with a little temp. That afternoon, I told her we would go pick up Miss M from school to surprise her. We sat in our spot waiting. Miss M appeared and looked around and around for our "purple" van. Miss A and I were cracking up, until finally Miss A rolled down the window and yelled for M to come to our new car. What a look we got.

Later, we had to return to the school to pick up Mr. C from Jazz band practice. I called to tell him I was running a few minutes late, but was coming. Mr. C and his friend J were waiting in the circle as I pulled up. They kept standing there. I honked. No response. Finally, I think Mr. J told C to see if that might be his mom in the van.

Over they came to the van. Mr. C's first response "does Dad know that you got a new car Mom?" Well considering he's the only one who has a salary to buy things with "yes". Mr. C still not certain asked again, " I didn't think we were planning on getting a new van until the fall, why didn't you tell me you were getting one today?"

Guess you could say he doesn't like surprises!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If we were waiting for the "other shoe" to drop.... It has!

It's been years since I've had as many sleep deprived nights as I have in the past few days. Poor Miss M, in addition to having the stomach bug over the weekend, has added an ear infection to her list of "hurts."

There is just something about having a face right next to your face crying at 4:00 a.m. waking you from a dead sleep. Poor M was ready to rip her ear off her head. Thankfully, she trusted our thought that it was too drastic a move for the situation. Sadly, my sleep never returned once she was back in dreamland with Advil on board.

God's provision, however, had encouraged me to make an appointment for Miss A's bad cough to be seen by the doctor at 10 in the morning. When I called and said I needed to switch "girls" and have M come instead, they offered "two for one." Not in price, just in time slots!

After weeks of having a hacking cough, I thought Miss A's cough had turned yesterday to "something more." Guess you could say I was right; Walking Pneumonia. Miss M got off easy with just a yucky infected ear!

Yep, we caught it early and before she'd even had a chance to develop much of a fever (she did later in the day just to prove a point) and I'm hoping this will be a quick recovery.

I see why some around these parts think I'm a doctor (OK it's only me and my husband), but now I'm predicting illness before they sprout!! OK, I know that it's just God's gentle nudging my spirit that got me to call "ahead" so I'm just praying that next time he'll tell me when I'm getting another 4 a.m. visitor so I can go to bed earlier and get in enough zzz's.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Caroling Melts the Heart with A Double Douse of Blessing

Miss M in back row with the older girls at the Nursing Home. Miss A's Daisy Troop in front of the tree at the Retirement Center.

Having missed out on a few weekend events, I was thrilled that Miss M was feeling well enough to participate in the Girl Scout Christmas Party and Christmas Caroling to a local Nursing Home. I really do think this is becoming one of my favorite Christmas time traditions. I get all choked up seeing the ladies and gentleman singing along to the favorite old hymns and carols.

Today was probably the biggest crowd we've ever had; almost 75 ready and waiting for us in the lounge. Did I mention we were a little late? Yep by about 5-10 minutes by the time all the "girls" from the various troops arrived.

Of course, if I was proficient with my new phone, I would have been able to pick up the phone call from the activities director wondering where we were two minutes past 4:00. We were in the lobby!!

It truly warms my heart to hear little girls singing "Away in the Manger" and "O Come All Ye Faithful." It's like a big Christmas Hug were are giving away!!

But, we weren't done yet. Miss A's Daisy Troop sang later that evening at an Active Senior Retirement Village to another huge crowd. Thankfully, a few of the older girls from my troop and siblings showed up to help out. It's tough to read song sheets when you are only in Kindergarten.
What a fun group of girls Miss A is blessed to be among. They were dressed to impress and the smiles, giggles and big hugs brought many a smile to a face. The handmade Christmas Cards that the girls passed out after singing were absolutely adorable. A few had more "snowball/cotton balls" on them than sentimental words which added to the fun.

Christmas has really started in my mind now that I've seen the Christmas Spirit being handed out so freely by little girls!!

Love it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Why it's essential to have a sense of humor

You know how you are never to ask God for more patience, because he will give you lots of opportunities to try your "gift" out? I guess the same thing goes with asking where all the free time goes.
Today, I've been at home nursing a sick child. The same child who has the busiest weekend of the month or should I say Had. Instead of having six girl scouts over after school today to work on a surprise Christmas present for their parents, I was hastily calling all of the moms this morning to tell them that the plans had been changed slightly.
Poor Miss M has a stomach bug. Up most of the night with various complaints, she said she was fine to go to school today. The fact that our new fangled thermometer read 95 degrees convinced me it was her sinuses. Or, the fact that I didn't remove the cover!!

Dad dropped the kids at school and said he'd only gotten a few blocks away when his phone rang; "Mr. B, we have M here in the nurses' office as she just threw up!" Gotta love that she waited to throw up at school rather than in the backseat of the car!

Tomorrow is practice for the Church Christmas Program on Sunday night that she has a dancing part in. It's also the dance studio Christmas Recital tomorrow. Bummer. While there is hope that it's just a 24 hour thing, I don't see leaping and twirling in her future in the next 48 hours.

Thankfully, we have a few Christmas Movies (love you Hallmark Channel) on the DVR. I've been to the store and have plenty of sprite and crackers and the weather outside is suppose to be frightful anyway. If no one else catches the crud and I get a chance to air out the home of all the Lysol I've been cleaning and spraying, I might even start making my Cinnamon Rolls.

Now, if only this day hadn't have been topped off with me deciding to wash my cell phone along with the clothes, I might be grateful for a quiet weekend in the midst of all the hustle of the season!

So, if you know me in real life, give me a call over the weekend on my cell. At least that will be one way to regain all those numbers lost on my Sim card. Wait until Sunday, though, I need to escape to the store to buy a new phone first!

Next week, I'm going to talk about nothing! That way God can't send me another little test.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where Does All My Free Time Go?

I am now about five months into my new life as a stay at home mom with no kids at home from 9 to 3. I've established a little bit of a routine, I've been cleaning closets like you wouldn't believe, I have the walls ready for painting come January (do you hear that honey!?) and I'm mostly done with Christmas shopping.

I've been cooking balanced dinners, the laundry for the most part is caught up, and the lawn never looked better (according to my neighbors!, sorry honey).

But the one thing I've yet to figure out is "Where is all this free time" that people kept telling me about? From 6:00 to 8:45 each morning it's non stop getting kids, husband and self ready for the day and then it's either pilates, yoga, BSF, mom's bible study, errands or grocery shopping. Rarley am I home with nothing to do, and normally I'm working like a mad women to get everything crossed off my "to do list" before the first group rolls in at 3:05.

From there, its non stop pick up kids at school, events, practices, church, get dinner on the table and then start the evening list of homework, more events, performances, etc.

My kids aren't even involved in that much stuff. Plus, we normally are all home for dinner together so it's not like I'm doing dinner shift shuffle or takeout madness.

There just aren't the hours of sitting around knitting, blogging, working on a book idea, or scrapbooking that I thought there would be. Maybe I'm not as organized as I thought. Maybe I've taken on too many outside "jobs." I'm not sure. I'm not bored. I'm not stressed and, for the most part, my kids and husband are well taken care of.

Last week, I spent 6 plus hours making homemade Carmel's for Teacher's Christmas Gifts. Hours that I had because of my current station in life and was willing to give, but hours that maybe had I not spent in front of the stove stirring I might have done something "big" with my life. Of course, then, I would have missed the two Hallmark Christmas Movies I was able to watch while "working."

I'm thinking that come January, I'm gonna set aside one day for just "me." A day that I don't run errands or accomplish much besides what I want to do for me and my family.

But for now, I still need to write the Christmas letter, wrap a whole bunch of gifts, and finalize some Girl Scout activities for the upcoming week. Better get busy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Look Who Knows 25 Sight Words!!

Miss A was so excited when I picked her up from school on Monday. She'd gotten a Special Star Student Sticker for knowing 25 Sight Words!

She was so proud. We were too!

While Miss A really knew almost 50 sight words, she missed "her and him" and thus didn't qualify for the next step up to the Medal. Trust me, she's now been working non-stop to learn "her and him." Last night in the car running errands and dropping of big brother at ball practice, we were rattling off words and having a grand time. Miss A stumbled when Miss M tried to see if she knew all three forms of Buy/By/Bye at which Miss A said that English is a tricky language.

Oh honey, you have no idea!

Kindergarten has got to be my favorite year of all. I love the joy of learning and the excitement at accomplishing new things. Miss A you are one smart cookie!!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

A Cultural Christmas

There are days that show tunes are playing in my head. I know that might seem weird, but remember I am a little bit on the sappy side and enjoy Hallmark Movies, Musicals and Disney Movies from the 1970's.

Today, it's a stout little Jewish Man singing "Tradition, Tradition" with maybe a chorus or two of "Sunrise, Sunset" for good measure. You see our Christmas Family time is becoming such a part of us that it's beyond tradition, it's the fabric of our lives. Jeez, that sounds a little bit like a Hallmark movie in itself.
Friday night, we enjoyed our annual trek to the Ethnic Festival downtown. We even made it in time for the Parade of Flags. Seeing the different country flag carried by men and women in traditional cultural garb just does something to you. While each of them so identifies themselves with their cultural heritage and traditions, everyone of them sang along to the National Anthem for their new (or old) homeland America. I'd almost say that those who looked the "newest" to our country took the greatest pride in supporting their adopted homeland.

We visited the different booths with displays of cultural clothing, food and trinkets and learned a little about the various countries and people. M finally got the African Shells Choker she'd been wanting for "years" and C and A picked up some cool stuff from the Machu Pichu table. But the highlight for the big kids was sampling the wares from the various food vendors. According to my son and husband, the Indian Flat Bread Taco was to die for and the "Real" Mexican Enchiladas were the best ever according to M.

Miss A, of course, chose to stick with American Nuggets and ate before the event while I was too afraid of getting Garlic and ended up eating the Breakfast of Champions at home later. Guess maybe A's food fears are from me. Yikes.

Next year, Miss A and I are gonna go out on a limb and try to eat dinner with the rest of the family. I think I'll start praying now that a Japanese restaurant will bring in sushi, rice and Saki!
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We call it Happy Friday

I know in some circles they call the day after Thanksgiving "Black Friday," but around our home its often refereed to as Fun Friday. In fact, the entire holiday weekend is filled with fun and traditions that we hold dear.
There is the annual trek to the Scandinavian Store for Christmas treats, lunch out at a favorite BBQ joint with the grands, normally a football game or two to watch while we knit, play checkers and giggle over silly stories from Daddy's Childhood. Then to top it off, we head to the largest Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and gaze in awe at how beautiful it looks. Miss A commented that she liked the tree best with her eyes half closed it was almost like it was rocket ship and firecrackers.
Maybe we should start a movement to change it's name to Fun Friday. Think of what that could do for the retailers too, happy and fun loving costumers are better spenders!!
Thursday, as we looked over the ads in the paper and "planned" our strategy for Friday morning, P started putting them in piles by opening time. He talked of splitting up, making a map of the city, the girls leaving at 2:00 a.m to get in line at Best Buy the boys leaving at three for Target. Miss A was getting all excited, "I've never been up at 2:00 a.m before!" Mr C heard that we'd meet for snacks.
My husband was loving it. Talking the big game. I hated to burst the kids bubble and tell them that we weren't really going. Dad wasn't really planning a strategy, he was just playing a game.
There would be no early rising, no snacks.
Not because we aren't buying Christmas presents this year or we don't love to save money. But rather we are both not willing to wait in line that long. We don't like crowds. It was gonna be cold and who needs to freeze to save $10. None of the stores were selling us the world so we didn't need to go.
They were disappointed at first until they realized that if they got up at 2:00 or 3:00 they would have been too exhausted to enjoy our real "Fun Friday" plans. I think they got the better "deal" in the end.
I know I did. I love the childhood wonder and awe at Christmas and Fun Friday just was the beginning!