Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Concerts and Cookies

In the past two weeks, we've been blessed to have three musical concerts to enjoy with one or more of our children participating. I guess we are a musical family, even though the only singing my husband and I do is in the shower, car, or during worship. All three kids have or do take piano lessons, M loves her musical performance class at school, and A has begun to actually sing when the preschoolers sing at church.
Before she use to just stand there and smile.

Miss A and Miss M were both able to be a part of our church's Christmas Program; M was a dancer and A sang in the Preschool Choir. We have no pictures to prove it, but we remember anyway. A of course enjoyed talking to her little friend more than singing and was usually more animated when giggling than singing, but at least she looked like she was having fun!
M loved being part of the "dance team," but wasn't thrilled with the space available to perform or the fact they "pulled" her cartwheel moments before the show. Guess the fact she missed practice due to illness curtailed her part!

M also had her second Musical Performance at the Junior High. It was the "Winter Program" as we'd hate to acknowledge God in the public school or Christmas for heaven sakes!!!!! She looked lovely. The musical director commented that she'd never had such talented 5th graders in all her years of teaching. I'd have to admit they out shined the 6th graders.

Mr C also had a Winter Program with the Jazz Band and 8th Grade Band. As usual, he was thrilled. Not really. I wish he loved the Trombone a little more, he'd be really good if he actually practiced at home. Just saying. What I love about the band is that you have to wear white shirts and black pants. Neither of which he owned. In fact, he was wearing hiking boots with them because I refused to buy church dress shoes that he will outgrow before the spring concert.

He'll probably outgrow the shirt and pants, too. At least that was my explanation for buying pants to big and too long; he could cinch in the waist and the hem covered up his shoes. If they had asked for khaki pants and any kind of dress shirt, we would have been golden. He has those for scouts and church.

Finally, Miss A's Kindergarten Class had a cookie decorating party the last day of the "semester" and Dad was able to come and be the helper. Love that he could see her friends in action. Miss A was thrilled to be back at school (after the pneumonia) and that Daddy was there to help with the frosting and decorating. Amazingly, he said it wasn't messy. Just giggly.

It's so fun to see your kids perform and be in their "environment" and see how they are interacting with their friends and peers. What great kids we have!!

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