Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Funny Things I've Heard Lately

You know that saying, "the best laid plans?" Well they kinda blew up for me the past two weeks. The final two weeks before Christmas Vacation was suppose to be spent getting all those "errands" done, writing the Christmas letter and sending it off, and having lots of time to bake, wrap presents, etc.

But God had different plans and I spent four days with sick children; thus no baking or errand running. Instead, the days were spent cuddling on the couch with a six year old who I think enjoyed the time as much as her mother. It was, according to her, just like "old times" when we had the house to ourselves to read books, watch Christmas movies, and snuggle.

So, while I attempt to cram all my errands into one day, I thought I'd share these funny stories of the past few weeks. Some days you just gotta laugh.

In the car a few weeks ago, Miss A was gabbing with her friend G about a girl in her kindergarten class who had unexpectedly changed classes. The girls' name really had G pondering things. You see her name is Heaven. G asked Miss A to repeat the name, Miss A said my friend Heaven moved classes today. G responded, "her name is HEAVEN, what were her parents thinking!" Miss A looked at her stunned and said, "yeah her name is Heaven." G again looked puzzled and said, "Heaven is not a name for a girl, it's a place up in the sky with God." and then went on to say, "Really, it's not a name for a girl, it's a place."

I was laughing so hard that I had to force myself to pay attention to the road. You see Miss G had said what so few adults would have the guts to say. She laid it out straight. I love that girl!!


Before Miss A got sick last week, I was driving her to school asking her if she was ready for the last week before Christmas Break. She commented that she couldn't believe she was done with Kindergarten already and wondered who she would get for first grade. I said, "OH, Miss A, it's just the end of the calendar year not the end of the school year."

"No" she said, " this is it, I'm all done with Kindergarten this week, just five more days and then no school until after my birthday in August."

"Honey, I think you are confused, you will be going back to Kindergarten in January until May to finish up the school year" holding back laughter as I told her.

"Do Mr C and Miss M know that? Do they have school, too. I think we are done this week."

Once we cleared up the fact that yes her siblings would be returning to school in January, I think she took the news a little better, however, she really wasn't convinced and said she'd have to check into that!


We traded in our van last week for a new model. It was quick and unplanned, but the deal was just too good to pass up. Most of the work was done over the phone and we didn't really let the kids in on the deal We kept it a surprise. Miss A, of course, got to come along to pick the van up as she was still out of school with a little temp. That afternoon, I told her we would go pick up Miss M from school to surprise her. We sat in our spot waiting. Miss M appeared and looked around and around for our "purple" van. Miss A and I were cracking up, until finally Miss A rolled down the window and yelled for M to come to our new car. What a look we got.

Later, we had to return to the school to pick up Mr. C from Jazz band practice. I called to tell him I was running a few minutes late, but was coming. Mr. C and his friend J were waiting in the circle as I pulled up. They kept standing there. I honked. No response. Finally, I think Mr. J told C to see if that might be his mom in the van.

Over they came to the van. Mr. C's first response "does Dad know that you got a new car Mom?" Well considering he's the only one who has a salary to buy things with "yes". Mr. C still not certain asked again, " I didn't think we were planning on getting a new van until the fall, why didn't you tell me you were getting one today?"

Guess you could say he doesn't like surprises!!

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