Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Caroling Melts the Heart with A Double Douse of Blessing

Miss M in back row with the older girls at the Nursing Home. Miss A's Daisy Troop in front of the tree at the Retirement Center.

Having missed out on a few weekend events, I was thrilled that Miss M was feeling well enough to participate in the Girl Scout Christmas Party and Christmas Caroling to a local Nursing Home. I really do think this is becoming one of my favorite Christmas time traditions. I get all choked up seeing the ladies and gentleman singing along to the favorite old hymns and carols.

Today was probably the biggest crowd we've ever had; almost 75 ready and waiting for us in the lounge. Did I mention we were a little late? Yep by about 5-10 minutes by the time all the "girls" from the various troops arrived.

Of course, if I was proficient with my new phone, I would have been able to pick up the phone call from the activities director wondering where we were two minutes past 4:00. We were in the lobby!!

It truly warms my heart to hear little girls singing "Away in the Manger" and "O Come All Ye Faithful." It's like a big Christmas Hug were are giving away!!

But, we weren't done yet. Miss A's Daisy Troop sang later that evening at an Active Senior Retirement Village to another huge crowd. Thankfully, a few of the older girls from my troop and siblings showed up to help out. It's tough to read song sheets when you are only in Kindergarten.
What a fun group of girls Miss A is blessed to be among. They were dressed to impress and the smiles, giggles and big hugs brought many a smile to a face. The handmade Christmas Cards that the girls passed out after singing were absolutely adorable. A few had more "snowball/cotton balls" on them than sentimental words which added to the fun.

Christmas has really started in my mind now that I've seen the Christmas Spirit being handed out so freely by little girls!!

Love it.

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