Monday, January 31, 2011

Musings of a Weekend

I love weekends. Only thing I don't like about them is how quickly they fly by. It seems like one minute its Friday afternoon and the next thing you know it's Sunday night.

Miss A said that last week was one of her favorite weeks "ever". With two play dates at our house and a play date at a friends house, how could it be any better. The fact that Friday's play date included twins means that it was almost like a "double playdate."

Friday night was Family Fun Night at church with jumpers, volleyball, Blimpies sandwiches, a fabulous magician, and friends. Oh my! All three kids had a chance to burn off some energy before Mr. C's 9:00 p.m. basketball game. Good thing P was willing to take him.

Saturday, we all got to see Mr. C in action at his basketball tournament. He was a rebounding machine and at one point got more "air" than Michael Jordan. Not that I really know anything about basketball. I did however enjoy knitting while watching and only had one "yarn offense" as Miss M called it when my ball of yarn escaped my lap and went across the court!

After a hectic Sunday, with more events than people, we decided it was time to "cash" in on the Amazing Race dinner out. Miss M's team of Lady Doc's had won meaning we were heading out for Mexican. A perfect way to end a weekend; chips, salsa, queso and tacos. Now we are strategizing how best to determine teams for the upcoming Amazing Race "unfinished business" Edition that starts on February 20th. Will we keep our "old" teams or will it be a random drawing? Decisions, decisions.

Can't wait for next weekend, or as Miss A called it the 2nd Holiday of the new year; Superbowl Sunday!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

JJ Heller - What Love Really Means (Official Music Video)

I love this song.

We talked today in our high school bible class about God's love for us. How He always loves us for who we are and not for what we've done. This song just seems to sum that concept up so well.

God loves us, always. No matter what our age or circumstance it's a message that we all need to know. I know I do. It's a message I really want my girls to know too.

Miss A and Miss M and I decided that JJ Heller is becoming one our favorite artists. Of course Francesa Battistelli still ranks up there too. Only 30 more days until her new album! Not that we have a countdown going on .

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life Lessons: Do the Work

I love winter afternoons; maybe not the lack of sunshine or the bitter cold, but the "nothingness" that results from winter afternoons. I've been busy in the afternoons doing a few things for me. Reading books, knitting, watching DVR hallmark movies, and trying to get my scrapbook under control.

It has been a week into my return to scrapbooking and I have 4 spreads to show for my efforts. Guess you could say I've had good intentions, but not busy hands.

I found this quote in a book I picked up at the library and it just fits my life so well right now. "Knitting is still trying to teach me...that things get knit faster when you actually work on them. that's why the scarf I've allegedly been knitting for two years just isn't getting any bigger, no matter how long I leave it in the basket." from Things learned from knitting by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

I think there is a life lesson in this passage. Things don't just happen. Projects don't get done without me first "doing" them.

The huge blanket I'm knitting needs me to put my hands around the needles first and knit row after row. Progress might be slow, but it's happening little by little.

My laundry does not magically get washed or put away in drawers without my hands. (though I often wished it did)

The groceries do not move from the trunk to my cupboard and fridge without my hands.

Dinner does not magically get made or the dishwasher emptied without me taking the first step.

My children and my husband will not know I love them if I don't show them that love with a hug, a pat on the back, or a goodnight kiss.

Words alone or good intentions aside, I have to do the work first to see the results. That's a life lesson I need to grasp ahold of today. How about you?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Progress in the Family Room

My husband rocks! That's what I said Sunday afternoon when Mr. P finished up the majority of the family room in our new color. Saturday afternoon, P fixed the walls, prepped the area and got his mind wrapped around the idea that the paint cans would not magically float onto the walls.

Sunday, while watching the Bears game, he got two coats on the Family Room and I must say it looks amazing. All that is left is the corner with the windows and television and some trim work that needs a special touch.

I've been working this week on cleaning up the walls in the Kitchen and removing every last speck of the wallpaper. Fun.

We are hoping to get the kitchen finished up this coming weekend and then all that left is the decorating. The drapes for the kitchen door and window are on order and I'm looking for just the right fabric for some fabric squares that are going in the family room.

Of course, it wouldn't be a family project without a few funny outtakes.

During the painting, Miss A asked Dad if he meant to cover up the green. She thought the green looked great as it was. I'm thinking Dad paid her to say that.

On Monday morning as M was getting ready for school and brushing her hair, she commented how much she really liked the new color. C looked at her and said " you have a new hair color?" No, Miss M said I'm talking about the new paint color!

Needless to say I'm loving our new "cappuccino" colored space, it was worth the wait!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Science Fair Winner means Chicken Dinner?

Mr. C took 10th place in his school's Science Fair yesterday. He came home with an Honorable Mention trophy and a smirk on his face. He didn't think he was gonna win anything. With over 80 honor students up for the award, he thought his experiment on the "Effect of Cold on Battery Life" didn't have much of a chance of winning.
C loved that the experiment allowed him to "touch" dry ice, put batteries in the freezer and fridge, and then monitor the flashlights under the different conditions. Who knew that batteries in the freezer would actually work? Of course, next time we'll make sure the flashlight doesn't have a 75 hour guarantee with great batteries. Let's just say that's a long time!

Now, he's off to the Metro Science Fair in March. He's thrilled, but bummed that the event is on a Saturday meaning he doesn't get to miss any school. Plus, they want him to do a few tweaks to the project before the event. All C sees is the "extra" work involved.

We've promised that we'll go out to dinner to celebrate after the Metro Fair, something about offering this boy food gets him motivated. Miss M and A are thrilled that the event takes place at the Botanical Gardens in town and they will get to have some fun too.

I'm thinking we might have a budding Scientist on our hands.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Secret Agents, Sleepovers and SNOW!

It's snowing outside my window. Again. Yet another Midwest snow storm is brewing, but you won't hear about it tomorrow on Good Morning America because it's not NYC. Mr. C asked us the other day why it is that the East Coast snow storms make the news, while we sit here with snow on the ground, more on radar, and days of winter still ahead without any "updates from Sam Champion."

Last night was according to Miss A the best night of her life. For months, she'd been asking to have a sleepover with mom. She wanted to sleep in my bed last week when P was out of town, but considering I had to get up super early to drive Mr. C to school by seven I declined. She was crushed. I promised her that I would have a sleepover with her in her room on Friday night.

She made a countdown sheet for the fridge, talked all week about her plans for fun, and kept telling me that she "just can't wait for Friday night."

To start off our evening of fun, we went to Michaels' to buy a commemorative t-shirt (also known as a white t-shirt and fabric paint) and then after dinner we went out to Red Mango for dessert. It was C's first trip to RM and he was impressed! At least that's what I thought when I saw the chocolate sauce on his chin!

Since the yogurt shop is in the same shopping center as Trader Joes, we had to walk around a bit and begin planning our Super Bowl food selections. While we were walking the aisles, we noticed a young women snapping pictures of various "sale signs and displays" inside Trader Joes. Mr. C and Miss M both thought it was odd. C said that maybe she was a blogger and excited to show off TJ. M thought she was spy from Whole Foods.

As we walked out to our car, we saw "Camera Women" getting in her car, too. We all commented that we wondered if she'd go to Whole Foods with her evidence. We joked we should follow her and see the undercover spy in action. We started our normal drive home, which just happened to follow her drive and then all of a sudden we saw her turning towards Whole Foods.

We decided to play secret agent and catch our "spy". Mr. C was memorizing her license plate, I was developing a plan once inside, and Miss A boldly said, "I don't want to go to jail for this!"

Arriving in the parking lot our subject got out of the car, we followed a safe distance behind. We walked through produce, sampling oranges, and sneaking past the cilantro. P, a few steps ahead of me, kept texting me updates, in the dairy aisle now, moving past the deli, here comes the olives. Really, I kid you not.

M thought she spotted our subject conversing with the "manager" and having over the evidence; also known as a camera.

We had the best time. It really was like we were secret agents. We never figured out what our spy friend was doing, which only added to the intrigue, but we built a family memory. I even tried to snap a few photos for evidence! Leaving the parking lot, we were talking about how we are such good secret agents, when right before our eyes we saw our subject leaving through another exit.

All three kids commented that this experience was one of the most fun moments they had ever had.

For Miss A and Mom the fun continued in her room with a Cat in the Hat extravaganza, reading the entire Cat in the Hat Series! As I laid on the trundle bed and told Miss A how much I loved her, she thanked me for the best night ever.

Have Laptop, Will Blog Anywhere

I'm blogging to you from my family room. On my brand new laptop. Woop Woop.
You could say that yesterday was a Stellar Day; Bible study with some of my favorite people, movie rentals for a sleepover party, and then I was off to Best Buy to purchase my laptop. With the support of my "technical advisor," I knew exactly what I was looking for and the price I should be paying. When the price on the sticker was a little higher, I was even able to talk them down to my price. Wireless Router in hand, I walked out to my car feeling like I was the tech savvy gal I've always dreamed of.

Then to make the best day ever, I headed to Lowes to pick up the "Paint" for the family room/kitchen redo that starts today.

Really, can it get any better than this? This is where I could tell you about the slumber party I went to yesterday or the secret agent work I participated in last night, but I think those events deserve their own special blog posting.

Today, thanks to my "technical advisor," the husband of a good friend, we are now up and running wirelessly. I can't even tell you what a blessing it is to know people who know stuff!

Off to figure out how this HP works ! I'm loving my new freedom!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warm Thoughts on a Chilly Day and a Revelation

Brr. Baby, it's cold out there. I've declared today a "I'm staying home day!" No yoga class, no errands, no spending time walking the sale rack at Hobby Lobby or Target, no buying my Laptop. Nope, not today. It's too cold, there is fresh snow on the ground, and my calendar is empty.


I"ll do a little Jillian Michaels while I watch Top Chef on DVR, a little light cleaning, and finish scraping the wallpaper paste off the kitchen walls to make all ready for "PAINTING." Yes, I meant capitalize that word because I'm so stinking excited about the new look!!

Maybe even a little scrapbooking. After months of avoiding my stash, Miss M and I organized it last week and I've realized my last page was of M's birthday in May 2008. Wow!! I need to get caught up and caught up fast.

I really need to just lock myself in the scrapbook corner with a few chick flicks and scrap away. Maybe go to the Lake and just hunker down. I used to go to a monthly scrapbook Saturday, but I no longer feel welcome there and I think that's gotten me down about scrapbooking in general. There I said, I'm avoiding my pages because it reminds me of those friends I used to have and the fun times cranking out pages into the night.

Enough. I'm overcoming that thought and making it all new. My girls love to look at the scrapbooks. I mean LOVE. They pull them out, giggle over what I've written, or at the funny looks on their brothers face when he ate squash and sweet potatoes. They recall fun moments of our family history.

I need to reclaim this part of my life because it's hurting them the most, it's robbing them of memories. There are fun pictures and moments that have happened since May 2008 and I need to capture them on the pages of a scrapbook before I forget them.

I think that's why God sent the fresh snow last night. It was just enough to convince me to wipe off the dust on my scrapbooks without the kids home on a snow day. Who cares that it's 5 degrees outside, it's warm in my house, and tonight, if I have 3 or 4 spreads to add to my scrapbook, I know there will be happy little faces ready to look at them and giggle and cheer.

Maybe the wallpaper can wait until tomorrow afternoon. I've got some memories to write down today!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She's Got A Crush, Whatever that Is?

Miss A cracks me up. The other day Miss M and I picked A up after school and were rushing to the Eye Glass store to pick up Miss M's new glasses. Don't ask. The new ones are Super Cute according to M!

Miss A was telling us all about her day at school; art class, inside recess, boys who don't wear gloves and hats (shocking!), etc. She then went on to tell us about a conversation that happened between four girls at "Center time" which is when you can pick the station to go such as Kitchen and Dress Up, Reading, Art, Blocks, and all those other fabulous Kindergarten things.

"Oh, by the way Miss C has a crush on S, and L's big sister in sixth grade has a crush too, and I think that K's big sister in 3rd grade has a crush on so and so's brother." and just so you know she says, "K thinks that Justin Bieber is adorable and C thinks that's he gross, but that Joe Jonas rocks."

Really. Interesting. Here I thought that Miss A was in Kindergarten, but her stories are more juicy than the one's I'm hearing from the junior high students in my house.

I asked Miss A if she knew what a crush is. She looked perplexed. Thinking. She has no idea. She asked us to let her think for awhile about it because maybe she knows, but can't remember. Miss M looks like she's about to bust a gut. I've chuckling and giving thanks to God all at once.

She had no idea. We, of course, did not let her in on the true details of a crush. Just said they are silly and wouldn't time at "Centers" be better spent talking about Barbies, Little Pet Shop, and the latest Dr. Seuss book they were reading.

Just to keep it real, Miss M, when we pull into the glasses place which just so happens to be next to a bridal shop asks me, what did Dad and I talk about on our honeymoon in San Fransisco. "I mean really, what was left to talk about, you'd picked out your dress and where to have the party and you'd opened all the gifts, what did you have left to say?"

Good thing she was so excited to get her glasses that the question just hung in the air and I left it there while she ran into the store!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trophy Time! Watch Out World.

Look out library books everywhere! This girl now has her sight word trophy!!
Miss A was beaming Friday afternoon when I picked her up at school. Clutched in her tight little mitten clad hands was the amazing 75 Sight Words Trophy. Finally, she'd mastered the difference between "saw" and "was" and had achieved her goal.
Of course, it was Sonic Time. Mom even splurged for chicken tenders when she heard how little Miss A had eaten at lunch. You see, Miss A was convinced that the soft shell taco would come with just cheese and after much discussion I decided to let her learn that, "mom knows best." Poor Miss A had only eaten a taco shell, jello and milk.
Poor girl was starving. I'm not sure how she had survived the Sight Word test. She must be able to overcome rumbling tummies for a trophy.
If you are wondering why it looks like Miss A is up for Miss America pageant in the photos, it because Saturday morning was "dress up day" and Miss M did a messy bun for her sister along with a little makeup. Miss A, of course, wanted it to look like she was a Rock Star accepting the award!!
A post for a later date will explain how I even ended up in Goodwill Saturday afternoon looking at more dress up dresses. An experience that I'm not sure I've survived yet! Miss M is however anxious to go back!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Funny Things I've Heard Around These Parts

After a "long weekend" of snow, it seems like we are finally get back to a routine. Around these parts that also means that we've been giggling a lot. These kids really do say the craziest of things.

Snow Day Silly:

Poor Miss M got a slight case of frostbite on Tuesday when she and her sister were playing in the snow. It was bitterly cold, but they didn't seem to mind. They were bundled to the hilt with wool socks, two pairs of gloves, two coats and hats. Miss M however didn't really cover her cheeks.
When she came inside they were "RED" with little specks of white.

Her kind and loving brother, the trusty Boy Scout quickly pointed out that she had FROSTBITE and would probably need to have that skin cut off. Oh, the screams. She was frantic. Mr. C calmly said that he could probably do the procedure as he was trained in emergency prep.

Miss A started crying for Miss M, there was talk of not going to school "ever again" as she'd die of embarrasment.

Finally, I calmly convinced her that she would live. Her skin would remain intact and that her brother was not a doctor. At that point, Miss A shouted; "that's right, Mom is the doctor, at least around here."

Which President do we like?

We've talked a little bit about the recent shootings in our country including one right here in our city. We've shared with the kids that while there is evil in our world and bad people will always do things to hurt others, we don't need to live in fear. God is still in control. Always.

On Wednesday night, we watched a little of the Tuscon Memorial service on TV. President Obama was talking and Miss A asked, "now is that the President we like?" When I said that while we didn't vote for him, we respect him because he's our President. Miss A said, " well whatever happend to George W. Bush? I liked him."

Let's remember she's only six. How does she remember who GWB is?

Then a little later on, the President was speaking about not looking at the past and trying to figure it out, but rather to look at the Present, to look at the Future.

Miss A spoke back to him," well that's easy for you to do, you are the "Presentdent."

Another Holiday to Celebrate.

Miss M was looking at the calendar this week and saw that there is no school next Monday in honor of "MLK Day." She announced it's MLK Day next Monday guys, no school.

Miss A said there is a holiday for Milk?

Miss M and Mr. C were rolling on the ground at this. Of course, they both think we should celebrate Milk Day with some Ice Cream.

Miss A said that's a great idea!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old Fashioned Snow Days

The many faces of a snow day: books piled up ready to read, science fair projects completed, snow angels, and "sled runs" down the hill. Rosy cheeks and happy faces!
Snow Days.

Pj's late in the morning, hot chocolate spilling on the counters, wet boots by the door, and frostbitten faces. As a mother of school aged children, I have a love/hate relationship with Snow Days. I love the laid back attitude of the day, the fact that my kids will all play together in the snow, work together to clean the driveway, and even scoop the neighbors walks as well. But the mess can sometimes frustrate me.

Boots, hats, gloves, coats, socks, snow pants, and then repeat. How did my parents ever survive taking our family snow skiing. We are finally at the age that at least they stay outside long enough to make it worth the effort, but when they traipse back into the house, its all the "stuff."

Sometimes I feel like it's fluff the clothes in the dryer, find new dry socks for them to wear, make hot chocolate with Reddi Whip, Mini Marshmallows and then REPEAT.

By Tuesday morning (the 2nd snow day), I had finally convinced M and A that we could substitute hot tea with honey for the usual hot drink.

Seeing their chilly faces, watching the fun from inside by the fireplace with books, and knitting projects aplenty, I know that these are the days I will want to remember. Years from now, I'll forget about how crowded our laundry room was or how many times I've mopped up the kitchen floors and counters of strawed chocolate and snowy mud. I'll just remember their rosy cheeks, and smiling faces.

Help me Lord to remember these "moments" in time as precious and try to live in the moment a little bit more each time.

Not to worry, there is more snow in the forecast this weekend. It's only January, I'll have lots of time to practice.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

On the Knitting Needles: New Project and Helpful Ideas from an Expert

January means the start of new projects. This winter, I've decided to tackle Knitting an afghan for us. While I've made two baby blankets (given away) and one graduation blanket that went off to college with L, I've never made a "big project" just for me to keep.
With perfect timing, my favorite Knitting Shops is having their annual sale of 20% off everything. Too good of a deal to pass up. In fact, I think I might go back next week to stock up my "stash" of yarn for some other projects I've got stirring in my head.
The pattern I'm using I found on a free knitting pattern website and uses just the purl and knit stitches. It's called the Reversible Square in a Square pattern and is very similar to the basket weave pattern I've used for scarfs.
As a bonus, my salesperson at the Yarn Shop gave me some excellent ideas to make the project easier and the finishing more precise.
1. Use Circular Needles instead of Straight. With 134 stitches cast on and the size 40 X 50 finished , my shoulders will get a lot less stress with circular needles as I won't be moving my whole arm to knit. I'll be making shorter moves with just my wrist. Hello Circular Needles.
2. When I go to change skeins of yarn, do it right before the ribbing. The pattern calls for K4 on both sides so if I switch right before I knit four the "bump" will not be noticeable. No ends trying to stick out on the edge, it will be perfect.
3. Write my pattern out on index cards, one row at a time. Because the pattern is a 40 row pattern that repeats don't try to look at a big sheet of paper to find the exact row you are knitting; flip through a set of index cards bound together. That way, I just open to row 4 and know exactly what to do. With my row counter on the end, I should be able to take this project anywhere and know exactly what row I'm on and what I need to "do"
4. Use one size smaller needles to start the project and then to finish the project. My pattern called for size 9 to start with size 10 for the remainder of the project. It did not, however, tell me to do that when I finish and bind off. She recommended that I use 9's to start and then for the last six rows of knit I use 9 again to bring the project back to shape.
I left the store with my bag of gorgeous yarn and a bundle of great suggestions to make this project the smoothest yet. Now if you wonder where I am this winter, just imagine me sitting in my family room with the fireplace roaring (it's gas, but I imagine the crackle) sitting in my chair knitting away.

Medal Winner

Miss A came out of school today with the biggest grin on her face. She earned her "I know 50 Sight Words" medal and was over the moon with excitement. The week before Christmas Break she almost earned the award, but for three silly words: her, had, and has.

Miss A believes that it's crazy how many words look alike and even have the same letters. Don't even get her started on the fact there are words that sound alike, are spelled differently, and have different meanings. Oh, the drama.

An accomplishment like this of course meant it was Sonic Time.... Bubblegum Flavored Coke for Miss A and Real Lemonades for the big kids. Heaven forbid we leave them out of the celebration!!

Way to Go Miss A. You Rock.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Funny Moments of Christmas Break

Today, the kids go back to school. I can't believe how quickly the past two weeks have gone by, and yet it seems like they have been around for weeks on end. I might be a little happy about routine starting back tomorrow. Maybe not at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, but for sure by 10:00.
We took the approach of having a "laid back Christmas Vacation" with very little scheduled events or plans. We just had lots of time to hang out and relax. Of course, there have been many humorous moments in the midst of all of the Christmas celebration.
Miss A is loving her Barbie Dream House. Really loving it. While packing for our weekend getaway to the lake, she asked if Dad could help her pack up the Dream House to take along. I told her it was not portable. No, she said it is. I can see the perfect way to fold it in half. I again said that it was staying at home because, not only was it "huge," it would never fit in our car with all the stuff.
"But, I can't be without my dream house for three days!!" A explained with much drama.
Guess you are staying home then. Well, maybe I can just bring along the Barbie Convertible and few dolls and call it good!!
Of course, when it was time to pack up at the lake to come back to town, Miss A was smiling huge and said "finally, it's time to go home to my Dream Home again." She was talking Barbie!!
When we got home yesterday afternoon, Miss A spent two hours in her room with the door closed catching up with her "dream home and people." Love this girl!
Miss M complained that she didn't think we "did anything" over break. In my defense, I listed off all the events she had participated in the last 14 days: lunch out, play dates with friends, trips to Mall and Target, fun with cousins, lunch with Nana, weekend at the lake, yogurt at Red Mango, a Christmas play, and numerous movies, Wii games etc....
Well, it just seemed like we didn't do anything then. Maybe I was having too much fun to realize!!
Mr C has been busy studying for a school admission test, working on a Science Fair project, making videos about squirrels in trees, watching college football games, and sleeping in till at least 8:30 (this is the child that use to think that 6:30 was sleeping in, so we are making progress) When I asked him if he had any normal homework that he needed to do before school started, he told me; "Gee Mom Christmas Break is for just hanging out and having fun I can't be expected to do too much!"
I laughed hysterically today when C explained to his buddies why he has a Toy Story 3 Calendar for 2011. Miss A had picked it especially for C for Christmas. He wanted a Calendar for his room and she knew how much he liked Buzz and Woody when he was little. We've talked about C's fascination with "Too Infinity and Beyond" since the movie came out this spring. He used to run around repeating this phrase and jumping off furniture. No, I guess he used to "fall with style" off the furniture.
C wanted a fun calendar and that's what his sister got him. Today, his explanation to his friends was a little bit different; My littlest sister picked this up for me, and I don't want to hurt her feelings. She thinks that Toy Story is hilarious and that I must think so too!! What's a guy to do you know?

New Year's Party at the Lake

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Our second annual New Year's Eve weekend at the Lake was a blast. Our Neighbors and good Friends at the lake joined us again for a long weekend of just hanging out. A perfect way to usher in a new year and relax before the hectic pace of "routine" hits again this week.
Thankfully this year, we could actually walk between the houses without freezing or fearing that we'd get lost in the huge snow drifts!! What a difference! However, the kids were all disappointed that there would be no "walking across the lake" this year. With temps in the 50's on Thursday, we were nervous that the ice might be a little too thin.
We had a great time playing Trivial Pursuit, Apples to Apples, reading books, watching movies and of course eating yummy food. Mr. C was thrilled to have some dudes to play Settlers of Catan with and lets just say the board got plenty of action.
What a blessing it is to have great friends to share life with at the lake.

Basement Fun

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Our basement project got a little decorating help this past week. Now that all the "trim work" is done and all that awaits us is our flooring, we've started to personalize this "man cave" as Mr. C affectionately calls it into more of a Kids' Rec Room.
Between the kids' kitchen, dollhouse, PlayStation and television, this is now becoming a hangout area for all three kids.
Now Miss A and Miss M have an art center for all their crafting needs. Miss A's Art Easel with a dry erase side and a poster board side are perfect for "school work" or just making masterpieces. Dad added a Chalkboard on the wall with Chalkboard Paint and White Trim. We were thrilled with how easy the paint was to work with and are already thinking up new projects.
There might even be Magnetic Paint in our future. Don't tell P, but I hope the family room and kitchen get painted first!
Miss A and her little friends were playing school the other day and working on some math problems. Her little friend G was on the Easel and Teacher A was showing her work on the chalkboard. Love how her math facts are all correct, but now we just need to work on writing the numbers the right direction.
C was thrilled with the Subway Tiles he got for Christmas that spelled out our last name. They look perfect over the couch where he plays PlayStation!
Now,I just need to be hitting the Hobby Lobby Clearance Racks for more decorating items!! With the bright cheery yellow, we need just a few items to add pizazz.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Best of 2010

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I thought it might be fun to have a collage of snapshots from the year. A little of everything we did and the memories we made in 2010.
Welcome 2011, we can't wait to see what challenges, joys and new adventures await us!!