Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old Fashioned Snow Days

The many faces of a snow day: books piled up ready to read, science fair projects completed, snow angels, and "sled runs" down the hill. Rosy cheeks and happy faces!
Snow Days.

Pj's late in the morning, hot chocolate spilling on the counters, wet boots by the door, and frostbitten faces. As a mother of school aged children, I have a love/hate relationship with Snow Days. I love the laid back attitude of the day, the fact that my kids will all play together in the snow, work together to clean the driveway, and even scoop the neighbors walks as well. But the mess can sometimes frustrate me.

Boots, hats, gloves, coats, socks, snow pants, and then repeat. How did my parents ever survive taking our family snow skiing. We are finally at the age that at least they stay outside long enough to make it worth the effort, but when they traipse back into the house, its all the "stuff."

Sometimes I feel like it's fluff the clothes in the dryer, find new dry socks for them to wear, make hot chocolate with Reddi Whip, Mini Marshmallows and then REPEAT.

By Tuesday morning (the 2nd snow day), I had finally convinced M and A that we could substitute hot tea with honey for the usual hot drink.

Seeing their chilly faces, watching the fun from inside by the fireplace with books, and knitting projects aplenty, I know that these are the days I will want to remember. Years from now, I'll forget about how crowded our laundry room was or how many times I've mopped up the kitchen floors and counters of strawed chocolate and snowy mud. I'll just remember their rosy cheeks, and smiling faces.

Help me Lord to remember these "moments" in time as precious and try to live in the moment a little bit more each time.

Not to worry, there is more snow in the forecast this weekend. It's only January, I'll have lots of time to practice.

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Bestemor said...

The frostbite episode brought back memories. C (probably smirking) telling M he could cut off the infected area reminded me of big brother S scaring little brother P. Even at almost 50 he still has that little quirk in him!!!!