Saturday, January 22, 2011

Secret Agents, Sleepovers and SNOW!

It's snowing outside my window. Again. Yet another Midwest snow storm is brewing, but you won't hear about it tomorrow on Good Morning America because it's not NYC. Mr. C asked us the other day why it is that the East Coast snow storms make the news, while we sit here with snow on the ground, more on radar, and days of winter still ahead without any "updates from Sam Champion."

Last night was according to Miss A the best night of her life. For months, she'd been asking to have a sleepover with mom. She wanted to sleep in my bed last week when P was out of town, but considering I had to get up super early to drive Mr. C to school by seven I declined. She was crushed. I promised her that I would have a sleepover with her in her room on Friday night.

She made a countdown sheet for the fridge, talked all week about her plans for fun, and kept telling me that she "just can't wait for Friday night."

To start off our evening of fun, we went to Michaels' to buy a commemorative t-shirt (also known as a white t-shirt and fabric paint) and then after dinner we went out to Red Mango for dessert. It was C's first trip to RM and he was impressed! At least that's what I thought when I saw the chocolate sauce on his chin!

Since the yogurt shop is in the same shopping center as Trader Joes, we had to walk around a bit and begin planning our Super Bowl food selections. While we were walking the aisles, we noticed a young women snapping pictures of various "sale signs and displays" inside Trader Joes. Mr. C and Miss M both thought it was odd. C said that maybe she was a blogger and excited to show off TJ. M thought she was spy from Whole Foods.

As we walked out to our car, we saw "Camera Women" getting in her car, too. We all commented that we wondered if she'd go to Whole Foods with her evidence. We joked we should follow her and see the undercover spy in action. We started our normal drive home, which just happened to follow her drive and then all of a sudden we saw her turning towards Whole Foods.

We decided to play secret agent and catch our "spy". Mr. C was memorizing her license plate, I was developing a plan once inside, and Miss A boldly said, "I don't want to go to jail for this!"

Arriving in the parking lot our subject got out of the car, we followed a safe distance behind. We walked through produce, sampling oranges, and sneaking past the cilantro. P, a few steps ahead of me, kept texting me updates, in the dairy aisle now, moving past the deli, here comes the olives. Really, I kid you not.

M thought she spotted our subject conversing with the "manager" and having over the evidence; also known as a camera.

We had the best time. It really was like we were secret agents. We never figured out what our spy friend was doing, which only added to the intrigue, but we built a family memory. I even tried to snap a few photos for evidence! Leaving the parking lot, we were talking about how we are such good secret agents, when right before our eyes we saw our subject leaving through another exit.

All three kids commented that this experience was one of the most fun moments they had ever had.

For Miss A and Mom the fun continued in her room with a Cat in the Hat extravaganza, reading the entire Cat in the Hat Series! As I laid on the trundle bed and told Miss A how much I loved her, she thanked me for the best night ever.

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