Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Progress in the Family Room

My husband rocks! That's what I said Sunday afternoon when Mr. P finished up the majority of the family room in our new color. Saturday afternoon, P fixed the walls, prepped the area and got his mind wrapped around the idea that the paint cans would not magically float onto the walls.

Sunday, while watching the Bears game, he got two coats on the Family Room and I must say it looks amazing. All that is left is the corner with the windows and television and some trim work that needs a special touch.

I've been working this week on cleaning up the walls in the Kitchen and removing every last speck of the wallpaper. Fun.

We are hoping to get the kitchen finished up this coming weekend and then all that left is the decorating. The drapes for the kitchen door and window are on order and I'm looking for just the right fabric for some fabric squares that are going in the family room.

Of course, it wouldn't be a family project without a few funny outtakes.

During the painting, Miss A asked Dad if he meant to cover up the green. She thought the green looked great as it was. I'm thinking Dad paid her to say that.

On Monday morning as M was getting ready for school and brushing her hair, she commented how much she really liked the new color. C looked at her and said " you have a new hair color?" No, Miss M said I'm talking about the new paint color!

Needless to say I'm loving our new "cappuccino" colored space, it was worth the wait!!

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Ann said...

Love the color!