Monday, January 31, 2011

Musings of a Weekend

I love weekends. Only thing I don't like about them is how quickly they fly by. It seems like one minute its Friday afternoon and the next thing you know it's Sunday night.

Miss A said that last week was one of her favorite weeks "ever". With two play dates at our house and a play date at a friends house, how could it be any better. The fact that Friday's play date included twins means that it was almost like a "double playdate."

Friday night was Family Fun Night at church with jumpers, volleyball, Blimpies sandwiches, a fabulous magician, and friends. Oh my! All three kids had a chance to burn off some energy before Mr. C's 9:00 p.m. basketball game. Good thing P was willing to take him.

Saturday, we all got to see Mr. C in action at his basketball tournament. He was a rebounding machine and at one point got more "air" than Michael Jordan. Not that I really know anything about basketball. I did however enjoy knitting while watching and only had one "yarn offense" as Miss M called it when my ball of yarn escaped my lap and went across the court!

After a hectic Sunday, with more events than people, we decided it was time to "cash" in on the Amazing Race dinner out. Miss M's team of Lady Doc's had won meaning we were heading out for Mexican. A perfect way to end a weekend; chips, salsa, queso and tacos. Now we are strategizing how best to determine teams for the upcoming Amazing Race "unfinished business" Edition that starts on February 20th. Will we keep our "old" teams or will it be a random drawing? Decisions, decisions.

Can't wait for next weekend, or as Miss A called it the 2nd Holiday of the new year; Superbowl Sunday!

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