Friday, January 14, 2011

Funny Things I've Heard Around These Parts

After a "long weekend" of snow, it seems like we are finally get back to a routine. Around these parts that also means that we've been giggling a lot. These kids really do say the craziest of things.

Snow Day Silly:

Poor Miss M got a slight case of frostbite on Tuesday when she and her sister were playing in the snow. It was bitterly cold, but they didn't seem to mind. They were bundled to the hilt with wool socks, two pairs of gloves, two coats and hats. Miss M however didn't really cover her cheeks.
When she came inside they were "RED" with little specks of white.

Her kind and loving brother, the trusty Boy Scout quickly pointed out that she had FROSTBITE and would probably need to have that skin cut off. Oh, the screams. She was frantic. Mr. C calmly said that he could probably do the procedure as he was trained in emergency prep.

Miss A started crying for Miss M, there was talk of not going to school "ever again" as she'd die of embarrasment.

Finally, I calmly convinced her that she would live. Her skin would remain intact and that her brother was not a doctor. At that point, Miss A shouted; "that's right, Mom is the doctor, at least around here."

Which President do we like?

We've talked a little bit about the recent shootings in our country including one right here in our city. We've shared with the kids that while there is evil in our world and bad people will always do things to hurt others, we don't need to live in fear. God is still in control. Always.

On Wednesday night, we watched a little of the Tuscon Memorial service on TV. President Obama was talking and Miss A asked, "now is that the President we like?" When I said that while we didn't vote for him, we respect him because he's our President. Miss A said, " well whatever happend to George W. Bush? I liked him."

Let's remember she's only six. How does she remember who GWB is?

Then a little later on, the President was speaking about not looking at the past and trying to figure it out, but rather to look at the Present, to look at the Future.

Miss A spoke back to him," well that's easy for you to do, you are the "Presentdent."

Another Holiday to Celebrate.

Miss M was looking at the calendar this week and saw that there is no school next Monday in honor of "MLK Day." She announced it's MLK Day next Monday guys, no school.

Miss A said there is a holiday for Milk?

Miss M and Mr. C were rolling on the ground at this. Of course, they both think we should celebrate Milk Day with some Ice Cream.

Miss A said that's a great idea!

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