Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warm Thoughts on a Chilly Day and a Revelation

Brr. Baby, it's cold out there. I've declared today a "I'm staying home day!" No yoga class, no errands, no spending time walking the sale rack at Hobby Lobby or Target, no buying my Laptop. Nope, not today. It's too cold, there is fresh snow on the ground, and my calendar is empty.


I"ll do a little Jillian Michaels while I watch Top Chef on DVR, a little light cleaning, and finish scraping the wallpaper paste off the kitchen walls to make all ready for "PAINTING." Yes, I meant capitalize that word because I'm so stinking excited about the new look!!

Maybe even a little scrapbooking. After months of avoiding my stash, Miss M and I organized it last week and I've realized my last page was of M's birthday in May 2008. Wow!! I need to get caught up and caught up fast.

I really need to just lock myself in the scrapbook corner with a few chick flicks and scrap away. Maybe go to the Lake and just hunker down. I used to go to a monthly scrapbook Saturday, but I no longer feel welcome there and I think that's gotten me down about scrapbooking in general. There I said, I'm avoiding my pages because it reminds me of those friends I used to have and the fun times cranking out pages into the night.

Enough. I'm overcoming that thought and making it all new. My girls love to look at the scrapbooks. I mean LOVE. They pull them out, giggle over what I've written, or at the funny looks on their brothers face when he ate squash and sweet potatoes. They recall fun moments of our family history.

I need to reclaim this part of my life because it's hurting them the most, it's robbing them of memories. There are fun pictures and moments that have happened since May 2008 and I need to capture them on the pages of a scrapbook before I forget them.

I think that's why God sent the fresh snow last night. It was just enough to convince me to wipe off the dust on my scrapbooks without the kids home on a snow day. Who cares that it's 5 degrees outside, it's warm in my house, and tonight, if I have 3 or 4 spreads to add to my scrapbook, I know there will be happy little faces ready to look at them and giggle and cheer.

Maybe the wallpaper can wait until tomorrow afternoon. I've got some memories to write down today!!

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