Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seasons End Well

Dad and Mr. C at a game on Saturday. It was super hot and Dad watched to make sure "blue" stayed cool and had plenty to drink.

Some people mark the seasons by the weather and calendar, but around these parts we also mark them by the sports.

Thanks to some friends for getting this great picture of Mr. C in action behind the plate.
This week marks the end of Baseball/Softball Season. You might have heard me yelp a little last night when Miss M's team lost a nail bitter to the "mean girls on the block" or at least that's what I call them. We were robbed of a victory and a chance to comeback in the loser's bracket for a shot at the championship.

Go Reds! Acting Crazy on the field before a game. What a fun group of girls.

However, the loss was also a victory in that we get our evenings back. Hooray!
Mr. C's baseball season ended on Thursday night and as a special treat his Bestemor and Bestefar were in town and got to see the game. While they lost, Mr. C had some good at bats and the temperature for the first time in over a week was tolerable. We missed out on Norwegian Meatballs as result of a dinnertime game, but can't wait to dig in this week to the frozen bag they left behind.

Mr C has been playing baseball since Kindergarten and this was the first year he got to be Cub his favorite professional team. Go Cubbies!
C still has a few more umpire jobs to do this week so it's not officially the end of Baseball Season, but I'm counting down the days.

To mark the "end" of the Season here are a few things that will be changing around the Faithful Household.

1. No more snack shack trips. Don't tell Miss A, she'll be disappointed, she loves her some snack shack trips.

2. No more Gatorade and Water Bottles sitting in door of the fridge to get a little chill before game time.

3. No more late night wash loads to get the uniforms cleaned before a game.

4. No more dinners of sandwiches at 4 p.m. for ballplayers and at the game for parents and fans.

5. A full fridge again. I'd given up buying fresh meat and veggies that would rot in our fridge while we were at a game eating #4.

6. Cleats will no longer fill up our garage and hats and gloves will not be found under seats in my car.

7. Dad will no longer will taking clothes to work to change for the game in order not to coach M's team wearing a suit.

8. No more watching Mr. C behind the plate calling strikes and balls. He's really enjoyed umpiring and the teams and coaches have been very complimentary to him. That's why he's umping a few Championship Games this week!

9. Empty Calendar. Plenty of Free time for the Lake, Pool, Movies and Summer Fun just in time for the 4th of July.

Here are a few of the things we'll miss however...

1. Seeing friends at the ballpark and hanging out on lawn chairs watching our kids have fun.

2. Watching the joy on Mr. C's and Miss M's faces when they have a great "at bat" or make a great catch on the field.

3. Watching Dad coach Miss M's team and cheering them on in victory or defeat. He's a great softball coach and the girls love the team.

4. Knowing that these "seasons" at the ballpark are slowly coming to an end. Mr. C won't play forever and Miss M, while committed for one more year, isn't going to continue her softball career much longer either. Miss A of course likes the green grass of a soccer field much more than the dirt of a ball field.

I'm happy to see a new "season" around these parts, but this has been a great one! I think from now until school starts we'll just call it Happy Season.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swim Lessons: She's a Fish

Miss A has been swimming since she was really little,; but until this year she's never taken "official" swim lessons. Between the lake and the pool, she's been in the water hundreds of times and she has no fear of the water. She just really doesn't know how to swim.

Both Mr. C and Miss M took swimming lessons starting at age 2, but with Miss A's ears and all her surgeries, she has not been able to really "get" in the water until this summer. Last summer, she had a "hole" in her ear that we were waiting to get repaired. The previouis summer, we were waiting to see if the ear hole was growing or repairing itself so the ear doctor recommended no long periods under the water. Finally, two summers ago she had her "big surgery" tonsils, adenoids and two ear repairs. Thus again, no real swimming or lessons.

Until this week. Poor girl has been anxious and excited for lessons all summer and Monday morning when the big storm came through right at lessons times, she was disappointed. Tuesday morning we drove through to the pool with suit and goggles on because we had hopes that the storm was almost over. No such luck. Tuesday afternoon, Miss A said maybe we should have taken inside lessons!

Finally, Wednesday morning at 10:15, we headed to the pool with the sun shinning, cute swimsuit and towel all ready, and the lessons began. She was among the older children in Level One swimming, but that worked to her advantage. The teachers used her as the "first" to try out the activity. The first to front float, back float, blow bubbles, and play Motorboat Motorboat.

She's loving it. The swim teachers are adorable teen age girls who love her. She runs up to them right away and they call her by name with big smiles on their faces and hers. Miss A is swimming. She's putting her whole face in the water, kicking, and using her arms.
It's been so fun to watch the little fish in the water. Just in time for 4th of July at the Lake, she's going to be making big splashes and swimming to beat the band. She's confident and thrilled with her new found skills.

It might have taken a lot to get this point in Miss A's swimming, but the journey has been worth watching this little swimmer take off in the water.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Unwrapped:Children's Museum Memories

This is my first time to participate in Tuesday's Unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky, encouraging you to celebrate the moment. Today I'm celebrating the Children's Museum in our lives.

Miss A and Emily Elizabeth at the Children's Museum

It looks like after almost 13 years of going to the Children's Museum, we are beginning to "age out" of the place. No longer do I see our family spending cold winter afternoons hanging out making crafts with Popsicle sticks and yogurt containers, painting our faces with unknown designs or running through the grocery store and farm.

Miss M and Miss A in the Craft Area

Don't get me wrong. I love our hometown Children's Museum, but I think we are getting a little to old to expect it to entertain "everyone" much longer. I don't think my wallet will have the colorful plastic membership card in it next year at this time. With our youngest child about to enter kindergarten and a tween and teenager in our midst, it's time to move on.

Playing the Drums at the Clifford Exhibit today

Sure Miss A and I will probably go a few more times this summer/fall before our membership runs out, but we'll be taking friends along instead of siblings. Miss A loved the new Clifford Exhibit and was thrilled to bring home a craft of wallpaper samples. The other kids; well not so much. They were great sports and, as promised, I will not be showing any pictures of Mr. C at the Museum, but it's time to say goodbye to this as a family outing.
Before we pack away all the memories, however, here are just a few of CM moments in time.
  • Mr. C was just about 18 months old when he and I went for our first visit to the Museum with a friend and his mom. We arrived about opening time ready for adventure. I remember how he skirted back and forth between the corn rows at Farmland and the cash register at the Grocery Store. He was thrilled to push the cart and load it up with everything from plastic bread to cereal boxes. After a few hours, we left for lunch out a cute Diner with a 50's theme and then home for a nap. He was worn out.
  • Just a few years later, when Miss M joined the family, we would go to the Museum on "non-preschool" days to burn off energy in the winter months and get over our stir craziness. Miss M loved the Museum, too. She played with different things than her brother as the kitchen and the balls were among her favorites. Soon she was painting her face all by herself and trying on costumes in the stage area.
We soon figured out that a Museum for kids about 1 hour away was even better than our hometown variety. It had a real hot air balloon, a water table extraordinaire and a fun rocket ship and airplane area. Perfect for our budding scientist and his little sister.
We joined that Museum and, for years, would make regular trips for a day of fun, including naps on the car ride home from sheer exhaustion. Our membership to the museum also gained us access to other Children's Science/Museums around the country and we took full advantage. We made visits to Children's Museums on vacations all over the country; Palm Spring CA, Minneapolis MN, Houston TX, Oklahoma City OK, Wichita KS, Chicago IL, Indianapolis IN, and Kansas City KS, among others. We loved them all.
When Miss A came around, we were still Museum regulars as we now had two sisters that enjoyed an outing with Mr. C in school all day. Lunch dates with friends often included a morning at the Museum. There were also Birthday parties we'd attend of little preschool and kindergarten friends.
Miss M had her first New Year's Eve Date at the Children's Museum with her Daddy. Including a ball drop at 8:00 pm sharp and dancing to a DJ with balloons all over the dance floor. For months, M talked about this magical night with her dad.
In the last few years, Mom and Miss A have enjoyed many a morning at the Museum with new friends. It's been the perfect place to go for an outing with friends our age or younger. Miss A has had the opportunity to be the big kid with her friend Mr. B (who is a few years younger than her) at the Museum and loved every minute.
But in my heart, I know these "Children Museum Years" are fading away. It's another phase of parenting that is changing. Today, I'm trying to remember the blessings those days at the Museum have been and the memories we've made as a family playing together. Great moments in time. Great laughs. A great way to connect with our kids at their level and a great way to pass on the love of trying new things, experimenting with toys, crafts and balls. We've enjoyed watching them just being a kid.
Treasuring these moments and looking forward to the "next" thing are what parenting is all about. I wouldn't trade these CM years for anything, and yet I know that whatever is on the horizon will be just a memorable and another part of our family story.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun in the Sun: At least When It's Not Raining

Miss A is already good at "building" with Keva Blocks, I'm sure Ark Building is in her future

We've talked about building an Family Ark this week. It's rained that much over the past few days and weeks that we are starting to look for Gopher Wood Sales. Not sure we are being called by God to do this, but the weatherman sure is making us think it's a good idea.
Needless to say, we never have any set plans of late. Every plan we have gets called off, delayed, or ruined by rain. Today, according to my children, we never get to do anything fun!!

Over the past few days here are a few of the planned "Fun Things" that did not happen.
  • Boys at the College World Series Game on Father's Day: Rain Delayed till today/No Go for Boys
  • Girls at the Children's Museum while the boys are at the game: Delayed due to no game. Closed on Mondays.
  • Ballgames, Swim Parties, Pool Time and Golf Tee Times all cancelled due to storms, threat of storms, and that dastardly lighting that ruins all water activities and those involving metal bats and clubs.

Rightfully we are feed up with this summer's weather. Wasn't the snow this winter enough moisture? Seriously, we need a few days of sunshine to get back into our garden and pull the weeds and check the growth of our produce.

Great Playground, tons of ropes, swinging objects and fun.

All has not been lost however. We have managed to have some "fun" this past weekend.

Miss A is a little short for some of the obstacles so she gets a 10 second lead and skips over the hard parts.

Friday afternoon, between storms, we headed to the community center and had fun playing ping pong, Foosball and obstacle course races on the playground with a friend of C's. We even made it to "Happy Hour" at our favorite place for refreshments.

Can anything be better than Sonic Slushies?

That evening the kids played Domino's for cold hard cash with Nana and Papa while I enjoyed a date with my hubby. Rumor has it Mr. C won every round, but Miss A thinks that is up for dispute.

Saturday, we did manage to have a few ballgames between a trip to the pool and hamburgers grilled to perfection on the deck.
Sunday was a little bit of a disappointment, however, as all of our "plans" were washed away in the inches of rain that fell all day long. We rectified the situation with a Pizza Picnic in the Family Room and a funny movie on the DVD. We've finally tried the new pizza place in the neighborhood and everyone gave it a thumbs up. The Spy Next Door received five thumbs up too!

Finally the girls decided to have a sleepover in Miss A's room this time complete with Miss A sleeping in her pink tent and Miss M sleeping in Miss A's bed.
Normally the girls sleep over in M's room, on trundle beds, this was a fun new way to sleep and Miss A was in heaven having the sleepover in her room!
Before I tucked them in and kissed them goodnight, Miss A smiled huge at me and said; "this is just like sleeping in nature, without the outdoors!" Yep, she's just like her mother.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ready for Kindergarten

Last month on my birthday, Miss A wrote out a song and sang it for me. It was so sweet. She's getting so brave lately talking and performing for others. The shy little girl is coming out of her shell a little. It's so fun to see her little personality shine.

We've been talking a lot about Kindergarten lately. How much fun it's going to be, new friends Miss A is going to make, and how she'll finally be going to the "big school." In almost all of the conversations, we talk in terms of next year. Next year, you'll be in Kindergarten. Next year when you are in kindergarten, you'll eat lunch at school.

Miss A asked me the other day why I keep saying; "next year she'll go to school. It will still be 2010 you know. That's not next year, that's this year. Right?"I love being corrected by a 5 year old!

Yesterday was Kindergarten Checkup Time at the Doctor. Miss A is a trooper when it comes to doctors. She doesn't get nervous or upset going, she just wants to know what all is going to be involved in the process. Shots? Blood? Hospitalization?

I think she was happy to know that she was up for only one shot and no blood would be drawn. Miss A is tall. In fact, she's in the 97% for girls her age. She's 48.5 inches tall. That's over four feet. In weight, she's in the 67% so shes set to be tall and skinny.

She was very brave when it came time for the shot. She sat on the table, held my hand, and just let out a little yelp. Then she smiled at me and said, "that wasn't too bad!" What a trooper. I think the fact that she left with a goody bag from the doctor helped too.

I told Miss A the only thing we still need to work on before Kindergarten is learning our phone number and address. We tried repeating it over and over again yesterday and putting it to a zippy little song. Her response, "why not just write it on a piece of paper and I'll put it in my pocket and another in my backpack. That will be lots easier. I can read numbers you know Mom!"

Guess my job is done. The question is can she wait for August to start. She's already thinking about her first day of school outfit and what kind of backpack will really work for Kindergarten. Decisions, Decisions.

Funny thing: At dinner last night, we were talking about the checkup and somehow in reading the sheet from the doctor I thought it said she'd achieved 38% of her growth...figuring that out would mean she'd be about 10 feet tall. Miss A got all excited thinking of herself as a giant. Everyone was laughing thinking about poor Miss A the giant. Miss M was shocked to hear however that her little sister might one day be "bigger and taller" than her. Guess that might make it hard to share clothes and shoes!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back Again Where He Belongs

Two years ago, a tornado destroyed much of the Little Sioux Scout Ranch that Mr. C was at last week. This is a Chapel they built on the site where the boys took shelter during the storm and four scouts were killed when the building collapsed. The wood for the walls comes from trees that fell during the storm. Mr. C said that the parents of the boys who died came to the site on Friday night (the 2nd Anniversary of the Tornado) to pay their respects.

Knowing that Mr. C was sleeping and living in that exact area two years later makes his homecoming even more bittersweet. Thrilled that my child was not there and heartbroken for those four mothers who so much wanted the homecoming we received!

Mr C is back where he belongs; Home Sweet Home.

We picked him up Saturday Morning from Boy Scout Leadership Camp a little lighter in pant size, but with a backpack that weighed probably ten-fifteen more pounds due to the "water content" alone.
It rained almost every night and Friday night's rain was one of the hardest of the week. Let's just say that picking him up at 9 am left little time for the sleeping bag, tent or clothing to dry. Carrying his pack up to the pickup spot, he looked exhausted and spent. It took everything not to run up to him and grab the pack off his back and help him, but it was all part of the process. Learning to do it himself and trusting that he had the ability, strength and determination to complete it strong!
In complete disclosure, it took both my husband and my dad to help carry the pack to the trunk of the car. It was that heavy. When we arrived home, we had about a quart of water that pooled where the pack had been.
Amazingly the tent, sleeping bag and gear all dried out without damage. His clothing and supplies were wet, but not ruined. Mr. C had done a great job of keeping the water from destroying his things. A few hours of drying on our lawn and driveway and the tent looked as good as new and the gear cleaned up perfect. Of course now that Miss A and Miss M know that we can set the tent up in the lawn, they are thinking of "camping" in the backyard this summer.
After a week of tons of rain, we were expecting the worse, but Mr. C proved himself a real Scout. He came home having learned a ton of new skills, gained confidence in himself as a leader and enjoyed the experience. He's even said he's willing to go to camp again even though this has never been his favorite part of Scouting. Next summer, he's thinking of signing up for a High Adventure Camp which before last week, he'd never even considered.
To celebrate Mr. C's return on Saturday Night, we had Root Beer Floats and watched the Toy Story I and II Marathon on TV. It doesn't seem all that long ago that Mr. C was running around the house with his Toy Buzz Lightyear yelling: "Too Infinity and Beyond!

Now he's learning not only how to survive in harsh weather, but to do it with style. We are so proud of him!!

A reference to Buzz Lightyear's Famous Phrase: "It's not flying, it's falling with style"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girls Week

We've had an exhausting week, but like the song says "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" so we've had lots of fun, too.

With Mr. C gone to camp and VBS every morning, the girls and I have tried to have a little bit of fun each afternoon/ evening.

There have been dress up contests.

Softball games and trips to the snack shack.

Afternoon Movies with popcorn and pop.

Pool time.
Homemade Pizza night including eating "picnic" style in the family room. (guess who requested this meal) Sweet and Sour Chicken Night including fortune cookies and rice. (guess who requested this dinner and the sister who wanted only white rice)

A trip to the new Ice Cream Shop in the neighborhood for Frozen Custard with gummy bears and m&m's. Yummy! Please don't tell Mr. C about this little jaunt, he thinks we are waiting for him to get home to break in it.

Lunch out at Mimi's Cafe with Nana and Papa to celebrate the end of VBS and of course to plan our summer fun. Can't wait for Mr. C to get back in town so we can really start our summer plans.

Last, but not least, one early morning session in mom and dad's bed due to some nasty weather outside. Between praying for Mr. C's safety at camp and finding room to fit on the bed, it was an interesting hour. Finally, M and A went to Miss A's bed to sleep together until "someone" got a little greedy with the covers and pushing their sister out of the room!!
Not too worry as two nights later they requested a sleepover in M's room and have been sharing space ever since!

It's fun to watch sisters playing together, but I think we are all ready for brother to come home!!

Empty Seat

The whole family tried the Final Backpack on ... Mr.C looks the best with it on his back.
There has been an empty seat in the car this week as we've driven to VBS and our errands about town. Mr. C who normally occupies the front passenger seat has been away at Boy Scout Leadership Training camp all week.
I'm really missing my buddy.

Mr. C in the official Class A uniform with the Pahuk Pride Hat, Windshirt, Water Bottle and Guide.

It's funny that the seat empty in the car has bothered me so much. It's only been in the last year that he's been tall enough and weighed enough "not" to deactivate the air bag system. He loves sitting in the front seat. Until this week, I didn't realize that I love it too.

C and all his gear for the week, walking away to join the group.

When Mr. C is not in the car, I use that seat as my credenza. It holds my purse, phone, notes, schedule, a book to read, etc. In essence, it's my office on wheels. I've often sighed deeply when Mr. C wants to sit there and my stuff is piled high. I've asked him why not just sit in the middle row with Miss A. We have a mini van so it's not like we are out of seats.
But, I'm realizing what a special time that is when Mr. C in the navigator's seat. We talk. He talks. We laugh. I learn a lot about what is going on in his life and head. To have that open communication with a 13 year old boy I realize is precious. It's a treasure.
Sure I'm giving up "my space", I loose my office on wheels and the flexibility to have everything I need at arms reach. The payoff however is so much greater.
As a mother, I often need to sacrifice "me" and my comforts for the greater good. Too often, I grumble in my heart about having to give up so much for my children. I resent that I have to be the one to do all the work or give up my plans to accommodate their needs and schedules.
Having an empty seat in the van this week has given me a new perspective on those sacrifices. I've seen that by giving up just a little of my self and moving "my things" around to accommodate others allows me great blessings. Blessings like having a son who brings much joy and happiness to our lives. In whom we have great hope and in great pride for who he is on the inside and out.
Just remind me of that on Saturday when he brings home a load full of dirty smelly and "wet" clothes and I spend hours with the washing machine on "Sanitary" Cycle! I might need another reminder next week when my pile on the passenger seat is stacked and I pick Mr. C up from the golf course and he pushes those things aside to sit there and tell me all about his game.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dance Recitals and Decisions

Miss M in her Dance Recital T Shirt all ready for the Friday evening Performance- Dance Bag

Miss M's Dance Recital over the weekend was beautiful. She had a smile on her face the entire time and performed with grace and talent. It was joy to go to a Dance Recital and not feel like covering your eyes in embarrassment or shaking your head in confusion over why small girls had to be dressed in such skimpy costumes or dance in suggestive ways.

This picture is a little blurry, but it's from the dress rehearsal of the Finale and it was so dark in the auditorium. That's my only complaint of the whole of event; I brought knitting to do at the Dress Rehearsal and it was too dark to do it.

There was none of that at this Recital. It was all graceful dancing that showed off the dancer's talent with fun, challenging, and creative ballet/tap/jazz moves. One of the dance teachers makes/creates all of the costumes and not only were they adorable but, each costume captured the theme of the dance and music. Miss M's costumes were fun, colorful and "covered" what needed to be covered.

Miss M and Miss A backstage. Miss A did not seem to miss all the hubbub of a Dance Recital now that she has retired from Dancing. She was a great sport though and watched every dance at rehearsal and the real thing. What a great sister.

Plus, we now have cute leotards to wear for dance this summer and fall plus she also scored a Justice Jean Skirt and Justice White Jean Jacket that she can also wear this fall. Bonus!

Isn't this the cutest little costume. M wore a cute black leotard under the jacket and tan tights. It was perfect for their dance to "Respect."

I think my husband enjoyed not only watching M in her element, but the fact that the entire recital was about two hours. That's almost 1/2 as long as last year!!
Watching Miss M dance and get up on stage, you can almost feel her excitement. Dancing really is her "thing." She's graceful, a beautiful presence on stage, and she looks likes she is loving every minute of the experience.
Now, we just wait to see what Miss M decides about the future. She's contemplating returning to competitive dancing. The idea of twice a week dancing at the studio and more "recital" and "competitions" gets her excited. However, this is also the fall that Miss M moves up to the Middle School and all its opportunities there for after school events, new friends and more homework. It would also mean the end of Softball. She can't do it all and that is one of the many things that would have "go" if more dance was in the picture.

Flowers and Dance Recitals just go together. Yeah Dad for picking this cute little Purple Bouquet up for the Dancer. She still looked radiant after all the dancing. Good Thing Nana and Papa invited us over for Chocolate Pie to celebrate. You'd hate to waste this pretty smile.
Decisions. Never fun or easy. It's hard not to just tell Miss M what to do or which way to go, but we know that in the end she has all the tools to make the decision, and she needs to learn to make these tough choices. Choices hurt sometimes, but learning to make them and live with them are all a part of growing up.
Dance it's a part of the fabric of Miss M's life and I'm anxious to see what the next piece of the fabric looks like.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wearing Braids

Miss A wanted to get her hair trimmed this week. It was getting a little long and she was constantly pushing it out of her face. Needless to say, it was driving both her mother and father crazy.

When she finished up in the Stylist Chair, she had a cute bob and it was all done up in French Braids. I felt like I was looking at a picture of her Nana as a little girl with Braids. Too cute for words.

I wish I knew how to French Braid. I think one of my summer projects will be to figure braiding out.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer We Love Ya

Miss A wearing her "summer outfit" on the first day of summer break. She'd been waiting for months to wear this little tank top and shorts Bestemor made her.

It's summer. Yippee. I can already feel my mind and body getting into that summer time mode. Staying up late watching movies, the shower running at all hours around the house, and of course, lazy days meant for the lake and the pool.

Miss A and Miss M making their first s'mores of the summer season at the Lake's Fire pit. Yummo!

Now that we have our "farmland aka garden plot" all ready for producing a harvest of summer veggies, I've even seen our fridge and pantry take on a different look. More fresh fruits and grilling meats and less pastas and casseroles.

This is the "Scarecrow in the Community Garden. She took a beating in the latest storm, but our crops are growing nice.

I'm loving it.

Boat Ride to the Marina for "Snacks and Treats" The sunshine was blinding and the wind was blowing our hair like crazy. Just like we like it!

We enjoyed a great Memorial Day at the Lake with boat rides, smores, ribs on the grill, and sleeping in late. Yes, Sleeping in until 8:15 is so late for this family that I treasure it. As Miss M, who is our normal early bird, pointed out for some reason you just sleep better at the Lake. Great dreams and no alarm clocks.

All set up with their poles and ready to catch some fish. Mr C even had some new bait he was trying and Mom bravely went and got a package of "real worms" too.

The best comment of the whole weekend belongs to Miss M. She and her brother got up early on Sunday Morning and they were going to fish together. After about fifteen minutes, she was back at the house and told Papa that fishing just isn't for her. "Fishing takes sitting still and being quiet. I am not good at either of those. I like to talk and move."

Dad even caught a "BIG ONE" fishing with Mr. C. Miss A was thrilled to know it's catch and release and we weren't having "that" for dinner.

Dad catches the big one! Let's just say when M showed me with her arms how big the catch was, I was afraid it would eat my children alive. Glad to know that all "fishing" stories get exaggerated.

To celebrate the beginning of summer we had a fun dinner Monday night. Ice Cream for dinner. Miss A quickly asked if that was "even allowed." She of course had nuggets and fries as she likes to stick to the rules.

Our Ice Cream Dinner. Too bad the Summer Umbrella cut off Miss A's chicken nugget meal in this picture. You are just gonna have to trust me.

Finally, we are busy getting Mr. C ready for Boy Scout Camp next week. He's roughing it a little this year and has to carry all his gear 1/4 of a mile into the camp on his back and then set up his own tent. Pray with us that it will NOT STORM!

I hope this boy/gear doesn't topple over on the hike to "camp." Sadly, he won't be wearing casual clothes like this at camp. It's all official Boy Scout Wear next week. Boy is his Class A uniform shirt gonna stink! Good thing he's got some extra Scout t-shirts to wear

Summer I think we are gonna love you this year!!