Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ready for Kindergarten

Last month on my birthday, Miss A wrote out a song and sang it for me. It was so sweet. She's getting so brave lately talking and performing for others. The shy little girl is coming out of her shell a little. It's so fun to see her little personality shine.

We've been talking a lot about Kindergarten lately. How much fun it's going to be, new friends Miss A is going to make, and how she'll finally be going to the "big school." In almost all of the conversations, we talk in terms of next year. Next year, you'll be in Kindergarten. Next year when you are in kindergarten, you'll eat lunch at school.

Miss A asked me the other day why I keep saying; "next year she'll go to school. It will still be 2010 you know. That's not next year, that's this year. Right?"I love being corrected by a 5 year old!

Yesterday was Kindergarten Checkup Time at the Doctor. Miss A is a trooper when it comes to doctors. She doesn't get nervous or upset going, she just wants to know what all is going to be involved in the process. Shots? Blood? Hospitalization?

I think she was happy to know that she was up for only one shot and no blood would be drawn. Miss A is tall. In fact, she's in the 97% for girls her age. She's 48.5 inches tall. That's over four feet. In weight, she's in the 67% so shes set to be tall and skinny.

She was very brave when it came time for the shot. She sat on the table, held my hand, and just let out a little yelp. Then she smiled at me and said, "that wasn't too bad!" What a trooper. I think the fact that she left with a goody bag from the doctor helped too.

I told Miss A the only thing we still need to work on before Kindergarten is learning our phone number and address. We tried repeating it over and over again yesterday and putting it to a zippy little song. Her response, "why not just write it on a piece of paper and I'll put it in my pocket and another in my backpack. That will be lots easier. I can read numbers you know Mom!"

Guess my job is done. The question is can she wait for August to start. She's already thinking about her first day of school outfit and what kind of backpack will really work for Kindergarten. Decisions, Decisions.

Funny thing: At dinner last night, we were talking about the checkup and somehow in reading the sheet from the doctor I thought it said she'd achieved 38% of her growth...figuring that out would mean she'd be about 10 feet tall. Miss A got all excited thinking of herself as a giant. Everyone was laughing thinking about poor Miss A the giant. Miss M was shocked to hear however that her little sister might one day be "bigger and taller" than her. Guess that might make it hard to share clothes and shoes!!

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