Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seasons End Well

Dad and Mr. C at a game on Saturday. It was super hot and Dad watched to make sure "blue" stayed cool and had plenty to drink.

Some people mark the seasons by the weather and calendar, but around these parts we also mark them by the sports.

Thanks to some friends for getting this great picture of Mr. C in action behind the plate.
This week marks the end of Baseball/Softball Season. You might have heard me yelp a little last night when Miss M's team lost a nail bitter to the "mean girls on the block" or at least that's what I call them. We were robbed of a victory and a chance to comeback in the loser's bracket for a shot at the championship.

Go Reds! Acting Crazy on the field before a game. What a fun group of girls.

However, the loss was also a victory in that we get our evenings back. Hooray!
Mr. C's baseball season ended on Thursday night and as a special treat his Bestemor and Bestefar were in town and got to see the game. While they lost, Mr. C had some good at bats and the temperature for the first time in over a week was tolerable. We missed out on Norwegian Meatballs as result of a dinnertime game, but can't wait to dig in this week to the frozen bag they left behind.

Mr C has been playing baseball since Kindergarten and this was the first year he got to be Cub his favorite professional team. Go Cubbies!
C still has a few more umpire jobs to do this week so it's not officially the end of Baseball Season, but I'm counting down the days.

To mark the "end" of the Season here are a few things that will be changing around the Faithful Household.

1. No more snack shack trips. Don't tell Miss A, she'll be disappointed, she loves her some snack shack trips.

2. No more Gatorade and Water Bottles sitting in door of the fridge to get a little chill before game time.

3. No more late night wash loads to get the uniforms cleaned before a game.

4. No more dinners of sandwiches at 4 p.m. for ballplayers and at the game for parents and fans.

5. A full fridge again. I'd given up buying fresh meat and veggies that would rot in our fridge while we were at a game eating #4.

6. Cleats will no longer fill up our garage and hats and gloves will not be found under seats in my car.

7. Dad will no longer will taking clothes to work to change for the game in order not to coach M's team wearing a suit.

8. No more watching Mr. C behind the plate calling strikes and balls. He's really enjoyed umpiring and the teams and coaches have been very complimentary to him. That's why he's umping a few Championship Games this week!

9. Empty Calendar. Plenty of Free time for the Lake, Pool, Movies and Summer Fun just in time for the 4th of July.

Here are a few of the things we'll miss however...

1. Seeing friends at the ballpark and hanging out on lawn chairs watching our kids have fun.

2. Watching the joy on Mr. C's and Miss M's faces when they have a great "at bat" or make a great catch on the field.

3. Watching Dad coach Miss M's team and cheering them on in victory or defeat. He's a great softball coach and the girls love the team.

4. Knowing that these "seasons" at the ballpark are slowly coming to an end. Mr. C won't play forever and Miss M, while committed for one more year, isn't going to continue her softball career much longer either. Miss A of course likes the green grass of a soccer field much more than the dirt of a ball field.

I'm happy to see a new "season" around these parts, but this has been a great one! I think from now until school starts we'll just call it Happy Season.

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