Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun in the Sun: At least When It's Not Raining

Miss A is already good at "building" with Keva Blocks, I'm sure Ark Building is in her future

We've talked about building an Family Ark this week. It's rained that much over the past few days and weeks that we are starting to look for Gopher Wood Sales. Not sure we are being called by God to do this, but the weatherman sure is making us think it's a good idea.
Needless to say, we never have any set plans of late. Every plan we have gets called off, delayed, or ruined by rain. Today, according to my children, we never get to do anything fun!!

Over the past few days here are a few of the planned "Fun Things" that did not happen.
  • Boys at the College World Series Game on Father's Day: Rain Delayed till today/No Go for Boys
  • Girls at the Children's Museum while the boys are at the game: Delayed due to no game. Closed on Mondays.
  • Ballgames, Swim Parties, Pool Time and Golf Tee Times all cancelled due to storms, threat of storms, and that dastardly lighting that ruins all water activities and those involving metal bats and clubs.

Rightfully we are feed up with this summer's weather. Wasn't the snow this winter enough moisture? Seriously, we need a few days of sunshine to get back into our garden and pull the weeds and check the growth of our produce.

Great Playground, tons of ropes, swinging objects and fun.

All has not been lost however. We have managed to have some "fun" this past weekend.

Miss A is a little short for some of the obstacles so she gets a 10 second lead and skips over the hard parts.

Friday afternoon, between storms, we headed to the community center and had fun playing ping pong, Foosball and obstacle course races on the playground with a friend of C's. We even made it to "Happy Hour" at our favorite place for refreshments.

Can anything be better than Sonic Slushies?

That evening the kids played Domino's for cold hard cash with Nana and Papa while I enjoyed a date with my hubby. Rumor has it Mr. C won every round, but Miss A thinks that is up for dispute.

Saturday, we did manage to have a few ballgames between a trip to the pool and hamburgers grilled to perfection on the deck.
Sunday was a little bit of a disappointment, however, as all of our "plans" were washed away in the inches of rain that fell all day long. We rectified the situation with a Pizza Picnic in the Family Room and a funny movie on the DVD. We've finally tried the new pizza place in the neighborhood and everyone gave it a thumbs up. The Spy Next Door received five thumbs up too!

Finally the girls decided to have a sleepover in Miss A's room this time complete with Miss A sleeping in her pink tent and Miss M sleeping in Miss A's bed.
Normally the girls sleep over in M's room, on trundle beds, this was a fun new way to sleep and Miss A was in heaven having the sleepover in her room!
Before I tucked them in and kissed them goodnight, Miss A smiled huge at me and said; "this is just like sleeping in nature, without the outdoors!" Yep, she's just like her mother.

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