Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swim Lessons: She's a Fish

Miss A has been swimming since she was really little,; but until this year she's never taken "official" swim lessons. Between the lake and the pool, she's been in the water hundreds of times and she has no fear of the water. She just really doesn't know how to swim.

Both Mr. C and Miss M took swimming lessons starting at age 2, but with Miss A's ears and all her surgeries, she has not been able to really "get" in the water until this summer. Last summer, she had a "hole" in her ear that we were waiting to get repaired. The previouis summer, we were waiting to see if the ear hole was growing or repairing itself so the ear doctor recommended no long periods under the water. Finally, two summers ago she had her "big surgery" tonsils, adenoids and two ear repairs. Thus again, no real swimming or lessons.

Until this week. Poor girl has been anxious and excited for lessons all summer and Monday morning when the big storm came through right at lessons times, she was disappointed. Tuesday morning we drove through to the pool with suit and goggles on because we had hopes that the storm was almost over. No such luck. Tuesday afternoon, Miss A said maybe we should have taken inside lessons!

Finally, Wednesday morning at 10:15, we headed to the pool with the sun shinning, cute swimsuit and towel all ready, and the lessons began. She was among the older children in Level One swimming, but that worked to her advantage. The teachers used her as the "first" to try out the activity. The first to front float, back float, blow bubbles, and play Motorboat Motorboat.

She's loving it. The swim teachers are adorable teen age girls who love her. She runs up to them right away and they call her by name with big smiles on their faces and hers. Miss A is swimming. She's putting her whole face in the water, kicking, and using her arms.
It's been so fun to watch the little fish in the water. Just in time for 4th of July at the Lake, she's going to be making big splashes and swimming to beat the band. She's confident and thrilled with her new found skills.

It might have taken a lot to get this point in Miss A's swimming, but the journey has been worth watching this little swimmer take off in the water.

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