Thursday, June 10, 2010

Girls Week

We've had an exhausting week, but like the song says "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" so we've had lots of fun, too.

With Mr. C gone to camp and VBS every morning, the girls and I have tried to have a little bit of fun each afternoon/ evening.

There have been dress up contests.

Softball games and trips to the snack shack.

Afternoon Movies with popcorn and pop.

Pool time.
Homemade Pizza night including eating "picnic" style in the family room. (guess who requested this meal) Sweet and Sour Chicken Night including fortune cookies and rice. (guess who requested this dinner and the sister who wanted only white rice)

A trip to the new Ice Cream Shop in the neighborhood for Frozen Custard with gummy bears and m&m's. Yummy! Please don't tell Mr. C about this little jaunt, he thinks we are waiting for him to get home to break in it.

Lunch out at Mimi's Cafe with Nana and Papa to celebrate the end of VBS and of course to plan our summer fun. Can't wait for Mr. C to get back in town so we can really start our summer plans.

Last, but not least, one early morning session in mom and dad's bed due to some nasty weather outside. Between praying for Mr. C's safety at camp and finding room to fit on the bed, it was an interesting hour. Finally, M and A went to Miss A's bed to sleep together until "someone" got a little greedy with the covers and pushing their sister out of the room!!
Not too worry as two nights later they requested a sleepover in M's room and have been sharing space ever since!

It's fun to watch sisters playing together, but I think we are all ready for brother to come home!!

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