Thursday, April 29, 2010

Funny Things I've Heard This Week

It's been a while since I've kept you all up with the funny things that have been said and done around these parts, but trust me the laughs keep happening.

For example.....

Miss M came to me yesterday with a very serious look on her face and told me she had a question about the wedding we are going to this weekend; "How will I know which one is our second cousin, the bride?"

I told her not to fear as the bride normally wears a white dress so she's the easiest one to spot. It gets more confusing with the groom as all men look alike in Tuxes.

She was so relieved.

Miss A and I were talking in the car the other day about school next year and whether she's going to miss me being gone all day. Obviously not concerned about hurting my feelings, she said that I "was rather boring so she's not going to miss me much." Plus, she said, "I'll see you at night and on the weekends." Now, she's really going to miss shopping with mom, lunch out with Nana, and pajama days, but "mom" are you kidding.

Mr C has been invited to join the Order of the Arrow for Boy Scouts. Last Saturday night, they had a small ceremony at a Camp nearby and C was scheduled to attend with his troop. Granted, it had been a long day and C was tired, but when I asked him to please go change into his Class A Uniform he refused. He said that it wasn't necessary and he really did not want to go. I told him it was not negotiable. He asked if there would be snacks.

Seriously, is that the only reason my children go to any event?

I told him no, go change. We then texted my husband who was out of town to ask if Mr. C did indeed need to wear Class A uniform. He texted back yes! C then proceeded to put on just the shirt.

I texted "doesn't he need to wear khaki pants or shorts with the class A top?" Quick response from Dad, "Yes"

Let's just say it was a long evening getting ready. But I'm proud to say the boy left my house in khaki pants and a Class A uniform!

When C returned later that evening, I asked about the event and what he thought of the ceremony. His response, "What a waste of an evening, there weren't any snacks at all."

Maybe next time, I will share the actual text "conversation" between my husband and son.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being A Great Sport Is Much More Than Talent on the Field

As a society, we no longer esteem the "good sport." You know, the guy who plays on the team, cheers on his fellowman and has a passion for the game which might exceed his talent, but certainly brings the team great value. Instead, we've become a society that wants everyone to be a superstar, the lead pitcher, the number one goal maker, or the prima ballerina. It's no longer enough to just be good and love the sport. You need to excel.

A few years ago, I took my son to an baseball complex for batting practice. He needed a little time behind the plate to overcome his fear of the ball. He loved playing baseball, but was not the top hitter or best pitcher on the team. However, he had the mental part of the game down pat as he knew how to read the pitcher, where the play should be, etc. Maybe, that is what makes him a pretty decent umpire.

In talking to another parent waiting for his son, I commented that we needed to leave soon as Mr C had a soccer game to get to that night. He commented that in second grade it was probably time for him to "specialize" in a sport. Not thinking I had heard him right, I asked for explanation. "You know, he needs to pick his sport. Is he going to play soccer or baseball when he grows up?"

Guess I was thinking that at 8 years old he still had a few good years ahead of him to decide where his interest and talents lay. However, if we were looking for a star athlete, Mr. C was already behind the curve ball (no pun intended). He hadn't played fall baseball that year, but only Spring. He wasn't competing in an indoor league through the winter and he didn't take conditioning classes all year to improve his stance, his glove work, and perfect his swing.

Since that day, Mr C has tried his hand at basketball, golf and continues to play baseball. He dropped soccer years ago due to the conflict with baseball, but more importantly because it involved too much running. Today, C still plays baseball, loves to play golf and is trying his hand at Track and Field. He didn't "specialize" and did not go select in anything. He really like trying it all out to see what works. He's not the best on the team, but he cheers them on to victory. He helps his friends with their putting. He's thrilled to be in the dugout and on the field.

Track and Field has been a whole new adventure. He's not the fastest on the track nor has he mastered clearing the high jump bar with his feet, but he hasn't given up. He's gone to practice every day and given it his best. He stayed with it even when it appeared he wasn't going to qualify for any event at the meet. He's showed determination, commitment, and tenacity in the face of better athletes, faster runners, and better jumpers and he has stuck it out because he wanted to give it his best.

I held back wanting to call the coach and beg for him to be allowed to compete in something, anything at at least one track meet this year. I'm so glad I did because Mr. C got in on his own. The coach selected him to compete last week in the high jump and the "fat man relay" as he affectionately called it. The relay is for those who compete in non-running events such as the shot putters and discus throwers. They race a 4 by 400 meter race, once around the track with each runner taking 100 meters. Mr. C is in no stretch a "fat man," but because he's not running in hurdles or splints and is competing in just the high jump he qualifies.

His relay team came in second place last week. Second place behind a team of 8th graders that were bigger and faster. C was thrilled. He gave it his best and was thrilled with the results. Tomorrow, they are running again at another Track Meet, his second, more than I ever dreamed of for him. I'm so glad we didn't force C to specialize and pick his favorite sport and leave all dreams behind.

My son will never be the fastest runner on the track and he'll never make the A Team in High School sports, but I know the lessons he's learning by being on the team will serve him well the rest of his life. He doesn't need to excel on the sports field, he's excelling in life. He's learning, perseverance, determination, courage, strength and teamwork.

He's a great sport. He loves the "game" and gives it all he has every time. That's all I've ever wanted from him on the field and off.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Preparing for the Storm: Taking it Serious

I'm a planner by nature. In fact, as a child, I usually planned my next year's birthday party shortly after the conclusion of the current one. Guess I might be a birthday girl, but I love to plan ahead.

Living in the Midwest you get accustomed to preparing for storms. With the potential for large amounts of snow, winter storms require planning so that you have plenty of food, milk ,and of course, Reddi Whip ready for hot cocoa emergencies. Spring Storms mean you need to have a tornado basket ready with flashlights, batteries for a radio, and blankets for protection and comfort.

Having survived a tornado as a child, I don't really mess around with Watches, Warnings or Weather Threats. I've seen close up what a tornado can do. It destroyed my house while my mother and I were at a Girl Scout Meeting at the Elementary School a few blocks from our house and my father and brother were huddled up under a chair in our basement.

I was a 2nd Grade Brownie Girl Scout and my mother was the Leader. It was right after school on a clear May afternoon. There was no time to think about what to do. My father, in an attempt to come to the school to bring us home, had seen our neighbors roof fly off their house and he quickly decided to stay home.

My mother, the ever prepared GS Leader, happened to have a flashlight in her purse and huddled all of us girls in the school hallway between two huge steel doors. I don't remember being scared or nervous; just confident she could handle it. After the storm, the Principal took my mother outside to survey the damage. The neighborhood was destroyed. Many homes were leveled. Amazingly, all the parents arrived to pick up their girls that day. No one had been harmed.

Once everyone had gone "home," my mom and I walked the few blocks to our house. Everywhere, there were houses with roofs gone, windows gone, and debris littered the streets (thus why we walked). We had no idea what we would discover once we got home. My mother prayed that we'd find our house OK, but most of all she prayed that my brother and dad had been spared harm and that we'd find them alive and well. I remember being scared.

When we finally saw our house ahead and my dad and brother standing in our driveway, I'm sure my mother and I both cried. God had protected them and, while our house was "destroyed," our family was intact. Really that was all that mattered.

Since that day in 1975, I've taken Storms seriously. I heed the warnings and take precautions when there is the potential of a storm. I've seen what it can do and, while I'm not afraid, I believe in being prepared. I've been known to grab sleeping babies out of their cribs when the sirens go off. I've told baseball umpires to call games when I've seen dark clouds, strong winds, and lightening nearby. Lastly, I'm training my children to listen for sirens and head downstairs right away. I know the lessons have been heard when last summer, when I was at the store, the sirens went off and Mr C. gathered his sisters and went to the basement,

Last night, we were prepared for the worst. We had our shoes ready at the basement door. I had my purse and my keys to the car sitting there with the camera as I had pictures I'd yet to download. The batteries were in place and we had Mr C's trusty Camp Lantern all ready. The kids had even picked up the basement. It was waiting for us in case we needed it.

Thankfully, it was just a false alarm. The storm passed us by to the North and we didn't even get any rain. I was thankful. Thankful that we were prepared and that we didn't need to put our storm plan into action.

However this morning when I realized that the "no storm" meant no rain outs for our concert, softball, baseball, and soccer games I might have felt a little unprepared to leave. All things considered, I'll take a calm night weather wise even if it means a jammed packed morning.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Sport Season AKA Laundry Season

Spring Sports are in Italicfull swing at our house. Which means that, in addition to watching various "games," we are also keeping the shower and washing machine busy. Added to the mix of practices and games is the fact that our springtime allergies are in full gear so there as also a lot of nose blowing, coughing and watery eyes in the mix.

Mr C, in addition to adding the Track Team to his plate, has taken on umpiring baseball games for our league. His first "game" was Saturday morning and the Umpire Commissionor was thrilled with his decision making and quick learning. He told C that he was very "teachable" and loved how his strike zone and play calling improved from the first to third inning. He's going to be a great umpire and is loving the fact that he can earn a little bit of extra cash, too.

My husband went to watch the C's first game behind the plate and commented how weird it is to cheer for the umpire.

C is again playing baseball and loving it. He's not a super star or hitting machine, but his decision making at second, his attitude and team spirit is contagious. He's the kind of kid you want in your dugout. He loves the sport, cheers and encourages his fellow ball players, and takes all the coaches advice to make himself better.

Miss M is playing softball and, after their first game yesterday, her coach "father" commented that he thinks he had as much fun coaching as the girls did playing. It was a great first game, and M who had the lead off batting position got right into the swing of things. We're blessed that our "team" has been together since 1st grade for the most part and the new girls who have joined have just fit in so well. Rumor has it she's pitching the next game! That might cause the mother to have a little stress, but Miss M's nerves will be steady.

Miss A has no interest in joining the crew on the ball field however she loves the "Snack Shack" and was thrilled that finally after a long winter off from ball game,s we are able to once again get Pretzels with salt, Ring Pops and Bazooka Gum. For her, it's all about the snacks and the siblings she gets to play with while "watching" the game. I have noticed, however, that after every game she asks the same question; "So, did our team win?"

Maybe she's not paying as much attention as I thought.

Miss A's real love, however, is soccer. She's thrilled that once again she's playing and scoring goals. I've even had the opportunity to "Coach" the past three games as the real coach has been out of town. I'm only suppose to be the Team Manager meaning the Snack Guru, but it's been fun to cheer on the girls and see them running and kicking and scoring goals.

Thankfully, I've remembered to assign "snack duty" to various families as it's not really a soccer game if there are no snacks at the end. Miss A might be willing to count up her "goals" and comment on how great she passed the ball to her friends, but I'm certain she would never forgive me if we didn't have snacks too!

Watching all the various games from the sidelines and cheering them on to victory is one of my favorite spring time rituals. The laundry and dirt that comes along for the ride is a small price to pay for the memories. At least, that's what I keep telling myself as I throw another load in the washer and clean up the kid's bathroom one more time.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Knitting Lesson Take Two

I had the privilege of having a one hour private lesson at one of my most favorite knitting shops last week. It was my second time having one and I can honesty say this is such a great way to "learn" more about knitting. While I know a little about knitting, just enough to do some things, I am still at the beginning of the knitting learning curve.
My hope was that by sitting down with a knitting "expert," I could go through all my questions, have her show me a little about patterns and yarns, and teach me a few new stitches. No stress about keeping up with others in a class or trying out a new project to learn a technique. This was just a casual sit down with the teacher and me. Whatever I wanted to learn I could.
It was a such a fun time. The teacher was a hip vibrant 60 year old who had lost her husband 20 years ago and decided to dedicate her life to learning "new things" and teaching others along the way. She was so kind and calm with me, answering my questions, and watching me knit as I tried new things.
She had such a fabulous way about her and made me feel very comfortable even when it took a little longer than it should have on a few things. What I loved most was when I explained to her that somehow I have learned two different ways of knitting. I knit Continental style, which is how my mother-in-law taught me and I purl English style which is how they showed me one day at the knitting shop.
We spent maybe 15 minutes trying to "reteach" me how to purl Continental style to no avail. Finally, realizing that my muscles have memorized the other way. I'm quicker, more consistent on tension, and have a greater ease when I switch it up to purl English style then trying to do Continental. We both decided, why bother trying to throw out my technique when it's working. I don't have the time or patience to relearn and it's not necessary.
What I did learn new is fun. It will allow me to finally make a felted purse and read the pattern without fear. I can knit two together, I can increase and decrease, and I can begin to knit on double pointed needles. All things that before last week, I had no concept and, now after a week of "practicing," I feel confident and ready to tackle in a bigger project.
It was fun to try new things and continue the knowledge that my mother-in-law taught me two summers ago. It inspired me to maybe tackle a few "new things" that I've been toying with in my head.
Next on my list: I might take up sewing again. I'm on the lookout for the book Bend the Rules Sewing. I've seen on other blogs that tried this book and taught themselves to sew. I learned as a teenager and then took it up again when my oldest was a baby, but have since set it aside for "other things" like parenting, scrapbooking, knitting etc.
With Miss A in school next year, maybe I'll have the time to reinvest in sewing. I can already dream up new throw pillows and fun little decorating ideas for our home.
Who knows what "other" new things I might try!

Monday, April 12, 2010

He's Smart, Sharp and Ready for Snacks

Mr C is a wonderful son, amazing student, and all around great kid. All things academic come easy for him. He is after all the all the kid who loves math tournaments.

A few months ago he took the ACT exam as a 7rh grader. It was part of a program to encourage young "minds" to take the ACT or SAT exam and then see how they did in comparison to other thinkers around the country. C studied a little bit and took a few practice tests, but realized in the end that there was going to be a lot of material on the exam that was over his head. Especially in the math and science areas.
He might be in advanced math, but he still has never done geometry, trigonometry, etc. So, we were not expecting him to score a perfect 36 on the test. It was a practice for the future, a way to get familiar with the ACT way of testing before it really mattered.
He did great. In fact, according to the test book, he's eligible for community college and some state colleges if his grades are high enough. We're thinking that 8th Grade is a much better option for the fall.
Last week, Mr C was inducted in the Junior National Honor Society. It is a great honor. The program was fitting for such an honor and C looked all distinguished going up to accept his certificate. Scambling to get a babysitter who could also go to Miss A's soccer game and drive the girls home was a challenge, but a great friend came to rescue. The event was something I just didn't want to miss or hear second hand from my husband. I wanted to be there to cheer him on.

C's favorite part of the entire experience and the part he'd talked about for weeks leading up the ceremony was (ready for it) the Snacks. That's right. The Invitation to the NJHS Ceremony indicated that "light refreshments" would be served following the ceremony. At the practice for the event, he brought home the diagram of the room and had highlighted where the refreshments would be.

Once the official part of the program was over and they dismissed the inductees, Mr C was 3rd in line to get his "refreshments" even before I'd had a chance to grab his photo or give him a hug. Guess that the fancy cheese and vegetable tray had been calling his name. It's nice to know that C likes to finish in the "top % of everything" including snack eating. He is even talking about being an officer in Jr National Honor Society, but I am guessing that the snacks might have something to do with it.
I'm certain God has big things in store for this young man. Much bigger than I could ever imagine I'm sure. Getting to see little glimpses of what the rest of his circle of peers, teachers, and leaders think of him is a big blessing even if he is more concerned about getting back in the refreshment line to get some Ice Tea and Lemonade and make his own Arnold Palmer.

Gotta love the kid!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bowling and Being in the Moment

I'll admit it. I am a terrible bowler. In fact, my score looks more like something you'd hoop and holler for on the golf course, but would cause your average person to cry if it was a bowling score.

Yep, that bad.

I pick up the oh so heavy bowling ball, lift up my back leg and drop the ball in the middle of the lane, yet somehow, within seconds, it's in the gutter. Almost every time. When the ball does miraculously make it down the entire lane, it hits maybe 2 or 3 pins total. Let's just say strike and spare are not in my vocabulary. Gutter Ball, however, is.
Believe me, I asked for the gutter guards, but my 13 year old niece laughed at me. After the last frame, I think she understood that I did really need that extra help. Yes, I know they are designed for small children, but I'm not above asking.

On Thursday afternoon, two five year olds, my niece and sister in law whooped up on me . However, I'm not bitter or anything. Miss A had a fabulous time. She loved it. Best day of Spring Break Hands Down! Bowling, Best Friend, Fabulous Cousin plus French Fries. You can't go bowling without some sort of greasy snack.
Watching two five year old's have so much fun bowling, giggling and hanging out with a "cool older cousin" is priceless. Witnessing their "secret handshake-hand jive" was hilarious. Air kisses and silly song included.

The game room afterwards was just icing on the cake. Even if Miss A and Miss T were given a very bumpy ride. That was of course the point.

Bowling taught me a fabulous lesson and is one that every mother should remember. It's not about how good I bowl or how cute I look throwing the ball down the lane or even how willing I am to shell out money for games and snacks, it's all about enjoying the moment and really being in the moment with my sweet little friends.
Miss A and her friend giggled all the way home about beating up on me during the bowling. How fun it is to win. Even better when you beat an adult and your mother at that! They laughed about the fact that "mom" came in last place behind Cousin N and Aunt J and both of them. Last place. How silly of mom.
You know the humiliation was worth it all. It was a fun memory. The day will come when Mom is no longer invited to come and bowl, I'll just be used for the ride to the bowling alley and for the money to pay. I'm going to enjoy all these fleeting moments right now.
You know, if I just say the name of the Bowling Alley and not include the word "bowling," you might think my 34 was a great score for 9 holes at a new course in town! Keep on thinking that please.
Next outing is going to involve a small little white balls with dimples instead of a big black ball with holes for fingers. I'm thinking I can crush Miss A and Miss T on the course.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break Take Two and Miss A's Take On Her Future

Miss A has been enjoying her Spring Break so far. She's hung out in Jammies each morning to the latest possible moment. In fact on Monday, my husband asked if she would dressed by the time he got home from work. Really! Of course, she wanted to take a bath with her new "Easter Froggy Bath Toys" and play at the park before picking up Miss M. She has priorities people.

We have already accomplished a few things on her Spring Break Check List.
  • Went shopping at the Mall with her cousin on Good Friday. Of course, the trip also included lunch at Burger King, but it was the shopping at the Mall that was a must do.
  • Played lots and lots of time in her room with American Girl Dolls, Barbies and the like. She's tried each day after school to get her sister involved in the fun, too.
  • We've cleaned her room as well and, yes, she was in her Jammies as I promised she could be. OK, maybe this wasn't on Miss A's list to do, but the Jammie part was all her idea.
  • Had lunch out and went to the library. In fact, we hit the Library twice and once even included Story Time.
  • Started her gymnastics class at the Community Center. She was so excited for this new adventure. In fact, she even has a potential husband in the class.

No kidding. One little boy ran up to his mother in the middle of tumbling and told her that he is going to "marry that girl in the pink leotard." When asked if he knew her name, he said "not yet, but I plan to once she grows up a little and puts her glasses and flip flops back on."

Lets just say he's a little too young for her, but it's nice to have a proposal in our back pocket before Kindergarten.

  • Finally, today, we are going Bowling with a friend and our cousin and her friend. Yes, you must say it in this precise order as this is how Miss A keeps saying it over and over again.

"On Thursday I'm going Bowling with T and Miss N and Miss N's Friend, It's Going to Be Great." Thursday is the day after Wednesday and the day before Friday. At least that's what she keeps telling me over and over again.

Just in case you don't think Miss A is a planner, here are Miss A's plans for her future.

  • At 12: Play Soccer for the Jr High School;
  • At 13: Get a Cell Phone;
  • At 14: Play in the band-or form her own band like Francesca Battistelli
  • At 15: Become a Cheerleader.
  • At 16 DRIVE A CAR. (in caps because that's how she speaks.)
  • At 18: Go to College and Play Volleyball for the University.
  • At 22: Become a Nurse at Children's Hospital.

At this point her plans get fuzzy. She and Miss M are still planning on working together as Nurses and having a pink convertible for the summer, but the "city" is still open for negotiation. Finally, she's going to be a stay at home mom like me, but with less laundry and more trips to Disneyland because that's what her children will like the most.

She's got a few more years to plan, but it's nice to see someone with "Real" Goals. To think, her brother just wants to be an aeronautical engineer and survive running those hundreds of miles each day at Track Practice!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010: He Is Risen Indeed

We had a fabulous Easter Weekend. It finally felt like Spring around here, No need for winter coats during Easter Egg hunting, green grass peaking out after a long winter, and plenty of celebrating the Risen Savior.
Good Friday, we were able to worship at our old church with Nana and Papa. They re-enact the crucifixion and it is graphic, real, and powerful. C was really soaking it all in. Thankfully, they had kids' church for Miss M and Miss A where they had the story told to them at their level.
Saturday morning was busy with the both softball and baseball practice, so the neighborhood egg hunt involved just mom and Miss A. It was quick and profitable for the little egg gatherer. She even found a "golden egg" with a TCBY coupon inside. When the eggs were all found, all of 2 minutes after the bell rung Miss A said, "well that sure was quick."

Saturday found the kitchen all a buzz with making Pioneer Women's Cinnamon Rolls for the Youth Group Bake Sale, Resurrection Buns for Easter Morning, Blueberry Muffins for Easter Brunch with the family and .of course. the obligatory Easter Egg Coloring Experience.

Never have I spent so much time in the kitchen in my life and with so little to show for it afterwards, nothing stayed around our own house. The PW rolls were pre-sold for the bake sale and, foolishly, we didn't think to order one pan for ourselves. All the eggs thrown away as we all despise Hard Boiled, (OK, I despise eggs in any form) and the muffins all left with Papa. Miss A was even surprised to find that the marshmallow she painstakingly "laid" in the resurrection rolls was "gone" on Sunday Morning when we ate them! Love this hands on lesson of the real meaning of Easter! Perfect for the five year old's heart and mind.

Easter Morning was glorious. Great Songs at church. Egg Hunting in the backyard (the bunny came while we were at church, how did he do that?), then brunch, and finally, another egg hunt at Nana and Papa's with all the cousins.

New Dresses, Fresh Flowers blooming in the yard, and a Resurrected Savior. What more could you ask for.

He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed. Hallelujah!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Funny Things I've Heard This Week

I know it's been awhile since my last Funny Things Post. It doesn't mean the laughs aren't around, it just means I've been so busy laughing at life that I haven't had time to document it.

Mr C is trying out for the track team at his school. This is the same child who quit soccer in 2nd grade because it "involves too much running up and down the field." At that time, he chose Baseball as his favorite sport as it had little running except in short distances along with golf which involves no running at all. However, Papa does say he needs to pick up the speed on the course a little bit.

More power to him though. Literally. According to C, he's hoping to not do a lot of running at track as he's more interested in the jumping. He, of course, would be willing to do short distances. He says he has lightening speed if it's not far to go. Maybe the relay race.

If nothing else, he thinks it will mean more speed for base hits and more power behind his driver and 5 iron. I'm all for anything that gets us moving and shaking. The added laundry I could do without.

Miss M's Girl Scout troop had lesson #2 in Knitting this week. Thankfully, Nana and Nana's friend came along to help out! There are 5 girls who are really "getting it." They are liking it, have stitches to show for their work, and are anxious about learning. They asked if we could have a knitting club this summer at my house. Lemonade on the deck and knitting needles in hand. I said, "Yes!"

M's response to other girls about why her project looks so good; "I have good genes!" I'm not kidding! She told them she has a grandmother who knits and sews and a grandmother who knits and quilts and a mother who knits and does laundry. Well, I added the laundry part. I don't know how to quilt or sew. I've tried sewing, I might try again. Quilting looks like it involves math and you know I hate anything with math!

Miss M also informed me this week that we need to get her a "slew of flip flops and summer shoes now" as I guess you need flip flops for every outfit. I bought her brown ones.-a neutral that goes with everything. Task accomplished though not nearly as exciting as a "slew."

Miss A's preschool is on Spring Break starting Good Friday through the next week. She's been busy planning her social calendar. Shopping, lunch with Nana, Bowling with Tess, Park Play dates with friends, maybe some more shopping, and bike ridding with sister.

I was under the impression you rested during a break. She not so much. What does this mean for our summer I wonder. Maybe we should look into hiring a "cruise director" or a "social secretary." I'd hate for our summer to be wasted away with relaxing, reading and laying by the pool. Heaven forbid, we'd go to the lake, sit by the water and watch the fish jump.

Miss A is also very interested in when we are going to start having baseball/softball/soccer games. According to her that means lots of good snacks. Between the Snack Shack at the Field and the Snacks on the sidelines at games, it means a bounty of goodies. Glad to know she's in it for the physical activity too!

Last week, the neighbors grandchildren were in town for a few days and M and A entertained them for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. There was running and skipping and playing on the jungle gym and, of course, snacks.

Monday afternoon before they left, the little boy told Miss A how excited he was to be going home to Minnesota the next day. He missed his house. But he'd miss A too when he was gone. Miss A's response "we are going to Minnesota in May for a Wedding, give me your address and I'll stop by." What! Exchanging addresses so soon. Guess I can be thankful she doesn't have a phone, she would have promised to text him too!

Like I said, the laughter never ends around here!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Granparents Visit and Fun is Had By All

Spring Break was capped off by a visit from the Grandparents. After a very long winter...very long and cold and snowy was nice to see their friendly faces again.

We had our traditional Norwegian Meatballs the first night for dinner, but we "spiced" things up a bit with lunch the next day at a family owned Mexican Restaurant followed by shopping for Mexican Pottery. Lets just say Miss A and I will be going back to the Hispanic Neighborhood soon with an empty trunk so we can bring some some great new outdoor pots for our **flourishing gardens**. (Remember I'm still taking suggestions on what to plant-feel free to jump in)

There was also plenty of time for knitting lessons with Bestemor, playing Guess Who with Bestefar, and swimming at the hotel pool. Mr C. got to celebrate his birthday one more time because once or twice is never enough when you are 13. We had time for afternoon coffee/hot chocolate and loved giving Bestemor her new Garden Scooter. We expect her to become very hip around her neighborhood. (while resting her hips)

Miss M working on her Knitting while Bestemor looks on; Miss A wearing Bestemor's Scarf-amazingly it made it back in the suitcase for her trip home; Mr C. with his new Crank Flashlight from LL Bean-no batteries needed. He thinks it will be perfect as a nightlight this summer at Boy Scout Camp- it will stay on until it runs out of juice.

Miss A finally gets to be in the water for real, no fear of water in the ear anymore. Swimming lessons aren't far behind us now!!

Bestemor even helped Mom with some curtain ideas for the "new" family room and kitchen. Now we just need to pick out the paint! Hint Hint Honey. Love to have a fresh set of eyes to look at our project in process.

Mr. C then had a weekend trip planned to Church Camp. He loved it. It was hilarious to hear him comment on the difference between Church Camp and camping with the Boy Scouts. I think he believes that Christians are use to amenities and, as he said, "luxury accommodations." He had a great time and, while he was sad to miss out on the grands visit, it was a great weekend for him and his faith journey.
I think Christians are a alot like Girl Scout Leaders!! At least this GS leader. Bring on the inside toilets and cabins with bunk beds and AC.
It was a great final weekend of March and a perfect end to Spring Break Round #1.