Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bowling and Being in the Moment

I'll admit it. I am a terrible bowler. In fact, my score looks more like something you'd hoop and holler for on the golf course, but would cause your average person to cry if it was a bowling score.

Yep, that bad.

I pick up the oh so heavy bowling ball, lift up my back leg and drop the ball in the middle of the lane, yet somehow, within seconds, it's in the gutter. Almost every time. When the ball does miraculously make it down the entire lane, it hits maybe 2 or 3 pins total. Let's just say strike and spare are not in my vocabulary. Gutter Ball, however, is.
Believe me, I asked for the gutter guards, but my 13 year old niece laughed at me. After the last frame, I think she understood that I did really need that extra help. Yes, I know they are designed for small children, but I'm not above asking.

On Thursday afternoon, two five year olds, my niece and sister in law whooped up on me . However, I'm not bitter or anything. Miss A had a fabulous time. She loved it. Best day of Spring Break Hands Down! Bowling, Best Friend, Fabulous Cousin plus French Fries. You can't go bowling without some sort of greasy snack.
Watching two five year old's have so much fun bowling, giggling and hanging out with a "cool older cousin" is priceless. Witnessing their "secret handshake-hand jive" was hilarious. Air kisses and silly song included.

The game room afterwards was just icing on the cake. Even if Miss A and Miss T were given a very bumpy ride. That was of course the point.

Bowling taught me a fabulous lesson and is one that every mother should remember. It's not about how good I bowl or how cute I look throwing the ball down the lane or even how willing I am to shell out money for games and snacks, it's all about enjoying the moment and really being in the moment with my sweet little friends.
Miss A and her friend giggled all the way home about beating up on me during the bowling. How fun it is to win. Even better when you beat an adult and your mother at that! They laughed about the fact that "mom" came in last place behind Cousin N and Aunt J and both of them. Last place. How silly of mom.
You know the humiliation was worth it all. It was a fun memory. The day will come when Mom is no longer invited to come and bowl, I'll just be used for the ride to the bowling alley and for the money to pay. I'm going to enjoy all these fleeting moments right now.
You know, if I just say the name of the Bowling Alley and not include the word "bowling," you might think my 34 was a great score for 9 holes at a new course in town! Keep on thinking that please.
Next outing is going to involve a small little white balls with dimples instead of a big black ball with holes for fingers. I'm thinking I can crush Miss A and Miss T on the course.

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