Friday, April 2, 2010

Funny Things I've Heard This Week

I know it's been awhile since my last Funny Things Post. It doesn't mean the laughs aren't around, it just means I've been so busy laughing at life that I haven't had time to document it.

Mr C is trying out for the track team at his school. This is the same child who quit soccer in 2nd grade because it "involves too much running up and down the field." At that time, he chose Baseball as his favorite sport as it had little running except in short distances along with golf which involves no running at all. However, Papa does say he needs to pick up the speed on the course a little bit.

More power to him though. Literally. According to C, he's hoping to not do a lot of running at track as he's more interested in the jumping. He, of course, would be willing to do short distances. He says he has lightening speed if it's not far to go. Maybe the relay race.

If nothing else, he thinks it will mean more speed for base hits and more power behind his driver and 5 iron. I'm all for anything that gets us moving and shaking. The added laundry I could do without.

Miss M's Girl Scout troop had lesson #2 in Knitting this week. Thankfully, Nana and Nana's friend came along to help out! There are 5 girls who are really "getting it." They are liking it, have stitches to show for their work, and are anxious about learning. They asked if we could have a knitting club this summer at my house. Lemonade on the deck and knitting needles in hand. I said, "Yes!"

M's response to other girls about why her project looks so good; "I have good genes!" I'm not kidding! She told them she has a grandmother who knits and sews and a grandmother who knits and quilts and a mother who knits and does laundry. Well, I added the laundry part. I don't know how to quilt or sew. I've tried sewing, I might try again. Quilting looks like it involves math and you know I hate anything with math!

Miss M also informed me this week that we need to get her a "slew of flip flops and summer shoes now" as I guess you need flip flops for every outfit. I bought her brown ones.-a neutral that goes with everything. Task accomplished though not nearly as exciting as a "slew."

Miss A's preschool is on Spring Break starting Good Friday through the next week. She's been busy planning her social calendar. Shopping, lunch with Nana, Bowling with Tess, Park Play dates with friends, maybe some more shopping, and bike ridding with sister.

I was under the impression you rested during a break. She not so much. What does this mean for our summer I wonder. Maybe we should look into hiring a "cruise director" or a "social secretary." I'd hate for our summer to be wasted away with relaxing, reading and laying by the pool. Heaven forbid, we'd go to the lake, sit by the water and watch the fish jump.

Miss A is also very interested in when we are going to start having baseball/softball/soccer games. According to her that means lots of good snacks. Between the Snack Shack at the Field and the Snacks on the sidelines at games, it means a bounty of goodies. Glad to know she's in it for the physical activity too!

Last week, the neighbors grandchildren were in town for a few days and M and A entertained them for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. There was running and skipping and playing on the jungle gym and, of course, snacks.

Monday afternoon before they left, the little boy told Miss A how excited he was to be going home to Minnesota the next day. He missed his house. But he'd miss A too when he was gone. Miss A's response "we are going to Minnesota in May for a Wedding, give me your address and I'll stop by." What! Exchanging addresses so soon. Guess I can be thankful she doesn't have a phone, she would have promised to text him too!

Like I said, the laughter never ends around here!

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