Thursday, April 1, 2010

Granparents Visit and Fun is Had By All

Spring Break was capped off by a visit from the Grandparents. After a very long winter...very long and cold and snowy was nice to see their friendly faces again.

We had our traditional Norwegian Meatballs the first night for dinner, but we "spiced" things up a bit with lunch the next day at a family owned Mexican Restaurant followed by shopping for Mexican Pottery. Lets just say Miss A and I will be going back to the Hispanic Neighborhood soon with an empty trunk so we can bring some some great new outdoor pots for our **flourishing gardens**. (Remember I'm still taking suggestions on what to plant-feel free to jump in)

There was also plenty of time for knitting lessons with Bestemor, playing Guess Who with Bestefar, and swimming at the hotel pool. Mr C. got to celebrate his birthday one more time because once or twice is never enough when you are 13. We had time for afternoon coffee/hot chocolate and loved giving Bestemor her new Garden Scooter. We expect her to become very hip around her neighborhood. (while resting her hips)

Miss M working on her Knitting while Bestemor looks on; Miss A wearing Bestemor's Scarf-amazingly it made it back in the suitcase for her trip home; Mr C. with his new Crank Flashlight from LL Bean-no batteries needed. He thinks it will be perfect as a nightlight this summer at Boy Scout Camp- it will stay on until it runs out of juice.

Miss A finally gets to be in the water for real, no fear of water in the ear anymore. Swimming lessons aren't far behind us now!!

Bestemor even helped Mom with some curtain ideas for the "new" family room and kitchen. Now we just need to pick out the paint! Hint Hint Honey. Love to have a fresh set of eyes to look at our project in process.

Mr. C then had a weekend trip planned to Church Camp. He loved it. It was hilarious to hear him comment on the difference between Church Camp and camping with the Boy Scouts. I think he believes that Christians are use to amenities and, as he said, "luxury accommodations." He had a great time and, while he was sad to miss out on the grands visit, it was a great weekend for him and his faith journey.
I think Christians are a alot like Girl Scout Leaders!! At least this GS leader. Bring on the inside toilets and cabins with bunk beds and AC.
It was a great final weekend of March and a perfect end to Spring Break Round #1.

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