Friday, August 29, 2008

Knitting and Life Lessons 101

I took my first official knitting class the other day.

My mother in law taught me the basics this summer on vacation,. However, she lives 700 miles away so I can't show her my work in progress or ask questions mid stitch.

Boy did I have questions.

I opted to take a private lesson at a beautiful knitting store across town. I was slightly intimidated to enter this knitting world. With shelf upon shelf of yarn and projects on display right out of the pages of a Susan B Anderson book it all looked so perfect.

But now that I've been there I now know why knitters love these quaint little stores. There really is no comparison between them and the aisles at the hobby shop.

It's like walking into a friends's home. Warm, inviting and filled with beautiful things.

The yarn looks like perfect little birthday cakes, the comfy couches and fireplace just draw you into another world. I told my husband there may be no going back to the "fake yarn stores".

I was nervous going into this lesson. I've made two scarfs thus far.


Both with many many mistakes. The girls love them, but I knew they weren't up to par.

Let's just say when you cast on 30 stitches and end up just a few rows later with 45 you have a problem.

When my teacher asked to see what I've done I was a little timid.

I should not have worried. She didn't laugh or snicker. She showed me whatI was doing right and where I'd gone wrong. She gave me the great idea to turn my "scarf" into a little girl purse. To sew up the sides, add some ribbon and call it good. Not a wasted project after all, just a new way to turn my problems into good.

The yarn I'd been using was cheap, too complicated and the needles too big for beginners. I didn't have the best set up to get started. But, I had gotten the habit down, my fingers were understanding how to knit.

Now I know how to do it. Not all of it, but it's a start. We are taking it slow. I only know how to cast on, knit continental style and bind off. But with the right bamboo knitting needles, a little lesson on what to watch for and stitch markers to help me count I'm getting it.

So many things she told me make sense.

I've decided to make a new project. With the right tools, fantastic yarn and a little bit of courage.

It's a Purl Bee pattern I found on line; the Super Easy Baby Blanket. While it has 7 skeins of yarn you knit every row with one color until there are 20 "ridges" and then you switch colors. No changing mid stream.

The Yarn. It's scrumptious. It's soft and perfect for a baby blanket. The colors are just right for the special baby boy to-be I'm thinking of.

If I get stuck switching colors, I'll go ask for help. Free advise is given out they tell me and if I want I should join the knitting circle on Tuesday mornings where advise flows along with conversation. I'm going back for another lesson in a few weeks to learn how to purl.

While I walked into my lesson nervous and afraid of what she'd say of my project and skills, I left confident, excited and ready to tackle this new adventure one stitch at a time.

My knitting class taught me some Life Lessons:

* It's ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. You might even be able to turn that mistake into something beautiful for someone else.

* Often I don't have the right skills or tools for a job. Instead of giving up and throwing in the towel go find someone who does and ask them to show you how to do it right. Don't worry that I don't have it all figured out right away.

* I don't have to jump in all the way to enjoy the adventure. Right now I only know the basics (one stitch) but I'm still having fun. I can learn more later.

* Enjoy the moment. Casting on the new blanket and the feel of the yarn and needles was exciting. I don't need to worry yet about how it will look or if I can do it all. Just live in the moment.

These Life Lessons are just what I need on my journey of life. They remind me of a favorite verse in Ecclesiastes.

Ecclesiastes 3
1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.

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