Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Fall at a Store Near You: Ignore the Weather Outside

School started yesterday. Why is it that it's still summer, but we are pretending it's Fall? I love walking through Target and seeing that they have all the winter gear you could ever need; sweaters, long pants, jackets. Not so practical when it's 95 degrees.Where will this winter gear be in say February when the wind chill is -30 and my kids have all lost at least one glove.

Gone I tell you. Gone!

No where to be found.

But have you seen the wonderful bikinis from our Cruise Line?

I can not tell you how many times I've searched for winter clothing or hats and gloves in say wintertime and haven't been able to find anything, but a Men's XL.

Seriously, why in early July could I not find a 5T swimsuit to save my life? Why did they not save a few behind for mom's who bought swimsuits in early spring and then had children that either grew or swum so much the suit was no longer the same size as the child.Tell me that hasn't happened to you too. Not you the mother, we never outgrow our clothes, but at least a toddler in your family has. Right!

You wonder oh retail giants why mothers despise shopping. You confuse us with your "seasons"

While I have no greater pleasure than wandering the aisles at the big stores in search of wonderful new pens, pencils, crayon boxes. But do you need to remind us in late June that soon a whole new school year will start.

Come on that's when I'm in the trenches of sunscreen, swimming lessons, bug spray for camp and the VBS songs on my CD player are still the number one songs we listen to in the car.

My deep thought is this: we are rushing everything. Cell phones for 10 year olds, bras and halter tops for toddlers ( I'm not kidding have you been shopping lately for a 4 year old) and now seasons.

Why enjoy summer, lets just skip it and pretend it's already winter. Obviously these retailers don't live in the heartland where we have enough winter, thank you!

So, in honor of Summer, I'm going to give my kids Popsicles for their after school snacks today and have them sit outside with their new tennis shoes and winter coats and enjoy them.


Erika Chester said...
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Wendy said...

i so agree...christmas stuff is out in some stores right now. and, trying to dress girls is hard sometimes.

thanks for stopping by today. i love your blog! we have those leap frog dvd's and we really like them!