Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Family-The Christmas Letter Version

I figured the easiest way to introduce the blog world to our family would be to share our 2007 Christmas Letter with the group. Since it is now 7 months old the details are a little out of date, but the people have not changed. Well they have changed ages, but personalities, jobs etc have stayed pretty much the same.

C is the oldest: He is now 11 years old and will be entering 6th grade this fall. His nickname for this blog is the Engineer. As a young child we called him a 30 year old trapped in a toddler's body.

M is the middle child; oldest daughter and she is 8 years old. I can't believe she'll start 3rd grade this year, it really was only yesterday that she was a 2 year old that did not talk.

A is the baby of the family and the youngest girl. She just celebrated her 4th birthday with a party at the park with her 3 girl and 1 boyfriend. It was fabulous and for August the weather was perfect. She'll start Preschool in September and is already worried about what she will wear.

P is my husband of almost 15 years. He is the provider, protector and the one who has all the fun with the kids.

J is me.

Hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our family.

Christmas Letter 2007

Time really flew by this year and we enjoyed every moment along the way, but we sure were busy! For awhile our home was “quarantined” when, in the process of 3 weeks we had 3 cases of pneumonia. Poor C was even sick on his “double digit” birthday in March.
C ‘s new passion is golf. He had a fabulous summer playing in a league, taking golf lessons and hitting the links with Dad and Papa. Next summer, he wants to play in two leagues ! The boy’s model aviation hobby took off with the purchase of an Avistar airplane. C will likely be soloing by Spring. Early morning bus rides for our Middle Schooler also means new adventures with FCA, the Boy Scout Jamboree and learning the Trombone. Upwards Basketball will keep him busy this winter until golf starts up. M , the 2nd Grader, is becoming our avid reader. The characters in books come alive to her. Her year started out with a bang when she went on a date with her Dad to the Children’s Museum New Year’s Eve Party. She taught her Dad some new moves on the Dance Floor. Her competitive dance team won 2nd place this fall at a convention. The makeup she gets to wear to these events is just a bonus in her eyes. Our brave soul, she tried out all the rides on our trip to Mall of America, jumped off the diving board at the pool and caught lots of waves on the tube at the lake. She loved Girl Scout Summer Day Camp and is excited for our first troop camping this January at the Lodge at Camp . Growing out her hair for Locks for Love is her winter project and while the hair in her eyes drives her father crazy, the gesture captures so much her caring soul and tender heart.
A at three is a real trooper. Her infectious laugh and snugly spirit have served her well this year when she battled mono, pneumonia & 5 cases of tonsillitis before having her tonsils and adenoids out in July. Down for the count for about 10 days afterwards, she bounced back full of spunk. A decided to cut some of her hair this fall and earned the name A Scissorhands! Thankfully, the American Girl Doll she was playing with escaped any harm. She loves her ballet/tap class, playing with her “friends” and wants to be on the go all the time. We love to hear her singing in her bed, chatting away in the car and dancing to music everywhere. However, sometimes we wonder if she is ever quiet. This summer she amazingly even got wet at the pool and the lake; just not all the way! Her kisses and hugs are the best ever! We are so grateful for the gift of these three precious children from God !!!
P walked down memory lane when business took him to Cincinnati and he met up with a childhood friend. Watching the Chicago Air & Water over Lake Michigan topped his list of best of 2007. Planes flew overhead while we enjoyed the views of the Lake and watched the kids swim in Lake Michigan. Day to day activities keep him hopping as he serves as softball coach, boat driver, Sunday School teacher, lawn boy, airplane fixer & of course insurance salesman. Jill is now going by “Dr.” having survived the “year of infirmary”. She’s busy with 19 Girl Scouts, a Beth Moore Bible Study, a church committee and lots of fun times in the carpool lane. Come summer, its the swimming pool/lake and driving them again to all those “fun activities” like golf and dance. She’s not complaining, sanity comes monthly when she “crops” for 12 hours with friends from Church.

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Erika Chester said...

I just subscribed to your blog after stumbling across a comment you left on another blog to which I subscribe.
I grew up in Nebraska and my mom loves the song "Find us Faithful."
Thanks for a peek into your life. I look forward to hearing more about you and your family.