Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympics You Taunt Me

Whose idea was it to start the Olympics in the middle of August?

Did the IOC not realize that my kids start school next week and, according to the Surgeon General, I need to be starting early bed times this week. Do you realize IOC how hard that is to do when you start gymnastics and "Michael Phelps" events at 8:00 or 9:00 p.m?

I ask you to consider us poor mothers who are trying to keep a schedule around here by scheduling the Olympics for say mid-July when nothing is on TV anyway and it's blazing hot and my kids do not need to get to bed early.

Last night, I finally said enough; we are going to pull a NBC and DVR the Olympics for playback 12 hours later when you wake up in the morning. Then you will be watching them on the actual day they are happening anyway. I mean it kinda freaks me out anyway to be watching Wednesday happen when it's only Tuesday in my family room.

All that aside, I love the Olympics and it's fun to watch the excitement in my kids faces as they watch "the youth of the world compete". M is working on her splits and handstands certain she can make the next gymnastics team, irregardless of the fact she is a dancer not a gymnast.

A has renamed the Olympics BA-GING and asks is "this live?" every time someone jumps in the pool. C asks why the boys are wearing girl swimsuits while I wonder how many hours Michael Phelps mother has sat on bleachers in her life. I'm betting she has given years of her life up and has the nicest skin due to all the humidity she's soaked up inside pool houses.

So, all I'm saying is IOC in 4 years when all the youth of world meet next, could you check the school calendar first and make sure there isn't a conflict. Thanks.


nicole said...

The next summer Olympics are in London. Maybe they will be at a different time. I'm going crazy with all the sleep I'm missing. Thanks for visiting my blog. I bet Michael Phelps has no idea how popular he is on mom blogs this week.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

When you're little, part of the fun of the Olympics is dreaming that you yourself could be there one day. I'm sure that's what's going on in your girl's imagination! Oh to be a kid again--but then, I'd be in school today!

Christy said...

I just discovered your blog through Mercy Days and I love this post!!

That is so, so true. I was thinking this at one a.m. my time when I was watching women's gymnastics and again when I was struggling to wake up this morning!

Sandy said...

Hi Jill, you left a comment on my blog. My BG girls were 8 when I started the group. You can read more in the "sidebar" of my blog.

Kim said...

Seriously! I have a real-live twitch in my left eye (I am not kidding) and it has been there since the LIGHTS/STROBES/DRUMS/ARE THOSE PEOPLE?/AND MORE LIGHTS from the opening ceremony show.

I am pretty sure that the twitch comes from the lack of sleep and not the seizure-causing laser shows (but who knows?)

As I type this, my children are in the backyard perfecting their dismounts from our swingset and giving each other scores and quoting Bela saying "THAT WAS A REEP-OFF!" (did you see that interview?)

My girls are more than disturbed that the marathoners run in their panties and I want to pass out when the divers skim the edge of the platform. YIKES!

It is addictive!!!

We love BA-GING too ;)