Wednesday, January 19, 2011

She's Got A Crush, Whatever that Is?

Miss A cracks me up. The other day Miss M and I picked A up after school and were rushing to the Eye Glass store to pick up Miss M's new glasses. Don't ask. The new ones are Super Cute according to M!

Miss A was telling us all about her day at school; art class, inside recess, boys who don't wear gloves and hats (shocking!), etc. She then went on to tell us about a conversation that happened between four girls at "Center time" which is when you can pick the station to go such as Kitchen and Dress Up, Reading, Art, Blocks, and all those other fabulous Kindergarten things.

"Oh, by the way Miss C has a crush on S, and L's big sister in sixth grade has a crush too, and I think that K's big sister in 3rd grade has a crush on so and so's brother." and just so you know she says, "K thinks that Justin Bieber is adorable and C thinks that's he gross, but that Joe Jonas rocks."

Really. Interesting. Here I thought that Miss A was in Kindergarten, but her stories are more juicy than the one's I'm hearing from the junior high students in my house.

I asked Miss A if she knew what a crush is. She looked perplexed. Thinking. She has no idea. She asked us to let her think for awhile about it because maybe she knows, but can't remember. Miss M looks like she's about to bust a gut. I've chuckling and giving thanks to God all at once.

She had no idea. We, of course, did not let her in on the true details of a crush. Just said they are silly and wouldn't time at "Centers" be better spent talking about Barbies, Little Pet Shop, and the latest Dr. Seuss book they were reading.

Just to keep it real, Miss M, when we pull into the glasses place which just so happens to be next to a bridal shop asks me, what did Dad and I talk about on our honeymoon in San Fransisco. "I mean really, what was left to talk about, you'd picked out your dress and where to have the party and you'd opened all the gifts, what did you have left to say?"

Good thing she was so excited to get her glasses that the question just hung in the air and I left it there while she ran into the store!

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