Monday, December 6, 2010

A Cultural Christmas

There are days that show tunes are playing in my head. I know that might seem weird, but remember I am a little bit on the sappy side and enjoy Hallmark Movies, Musicals and Disney Movies from the 1970's.

Today, it's a stout little Jewish Man singing "Tradition, Tradition" with maybe a chorus or two of "Sunrise, Sunset" for good measure. You see our Christmas Family time is becoming such a part of us that it's beyond tradition, it's the fabric of our lives. Jeez, that sounds a little bit like a Hallmark movie in itself.
Friday night, we enjoyed our annual trek to the Ethnic Festival downtown. We even made it in time for the Parade of Flags. Seeing the different country flag carried by men and women in traditional cultural garb just does something to you. While each of them so identifies themselves with their cultural heritage and traditions, everyone of them sang along to the National Anthem for their new (or old) homeland America. I'd almost say that those who looked the "newest" to our country took the greatest pride in supporting their adopted homeland.

We visited the different booths with displays of cultural clothing, food and trinkets and learned a little about the various countries and people. M finally got the African Shells Choker she'd been wanting for "years" and C and A picked up some cool stuff from the Machu Pichu table. But the highlight for the big kids was sampling the wares from the various food vendors. According to my son and husband, the Indian Flat Bread Taco was to die for and the "Real" Mexican Enchiladas were the best ever according to M.

Miss A, of course, chose to stick with American Nuggets and ate before the event while I was too afraid of getting Garlic and ended up eating the Breakfast of Champions at home later. Guess maybe A's food fears are from me. Yikes.

Next year, Miss A and I are gonna go out on a limb and try to eat dinner with the rest of the family. I think I'll start praying now that a Japanese restaurant will bring in sushi, rice and Saki!
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