Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She's got the First Day of Summer Planned

I'm not sure how I'm going to manage my days next year when Miss A goes to Kindergarten. Most days, she keeps me in stitches. We laugh, giggle and have very deep discussions about life and her view of "things."

For the past several days, I've been busy planning for an week long event that I'm in charge of at our elementary school. March is quickly sneaking up on me and that means Teacher Appreciation Week! What happened to February? It's almost over! As a result, I've been on the phone alot, making things on the computer, and trying to get this all done during the afternoon so that my evenings are free to watch the Olympics. Need to have priorities!

Miss A has been busy too. She's been playing with Play Dough, American Girl Dolls and the new fabulous doll bunk beds her dad made for them , working on her math facts (also known as quizzing her mother with addition flash cards), and of course, having lots of play dates with friends.

She's also been busy planning her summer. Yeah that's right, her summer. Yes, the temperature today will barely reach 25 and we've had at least 5 inches of snow on the ground for 75 plus days, but it's never to early to plan. While you are at it, why worry about Spring when Summer is the really fun season.

Here's what she has "planned" thus far....

1. On the first day of summer she'd like to wear shorts, a tank top, and flip flops. She'd like them to match her sister so they could be twins.

2. We must purchase said shorts, tank top and flip flops prior to the first day of summer because if you wait until the first day, it's too late. You can't wear them that day then. A few days ahead would be best.

3. We should go somewhere on the first day of summer that would involve seeing some of M's friends so that they could see the "twins" and say, "Hey M, you have a twin."

4. The flip flops should have polka dots on them because that's the best kind of flip flops.

5. Above all other things, if they can't wear this outfit on the first day of summer, they should be allowed to wear them when the snow finally melts whether that's summer or Easter or Thanksgiving. Yes that's a direct quote!

6. Finally, while we are out buying the flip flops, shorts and tank tops, we should really stop at Sports Authority or as she calls it the S. A. store and buy Miss A a new colorful soccer ball. Everyone knows that the more colorful the ball, the better it kicks. According to Miss A, it's hard to be a "Soccer Star" with the soccer balls we currently have. I can use those if I want.

Now, do you see how I'll be lost next fall without all this insight!!

Love Ya Miss A!!


Anonymous said...

Just trying to se how we did it before???

Anonymous said...

Shorts and tanktops sound wonderful - warm weather cannot come soon enough! Bestemor has purchased fabric for shorts and tops, and hope to be finished before the snow melts. A challenge!

Lots of love from Illinois.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie says thay won't be identical, but similar color.