Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine Skirts, Purple Ear Muffs and Secret Treats Oh My!

Miss A in the outfit she'll be wearing for the next 12 days. Good thing she's so cute!
It's February. The month of love, snow, and endless days of winter sludge. In trying to keep everyone entertained and ward off stir craziness, we are trying out some new things around here.

First, yesterday a package arrived in the mail for Miss A from her Bestemor. Inside was an adorable little jean skirt with heart pocket and buttons. Off went the school clothes immediately and into the skirt, which according to A will be worn daily until Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving as she keeps calling it!

The skirt was back on her body first thing this morning in honor of a lunch date with dad and by the time we meant up after lunch a fabulous set of purple earmuffs had joined the fold. I'm told both will be worn until February 14th. Day and Night. Just to keep it real she wore the ear muffs for school pickup, dinner and watching American Idol. Before showertime, she then handed me the skirt and said," wash it for tomorrow, please." I think the girl means business.

Last night, we drew names for our secret valentines. Every member of the family picked a name out our Valentine centerpiece (IKEA clear vase with red pillboxes inside) and now the fun begins. I stole the idea from Jenn at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam and was inspired to start this Secret Valentine Tradition with our own little family.

From now until Valentine's Day, we are suppose to do something "extra" nice for our person. Whether that's a little note about how fun they are to hang out with, a piece of valentine's candy or doing one of their chores. Today, we even stocked up on special "Valentine's Candy" at Walgreen's so we are ready.

Miss M is all over this idea. I could see her wheels spinning at dinner last night. The problem will be keeping it a secret. Thankfully, she only has to wait two weeks to reveal. She was so excited to put a little sweet something on someones bed tonight she had to hide in her room afterwards to hide the huge smile on her face.

Miss A was excited too. However, we had to convince her that it's not going to be impossible to surprise her "valentine" just because she can't read or write. I told her that mom could be in the secret too. Tomorrow, she plans to draw a very pretty picture for her "valentine" and then maybe give some extra hugs and kisses to them too.

C, of course, had to sample a chocolate heart before agreeing to pass one on to his "secret Valentine" all in the name of safety I'm sure. He also was quick to point out what "things" he'd love for someone else to do for him. As far as I know practicing the Trombone was not an "chore" up for trading.

I'm hoping that whoever has my "name" will have enough extra money to hire a cleaning lady for the next two weeks and maybe a laundry fairy as well. I'd settle for some Chuckles, though, if all else fails.

For now though I'm just grateful that A's preschool is on break this Friday. That at least means she'll only wear her new skirt to school once this week. That way when she wears it three times next week, it just seems like she's trying to wear all her pink and red shirts on the official "Thanksgiving/valentine's week." Now the purple earmuffs; I'm not sure how that's going to fly!

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