Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Girl Scouts at the Lake: Take Two, New Crew

Miss A's lifelong dream of having her friends to the lake for a party has finally been realized!  For at least the last three years, she has asked me every summer to have group of just her friends out to swim and hang out at the lake.  She's wanted either a birthday party at the lake complete with boat rides, a sleepover party at the lake for at least ten little girl friends, or a no parents party that included a bonfire. 

Really, what little girl doesn't want a huge beach party with a bunch of little girls who don't know how to swim? Well, at least that little girl's mother didn't want that responsibility. 

Thankfully, this past weekend, Miss A's dreams were realized and the event was perfect.  The first grade Daisy troop had a retreat out at the lake on Saturday and every little Girl Scout brought her mother along.  Perfect!  The weather was just right for swimming and the girls were not the least bit afraid of jumping into the lake. 

Miss M came along to help and we nicknamed her the Pied Piper as the little girls just followed her around and did whatever she did. M took out the paddle boat on four different tours so that every girl got a chance to ride along.  She even beached it on the opposite shore and played Chinese fire drill so they had a chance to ride shotgun.

We made a troop flag (copied the idea from the older girls years ago, yeah for keeping that thing around) with our hand prints, planned our service projects for the year, and had a great afternoon of bonding.  I love our troop leader.  She's so organized and I love the fact that I just have to stand by as the assistant leader and offer her encouragement. 

With the help of some great moms, we had a gourmet Hot Dog dinner on the grill and then Mr. P and Mr C came to the rescue (after the airshow) to make a fire in the pit for s'mores.  I am a fire novice so this was a great help to me.  The girls even earned their "S'more Fun" patch for their daisy vest.

It was the perfect kickoff for our second year of Girl Scouts for Miss A and her buddies.  It's a great group of girls and moms.  I think this might be a new tradition for our troop.

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