Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Crafting and Craziness is in the Air

I'm so behind in my blogging lately. I'd love to say it's because I've been on an exotic vacation or secluded away somewhere writing a book, but reality is that September gets me every year.  Without a doubt, it's the most hectic time of the year for our family.  Every event is up and running and between Open Houses at schools, athletic games, and meetings for scouts and Bible studies, we are never home.  Last week, there was one evening in which we had six events from three in the afternoon until eight thirty at night with only two drivers and three children.  We had to make a spreadsheet to figure out who went where with who!

Of course, I say every September that it's going to get better, but then again it comes around and hits me like a ton a brinks.  Add to the picture the fact that with Mr. C playing football, he's not home until six fifteen most nights and twice a week we have events starting at that exact same time.  Can you say dinner in shifts?  Last Friday night, we were finally home together for dinner at the same time so I made homemade Chicken and Dumplings courtesy of Boomama and they were "slap your momma" good as she would say!  Everyone loved them!

In addition to cleaning out closets and rearranging drawers of late, I've gotten the crafting bug and have been itching to make a few new things for myself and for gifts. I'm desperate to make a new wreath for my front door and have some great "fall" fabrics that I think will really pop.  After a trip to my favorite knitting shop, I also have some fabulous yarn to make a gift that for a special event this winter.  Yeah!

While I've yet to get very far with either of the craft items yet, it brings me great joy to know that they are standing ready for me to dig in.  I have deadlines in my mind for both so if I don't want to pull all nighters, I better get started.

Before I start feeling sorry for myself, I should say that while my calendar has been crazy busy lately I've also been able to have a few "fun dates" with my husband, my father, and friends.  P and I snuck out one day to see the movie "The Help" and loved every minute of our matinee.  My dad and I had a walk down memory lane at one of my grandfather's favorite burger joints that "fly boys" frequent and loved remembering how much he enjoyed this hole in the wall that has now become a fabulous family diner.  Just wish my grandpa could have been there to shared the fries with us.
I've also been able to grab a few fun lunch dates/coffee dates with friends and have really enjoyed some sweet fellowship and fun shopping trips.  Next week it's lunch out with my mom, maybe even a little "shopping" on the side.  Girl time is so worth it!

I'll never complain about the newness of September and the start of my mom's Bible study groups. This sweet time with other women studying God's word makes all the crazy hectic days of the month worth the chaos.

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Anonymous said...

I love our Bible Study too. It has truly been a saving grace to me. I can't thank you enough for your invite last year---so so thankful for you! Love reading your blog :)Thanks for inspiring me to start my own!