Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Say It Ain't So

I refuse to believe that summer is over.  While we've been in school for weeks already, I'm still thinking this is summer.  Going to the Lake for Labor Day is suppose to be the capstone of summer, but this year I'm not having any of that nonsense.  I'm not kissing summer goodbye until at least September 30th which means there are still lots of "lake days" left for this family.  We are still rotating our summer recipes and eating chicken salad with tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden.  I'm refusing to buy mums for our front porch for a few more weeks.  It's still summer.

We had a fabulous time at the Lake last weekend (see I didn't say it was Labor Day weekend) with both our family and our wonderful lake friends.  There were football games to watch, boat rides to sand mountain, s'mores to create, and of course lots of time to just chillax on the beach.

One of my most favorite moments, however, was taking the whole gang on a walk to river.  Ever since Miss M and I went on a walk around the lake last fall with the GS troop and found this "way cool" trail to the river and railroad bridge, we've been wanting to take the family to our new favorite spot.  This weekend was the perfect opportunity to show off our secret spot, the weather was cool, dry and we had time on our hands. 

I think everyone had a great time "skipping down the road" and exploring the area beyond the lake. While we might have needed to avert a few eyes at the graffiti on the bridge and convince a few nervous nells that we would survive walking on the train tracks, Miss M admitted it was one her favorite parts of the summer. There is just something about showing off to others something you've discovered.  It's part pride and part excitement over sharing a little bit of yourself with others.  I'm just glad everyone thought it was worth the hike!

We only wish a train had come along the tracks so we could have stood safely away, but still have felt the sound!  Maybe next time.

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