Sunday, May 27, 2012

Freshman Year Finished

Since Mr.C's school didn't get out until the 23rd of May, it meant that we had a long weekend to keep quiet and out of his hair while he studied for finals. Poor guy, he had three really tough finals all on the same day; Biology, Spanish and Algebra II.  Let's just say that by Monday night, he was ready for summer!

I kid you not; this seems to be the faster year ever. I swear it was just yesterday that we were attending the Family Picnic and meeting other families and kids.  Not only has it been a growing year academically for Mr C, it's been a "growing year" for him personally.  He's grown almost six inches this year and outgrown more clothes than you can imagine.  I'll let the pictures tell the story.  Pictures under the arch on the last day of school May 2012 vs Sunday before school starts August 2011.  Same kid! Amazing!

                                   First and Last Day of Freshman Year: First Day of Kindergarten too!

When he told me on Sunday at church that his size 11 shoes are getting a little tight I told him "tough bounce, go shoeless until fall."  Well, maybe I'll buy him some Old Navy Flip Flops!  Good thing he's willing to wear the same clothes day after day and is not the fashion plate his sisters try to be. We'd be broke.

Freshman year has been a great experience for Mr C and our family. Now I'm just praying that this is the slowest summer in history.  We've got to savor the moments.  We've only got a few years left with him in our house!  Not even gonna go there in my mind.

Summer here we come!

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