Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday Miss M

Miss M is now a twelve year old.  May 8th, 2000 in so many ways seems like just yesterday, but now we are celebrating that in one more year she'll become a real teanager.  Help Me Jesus!  You could say that Miss M is a birthday girl.  She loves all thing birthday.  My grandmother who was a May Girl too, claimed that all May Girls are birthday girls.  She might have been right!

Of course, the problem with having a May birthday is that it is the crazy month with activities wrapping up and evenings filled to the brim.  It didn't help that Miss M's birthday was on a Tuesday (our crazy day) so we had to "fit" in the celebrating on that day and then carry over the activity to Mother's Day.  So kind of like "double Birthday."

We did get to grab dinner at Five Guys, have a little present opening, and she took treats to FCA, Dance and to her homeroom!  She was a busy girl that day. Miss A was just as happy to help Miss M open her presents.  I'd say Miss M will be busy shopping at Justice, Forever 21 and Charming Charlies soon.  She also plans to pierce her ears once she gathers the courage.

The birthday cake was a Miss M design.  She had doddled up a design for her perfect birthday cake, with polka dots, strips and special candles.  I "stole" the doodle and gave it to the cake designer at the bakery.  It was the first customer designed cake she'd ever done and she was impresed with Miss M's sense of style.

Having a daughter placed in my arms twelve years ago was one of the best days of my life.  I've loved every minute since too!  What joy.

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