Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scenes from Summer's Start

Poor Mr C is too tall to fit under the monkey bars anyway, his feet drag on the ground. Sisters to the rescue to help!  Book sale to get us started and Food Truck Fries and happy shopping girls.

If I'm honest, I would say that summer is just as busy as the rest of the year.  The only difference is no homework, no school events and an occasional opportunity to sleep past six a.m.  Of course, those days are numbered as Mr C starts drivers' ed next week at 7:30.  What was I thinking?

However, I am loving the chance to read a few books, watch jungle gym races in the backyard, and witness my kids just soak up all that it means to be a kid in summer.  We've already had the chance to experience the farmer's market once this year already and, while we left with just a few tomatoes, the thrill was that a real Food Truck was on site.  After watching the Food Channels Food Truck Race for years, it was exciting to order fries from the sidewalk! 

We plan on making our Summer Bucket List this week.  While I have a little list running in my head of projects I'd like to see us do either as a family or on my own, I know that summer is all about just kicking back and going with the flow.  Not always an easy task for someone who has a daily "to do list" running on paper and in my mind. 

Of course, I'm already dreaming of our vacation later this summer to Colorado, but don't want to wish away the days between. We've got summer camps, golf lessons, swimming and of course rest to do first.  We'll have fun, fun, fun till we can't anymore!

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