Monday, May 21, 2012

In Which I Call Uncle!

I'll admit it the month of May has kicked my behind.  Life has been running at super sonic speed and there have been days that my "to do list" looked more like a generals' war plan for an entire army.  Between three kids, three schools, five sports, plus end of the school year recitals, programs, field trips and just life I've been overwhelmed.

My camera card is filled with precious memories of bridging ceremonies, end of the season golf parties and so much more. My heart is filled with even more from birthday celebrations for Miss M to garden plotting, planting and teacher gift making.

It's almost over. Two of the three have finished school and Mr C is almost done. Three Finals today meant homemade donuts and iced coffee.  After studying all weekend, he deserved the extra touches!  I hope by the end of the May to have gone back and filled in the details of life for the blog, so that these precious memories aren't lost forever.

I told my husband that my only regret this school year is that my scrapbooks are still behind.  Thus, I'll have to "predate" the blog entries so in the next few days  you might have to scroll back to older posts to find out what really happened. That way  when I finally get around to making my 2012 scrapbooks I can remember the order of events! 

For now I'm off to do some laundry, start working on our summer "bucket list" and cleaning out some girl closets so that we can finally see the summer clothes. 

Happy Monday!

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