Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crafting: Giving New Life to Old

A few years ago for Mother's Day my husband and kids gave me these adorable boy and girl plant holders. For years, they have sat on my front porch holding little vincas or geraniums that normally die long before the Fourth of July.  In the fall, I put away the planters and decided I would either sell them in a garage sale or give them to Goodwill. They were looking a little faded, old, and weathered and not what I wanted anymore.

As I was planting flowers last week, I came across them and decided it was time to donate them. I asked P to load them in the van so I could swing them by in the morning.  In a stroke of genius, he asked why I just wasn't going to paint them and turn trash into treasure.

I knew all that time watching HGTV with me was paying off!  A little spray paint, some acrylic paint for the hat and flower and in about 15 minutes, it was new life!  I used Rust-Oleum American Accents Satin Metallic spray paint in Aged Copper that I found at Lowes' for about $6.00. Way cheaper than new planters. 

The actual painting process was so easy and no prep work required.  All I did was lay out some newspaper on the deck and go crazy spraying.  I then used some craft acrylic paints to paint the girls' flower and the boy's hat.  Super easy and the whole process took less than an hour including drying time and a second coat. 

If I do say so myself, I think they look even better than when they were brand new.  Now, if I can just remember to water the plants, I might have living plants making my porch pretty all summer long!

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